My Mission

At Bows Hunter, it is our mission to ensure that all your archery, bowhunting and other outdoor needs are addressed and fulfilled.

As a professional, I can address all your queries related to bowhunting, be it the equipment you need or the technique to enable you to get started with your hunting journey or if you are already a hunter then to direct you into the right direction in order to further improve your skills and equipment to help you enhance your capacity and be a much better hunter than what you are right now.

I am always trying out new equipment and looking for the best products out there to share with you. If what you are looking for involves archery and hunting, you better believe it’s always on my radar so that I can put it on yours!

Who am I?


My name is Robert James Foort, and I’m a bowhunting addict. You heard it right! I said, addict.

At the age of 8, my father gave me my first compound bow and after that nothing came between me and my love for this newfound art and over the years it has continued to grow. No words can describe the thrill of the hunt, that feeling when you are behind a bow is second to none! Bowhunting is not only a passion for me but I have also converted my passion into my business.

I ran an archery and bowhunting equipment store, I believe the experience of bowhunting is not just about the thrill or the development of strength, I believe it also has therapeutic effects on a bowhunter too.

I also run a bowhunting academy where I share my passion with others as I have made it a personal and professional goal to teach others the benefits and rewards of learning bowhunting and archery and how it can improve their day to day life.

Why choose BowsHunter.com?

Well, you have to ask yourself the question that whether you love archery and hunting to an extreme or not? Because BowsHunter.com is a place for bowhunting addicts.

It doesn’t matter what you are looking for if it is hunting or archery or if you are looking for a way to combine the two, learning the ins and outs of bowhunting is what we are all about! At Bows Hunter, you will get to hear about the best equipment whether you’re just a beginner or if you’re a veteran bowhunter.

BowsHunter.com runs on passion, if you are passionate about bowhunting then my friend you are at the right place. By staying at Bows Hunter you will receive instruction guides, product reviews, equipment, website links, videos and more to assist with your archery and bow hunting needs.


Connect with me…

I want to hear from you! Send me your comments and suggestions about the things that you would like to see on my site. You can also send me links, articles, and videos to help me and everyone else by building a more helpful bowhunting and archery community.

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