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Barnett Whitetail Pro STR Reviews (Fastest Barnett Crossbow)

Are you looking for the Barnett Whitetail Pro STR Reviews? Our team tried this crossbow for hunting and If you want a speedy bow, with excessive draw weight and balance along with safety, this crossbow is for you…

‘The Barnett Whitetail Pro is an ideal crossbow for full-sized hunters, and all this is attributed to the unique features like the Picatinny rail scope mounting system, and the adjustable stock.’ The manufacturer claims this, so it became necessary for us to test the crossbow and see what it stands for.

Any hunter, whether seasoned or seasonal, requires a crossbow that is comfortable, quiet, and balanced. Before you read further, let’s clear the idea of ‘full-sized,’ which does not imply an athletic or broad physique. A short-armed hunter can also aim and hit the shot correctly while enjoying the sport!






Barnett Whitetail Pro STR 

400 FPS


The first impression:

There are many colorful, fancy, and cheaper crossbows available in the market, then why should you choose the Barnett Whitetail Pro?

Well, the first and foremost reason for selecting the Barnett Whitetail pro is its speed! 

The flashy, colorful, and cheaper crossbows are not as long-lasting and speedy as this bow, which will last for years, and even when you are tired of it, it will be ready to shoot at lightning speed! Here are some specifications, which we will discuss in detail:

• Shoots bolts up to 400 feet per second.

• Draw weight 165lbs,

• Bow width 20 inches,

• Bolt length 22 inches, Axle to Axle width 17.625 inches.

• Sights 4x32mm, Power stroke 16.375 inches.

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Here’s a list of the prominent properties of Barnett Whitetail Pro…

• Speed and energy-producing mechanism,

• Sound reduction system, string dampener.

• Picatinny rail to give a decent shot,

• Nock sensor and anti-dry fire trigger system to ensure safety.

• CNC-machined aluminum flight track for accurate, yet quiet shots.

• Pass-through foregrip provides a better hold.

• Step-through riser,

• Finger safety reminder. 

Holding the Crossbow:

The bow is light and petite, which makes it an attractive crossbow when compared to the bulkier varieties. 

Moreover, the fiberglass material feels light and enables a more natural shot. As this crossbow is for full-sized hunters, you can easily shoulder it without getting weighed down or restricting movement.

The fastest crossbow ever, Barnett Whitetail pro is a hunter’s choice for deer hunting and swift action. Barnett has pioneered crossbow manufacturing, and the Whitetail bow is no doubt the best of the seven STR crossbows. 

Another edge that this crossbow has over others is the stability added due to the innovative design. Barnett Whitetail Pro has improved security as the weight is shifted from the riser to the stock. This feature also makes the Whitetail crossbow the right choice for short-armed hunters like James (my hunting friend).

We noticed that unlike other crossbows, the Whitetail Pro is assembled in a way that the string dampener is part of the riser, which gives no space for adjustments. Additionally, new hunters might need some practice before heading out for some hunting adventures.

I would say the Barnett Whitetail Pro is a little complicated for new hunters, so ask the seller to show you how to make adjustments to the Picatinny scope mounting system and stock.  

The TruBark HD Camo pattern adds to the attractive features. The smooth operator crossbow looks different, and you feel compelled to choose it from an array of crossbows!

Speed and Energy:

Barnett Whitetail Pro combines strength generating capability with high velocity, and that’s another distinctive feature of this crossbow. When we drew the arrow, it hits the target sooner than we realized, and before you know it, you will become better at hunting!

The energy-producing mechanism works in multiple ways; as the crossbow design shifts from the riser to the stock, hunters are allowed an additional 2-inch draw length. 

This increase results in higher velocity and power. The sophisticated design is, after all, not only for your eyes but also enhances hunting speed. While many other good looking crossbows in the market have only looked to offer, the Whitetail Pro is the real deal!

The whopping velocity of 400 FPS, 165lbs draw weight, and the kinetic energy of 140 ft-lbs are not the particulars to be taken lightly!


As you draw the arrow, you require proper support from the ground. The crossbow that allows good balance and stability will surely add to your hunting experience! 

We experienced that Whitetail Pro is designed to shift the weight from the riser to the stock, which adds stability as you shoot. The right balance enhances the accuracy of the shot, giving you an edge over others at hunting down big games.

Silence is accuracy

As we held this crossbow, the design was overwhelming at first, but as each part of the crossbow was observed in detail, the properties of this weapon were exciting to learn. Silent hit is one of them!

When out in the woods, hunters need a weapon that is swift, accurate, and of course, silent! If your crossbow creates noise, there is a high chance your target will not remain in place. 

The Whitetail Pro is quiet as the Silent System is in place, and the string dampeners reduce vibration. This action leads to a smoother, quiet, and accurate hit every time! A swift arrow with a staggering speed of 400 FPS and an accuracy of 340FPS at 50+ yards is not some small game hunting for you.

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Safety comes first

To reduce the chances of a dry-fire that causes injury, Barnett Whitetail Pro comes with Anti-Dry Fire System. The accidental fire can cause severe damage, and Barnett, being a pioneer in crossbow hunting making realizes this peril. You will find this feature very satisfying, just as we were pleased to know about it!

Shoot and hit!

The comfortable and stable hold that the Whitetail Pro provides to your shoulders translates in many good ways to add to your experience—The smooth triggering, with accuracy and balance, become a part of the sport when you use this crossbow. 

When you need to line up shots at different distances, the 4×32 multi-reticle scope of the crossbow with shock resistance and waterproof technology will come in handy! 

The scope can easily be mounted in the crossbow; it fits comfortably on the Picatinny rail. This scope is to accentuate your vision, even though there is a pre-fixed scope that comes with the crossbow. 

You will be able to hit the target without having to concentrate on the crossbow. It may be safe to say that the arrow will not drift while shooting, as the bow has a self-adjusting bristle system.

Triggering is cool

What makes the trigger of Whitetail Pro so cool, is the Frictionless Release Technology allows free-floating roller between the trigger and sear. The lighter trigger adds to any hunter’s fantasy of shooting games without extra effort.

The not so shiny feature:

We agree with the users who find the cocking system very complicated! The Barnett’s crank cocking device is to help load the strings of the bow, without manual adjustment requirements. 

Ironically, this facility is so hard to use that it adds slight discomfort. The primary purpose of reducing the draw weight and providing ease may be fulfilled for majority users, but we found the cocking system a little difficult to use.

Last look:

The Barnett Whitetail Pro is a reasonably priced crossbow for big game hunting. You will like the light, yet sturdy frame with a unique crossbow design. The safe and efficient crossbow offers maximum speed always to hit the target, and adding to your hunting adventures.

The Barnett crossbows are known for their innovative design and powerful performance. The Whitetail Pro is the best from the lot, as it keeps you grounded while providing the best hit with reasonable force.

The anti-dry fire feature and the smooth trigger will not keep you diverted from the hunt. However, the cocking system is slightly complicated, but not a feature that will make you change your mind about this crossbow!

For all new and regular hunters, we suggest that you always hold the crossbow to see how it will work for you. Many a time, when we hear raving reviews, we tend to incline towards a particular model or brand.

However, when you hold the bow, aim, and shoot, you will understand whether the crossbow shoulders well on your built or not. While all crossbows are efficient and there are millions of hunters who have a favorite crossbow, you must choose one after you feel that it is made for you!

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