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Our Barnett Predator Review (430 FPS Power Bow)

I tried Barnett Predator on three hunting trips—I loved this bow. Here is my in-depth Barnett Predator review.

Barnett pioneer crossbow manufacturing and the Barnett Predator is an excellent pick for several reasons.

We shall discuss the Predator in detail and share our complete experience to enlighten all potential buyers and hunters. From unpacking the crossbow to trying it in the wild, you are in for an experience that will tip the scales.

Barnett Predator Review:

What’s in the package?

As you unbox the Barnett Predator, the most surprising thing is the weight. The lightweight pack includes the Barnett crossbow, 4x32mm crossbow scope, three 20″ arrows, and the Quick-detach quiver. 

Users have to install the crossbow, but this is not a very long or skill-demanding issue. If you can follow the steps according to the manual, all is good.

Assembling the Barnett Predator crossbow includes screwing the prod to the stock and tightening the bolts. Next, you can install the 4x32mm crossbow scope. This assembling will not take than ten minutes-or, let’s say fifteen minutes if you are one of those careful beginners.

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Accuracy and other features:

The staggering speed of 430 feet per second (FPS) is enough to convince people about this crossbow’s accuracy and power. 

The kinetic energy for this crossbow is 125 feet lbs. You will feel as if the arrow left the bow with more speed than the strength you exerted! We always recommend users to try a few arrows to get the hang of the bow.

Moreover, with the scope in place, the crossbow must be tested to assess accuracy. With the Barnett Predator, when we tried to shoot a Bull’s eye from 30 feet, the results were excellent, and while one may think that from 60 feet far, the accuracy will drop; it remained the same! 

Try your predator crossbow to understand its range, speed, and adjust your hand movements. When you are out hunting, this practice will serve you well.

The design and safety:

This crossbow is small yet hefty and reliable. Barnett Predator weighs a little over seven pounds, which is light yet offers all the options needed in the wild. 

This crossbow measure 2 feet in width and is an inch and half over three feet long. We cannot say that it is easy to carry this large crossbow, so maybe if you add a padded sling, it will become manageable as you move the Predator into the woods.

Barnett Predator buttstock is adjustable, and it can come off if you need to install the cocking device. When you pull the trigger, it pulls back smoothly and exerts only 3.5 pounds of weight. 

The pistol grip is designed to suit all kinds of hunters. Whether you are tall or stout, the Barnett Predator will fit you like a customized crossbow!

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Warranty and after-sales services:

Barnett tops courteous after-sales customer service as they always respond on time and are happy to replace, resend, or even refund your purchase! 

Moreover, the warranty is for five years, covering all the small and big issues you might face. Barnett is a manufacturer that understands the importance of customer service.

Next time you have any questions about the Barnett Predator, try contacting a representative from the manufacturer, and you will feel you have many friends! The following details will help you decide the experience quality, and we already know what you might choose! 

But before you read about all features, we have measured the pros and cons of the Barnett Predator so that you may understand it at a glance

Pros and cons of the Barnett Predator:

Pros Cons
Easy to use without any long assembly requirement. No cocking device included.
Staggering speed of 430FPS. Can be uncomfortable to carry without a padded  sling.
Lightweight and manageable for hunters of all built and stature.
Not at all noisy

Out in the field:

When you are out hunting, you can expect many factors to affect the speed of your shot. Wind, weather, and the impact of arrow weight is also considerable. 

The practice shooting will help you design your ballistic chart to understand the rise in arrow speed as you reduce the target’s distance. Barnett Predator has the kinetic energy and momentum to shoot down elk, moose, and deer. 

However, you can bring down a big animal from a medium distance so that it shoots out at high speed and kills the target without any trouble.

Cocking the Barnett Predator:

If hunters use a cocking device, the Predator is an easy bow, and cocking does not require a lot of effort. 

The Barnett Predator does not come with this device, but it will go a long way for you if you invest in one. A simple hand-crank tool can help you significantly as it installs on the buttstock. 

You can install this device by just removing two screws of your Barnett Predator. This device works well and includes click mode and non-click mode. Your ability to draw back the string will determine the mode you use. 

If you decide to pull back the string without a cocking device, it can be challenging. Regardless of your strength, sometimes smaller devices can work more than a healthy and athletic hunter!

No noise, Barnett Predator!

The dampening system from Barnett needs no introduction! 

It is one of the most advanced dampening systems to reduce noise and make you virtually transparent in terms of noise. 

The crossbow does not create any noise that might caution or alert prey. Barnett is synonymous with stealth, and you will enjoy every bit of it!

The arrows:

Barnett Predator package includes three 22″ arrows at 400 grain. However, these arrows are not very strong and can bend easily. You might want to reinforce your hunting pack by adding a few sturdy and high-quality aluminum bolts.

The scope:

A medium-quality 4x32mm scope is included in the Barnett Predator pack. You will like the scope if you don’t mind sighting in once a season! The scope does not have much memory when it comes to sighting! This means that every time the season starts, you will have to sight-in the scope to enjoy the excellent sight and smooth hunting experience.


Barnett Predator has a speed of 430 FPS that is enough to rank this crossbow against competitors. 

A strong manufacturer ensures that the quality of this device will add quality to your hunting experience. A solid investment for years, the Predator comes with various features that suit new as well as regular hunters. 

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