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Our Barnett Ghost 410 Review (70 Yards Accuracy)

We tried Barnett Ghost for 5 weeks on a hunting trip and here is the in-depth Barnett Ghost 410 review.

Firstly, new hunters must know that Barnett is the pioneer of compound and crossbows and is known for the design and build to give results. 

We decided to review Barnett Ghost 410 due to its brand and the popularity of the bow as an ideal weapon for hunting and a close companion to learn archery

From opening the box to using the bow in the wilderness, we share every detail with you so that you know whether this is the right crossbow for you or not.

Barnett Ghost 410 Review:






Barnett Ghost 410

410 FPS

Superb accuracy at 70 yards

Here we go…

Assembling the Barnett:

As you open the box of this bow, you receive the crossbow along with a quick-detach quiver. You will also receive a padded sling, rope cocking device, extra recoil pad, and three 22-inch Easton bolts.

The box comes loaded with a 3×32 four-reticle illuminated scope, all assembly hardware, and an owner’s manual. 

You will hardly ever need to go through the details in the manual as the crossbow is half-done. It takes only a few minutes to put everything together. 

The foot stirrup is a part of the riser, and the scope is already mounted to the stock. The little that is left for you to do will not be too technical for any of us!

Barnett Ghost 410 has only three parts for assembly. All you need to do is use an Allen bolt to secure the riser to the stock, and attach the quiver mount to the bottom of the crossbow. 

This requires not more than a few screws and makes the assembly reasonably easy. Seeing the crossbow, some advantages of the Barnett 410 are evident.


• Speed 410FPS

• Superb accuracy at 70 yards.

• Lightweight and short axle-to-axle length.

• High-quality scope.

• foot stirrup attached to the riser.

• CRT ultra-light riser, adds to balance and stability.


• High maintenance in terms of waxing strings. To avoid serving separation, users need to keep the strings slick.

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Why we chose Barnett Ghost 410?

The new Ghost 410 is every hunter and archer’s pleasure. The ready to hunt package is a pleasant surprise as you open it to see the simple assembly and the so many pros mentioned above!

With only three screws, your crossbow is ready for a trip to the woods. While we know you wouldn’t need the details of the manual, it is easy and effortless to explain the various features of Ghost 410.

The crossbow hardly has any intricacies that take time to familiarize. Ghost 410 has been an ideal pick for hundreds of hunters, so we chose it. Despite the simple assembly and features, all archers and hunters rave about its speed and energy.


The Barnett Ghost 410 has an axle-to-axle length of almost 20 inches. This narrow frame helps shoot through small openings and maneuver around the woods with ease. 

The lightweight crossbow improves your stance, and it is easy to stand with an 8-pound crossbow rather than a heavier one that might shift your focus from the sport.

Barnett Ghost 410 is black and has a very graceful look. You will like the looks, but the features are what make it an extraordinary purchase.


Barnett Ghost 410 is a powerful crossbow, which allows hunters to bring down any prey. We believe that even if you were hunting a giant animal, Ghost 410 could shoot it down without any problem! 

One of the most powerful crossbows in the market, Ghost 410 has the following features that make it different.

• Speed of 410 FPS, much higher than the usual crossbows out there.

• Kinetic energy of 150 ft-lbs.

• Extreme accuracy and precision.

• 3×32 four reticles illuminated scope.

These features are all contributors to the bow’s strength in the field, but you can make small changes to improve them too! The scope comes installed, but you can give it another turn just to make it sharper.

Similarly, Barnett Ghost 410 allows excellent modifications for individuals. You can rely on all the components of this crossbow without shifting your focus from the prey with a slight tweaking, which is also mentioned in the manual.


The design of the Barnett Ghost 410 improves its accuracy as the light carbon riser stops the bow from dropping forward. 

As you hold the crossbow, your shoulder will bear most of the weight of this weapon, making it stable and comfortable for you to aim. 

The trigger system and string latch work together to release the arrow smoothly. With Barnett Ghost 410, you will get a smooth arrow target and will keep your sporting style consistent. 

What we liked about the Barnett Ghost is that the scope included in the package does not require a lot of tuning or modifications. This crossbow is so accurate due to all these features that you can hit your target from 60 yards, using 2-inch arrow groups.

You do not have to be a professional archer to hit your aim and ensure that a single arrow does the job! These features were the highlights of our experience with the crossbow.

Kinetic Energy:

Every crossbow has similar features, and there are very few that top every aspect and deliver the best speed. Barnett Ghost 410 can strike the target with 148 ft-lbs kinetic energy from the point-blank range. 

The crossbow comes with 400-grain arrows, making this monstrous weapon a favorite when it comes to deer hunting. As you go farther away, the kinetic energy also drops around 2% with every ten yards.

 However, the stability and comfortable shooting experience make it easy to handle equipment, and you still get to shoot with the energy of around 139 ft-lbs from almost 30 yards. 

We all know that this is enough force to bring down any big game that you can hunt in North America.

Cocking the crossbow:

Barnett Ghost 410 comes with a rope cocking system that you can shorten to adjust to your needs. This small comfort feature makes it easy for people of all heights and arm lengths to carry the crossbow.

The rope aid is capable of cutting down the effort, and you will not need to exert extra force. If the draw weight of the crossbow is 185lbs, the rope aid can help reduce the effort to almost half. 

The cocking system helps reduce the hunter’s effort significantly. One point to remember here is that you must firmly place your foot in the stirrup before cocking the bow.

In case an individual forgets to hold the stirrup, there is a danger of the crossbow slipping from underneath and hitting the hunter on the chest.

Barnett Ghost’s scope is a matching fixture:

Barnett is known for the quality of scopes and slings that come with the crossbow. When we opened the pack, seeing the scope mounted on the bow was no surprise. 

The sight is tuned, and there is no knob on the scope to denote any need for alterations. However, we tightened the scope just to sharpen the sight. 

The scope guide can help you see if the calibration is correct on your crossbow. Accuracy of the Barnett Ghost 410 is undoubted, and the broad field of view ensures that you always see the target. 

Additionally, the illumination of the four reticles is bright enough to assist hunters in the dark. Barnett scopes have a lifetime warranty, and this one is no exception!

Silence is a hunter’s best friend:

Any crossbow can only be the best if it is silent and does not have vibration or string noise. There is a cost for the silence of Barnett Ghost 410 that hunters need to maintain the strings by constant waxing. 

There can be a lot of noise when a powerful crossbow shoots arrows with speed. However, the Ghost 410 creates a sound as much as any less speedy crossbow will have. 

So, all in all, the Ghost is quieter than other crossbows as it is only as noisy as the other crossbows. The slight vibration noise is very manageable, and by the time prey gets suspicious, the arrow will have already met the target!

Safety and grip:

Last but not least, one feature that will leave you in awe of this crossbow the attention to design and assurance of safety. 

The Anti-Dry fire mechanism of Ghost 410 will keep hunters and archers safe from any accidents. As soon as you cock the bow, the safety mechanism engages, and you will not be able to fire an arrow unless it is correctly seated in the rail. 

This feature makes it impossible to dry fire the weapon and keeps you safe too. The grip is ergonomic and straightforward in design.

As the arrow shoots with speed, the clasp keeps your fingers away so that you do not get hurt. Another feature that we liked on this crossbow!

The light riser will make it easier for users to hold their ground, aim with strength, and focus on the prey rather than on their crossbow and balance.

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Barnett Ghost 410: Good looks and good hunter!

As we wrap up discussing the features, here’s our experience in the woods. Cocking the bow, setting the arrow on the rail, and then shooting with a staggering speed is not just thrilling but an experience that you will never forget! 

All the components of the Barnett Ghost 410 ensure that other than speed and accuracy, the crossbow will also help improve your hunting style.

We aimed shots from 30 yards, up to sixty yards, and the clarity of the scope, and the definite hit was mind-blowing!

The kinetic energy of this crossbow will make your hunting adventures even more fun. The high power of the Ghost 410 is sufficient to bring down giants, hence the name of this crossbow works like a monster and kills in one shot.

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Barnett customer service: Another feature adding to the purchase:

The latest crossbow from Barnett, Ghost 410, is not just an improvement over previous models but also comes with the promise that the manufacturer will always provide excellent customer service to keep all crossbow-related problems at bay.

The crossbow comes with a five-year Barnett warranty. If anything on the bow fails, you can quickly get a replacement within the first five years of purchase. 

The scope also comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can always rely on the manufacturer to come to the rescue if needed.

When you buy the crossbow, the Barnett Ghost package’s warranty card should be sent back to the Barnett. 

This will validate your warranty, and if any problems occur, the efficient customer service will take up the issue and address it in a short period. You don’t have to figure out the issues with Barnett Ghost 410 as the customer service is always there to help find solutions.


Barnett Ghost 410 has an excellent speed, which is much more than the other crossbows available. 

The sleek design and the various features make it possible to hunt down the most significant game and improve your hunting style while doing all this.

From unboxing to using the crossbow in the woods, we reviewed every aspect of this weapon, which was not only pleasant but a success! 

Without dividing focus between aiming and remaining balanced, hunters can bring down the largest prey with a single shot.

The cocking system reduces the draw weight, and the axle-to-axle length reduces draw width, making Barnett Ghost 410 an ideal purchase for hunters.

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