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Barnett Wildcat C5 Review (Lightweight Bow)

Barnett pioneers smart and strong crossbow designs, and has a beautiful range of them. Reliable and high-performance crossbows are the Barnett signature. Barnett Wildcat c5 is one of the best selling crossbows as it offers quality and good pricing.

We reviewed this crossbow after a whole week of trying out and adjusting various parts to understand how it works. A full week was consumed not because of any complication of design or skill set requisites, but because it was an excellent crossbow to keep! 

Wildcat c5 is a low-profile design and sleek enough to stun hunters. We picked the crossbow at a reasonable price, which we will discuss after sharing the numerous features and specifications.

When you open the box:

Upon opening the package, you will receive the Wildcat c5 crossbow, which will be limbs, stock, string, and cables. Hunters also get three 20-inch arrows with field points and a four-arrow quiver and mount. 

The crossbow comes with a three red-dot scope and string wax for a sharper hit! The assembly hardware comes with the crossbow, so all you need to do is put your crossbow together! 

Barnett Wildcat c5 is a simple crossbow, and assembling this beauty is easy for all hunters. You can begin joining the quiver mount to the stock with the help of screws. 

The key for screws will also be available. Now, you can slide the riser on to the stock and voila! You have something that is beginning to look like the crossbow! 

Next, you can slide the foot stirrup into the hole on the front. The foot stirrup will require two bolts from your crossbow hardware kit. 

To complete your crossbow, slide the scope on to the stack and tighten. Your Wildcat c5 is ready to shoot! Within fifteen minutes, you will be able to get your bow in working form.

Along with the crossbow, you will also receive a manual and a 5-year warranty.






Barnett Wildcat C5

320 FPS


First, look at the crossbow:

Barnett Wildcat c5 comes in a weighty box but is relatively easy to assemble. The black crossbow has a high-definition camo that adds to its grace. 

For hunters who like the unboxing and assembling of their crossbows, putting together the Wildcat c5 will be a short and sweet experience. The Wildcat c5 has the following specs:

• Power stroke 13 inches,

• Bolt size 20 inches,

• Axle to axle length 26 inches,

• Draw weight 150lbs,

• String length 37 inches,

• Trigger pull 4.5lbs,

• Crossbow weight 8.5 lbs.

The dark and sleek crossbow is called the Wildcat for its bolt speed, which crosses 320FPS. This lightening action is what makes this crossbow a wild cat, with no time to lose. As soon as you shoot the bolt from the bow, it hits the target stealthily and swiftly.

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Build and features:

Barnett Wildcat c5 is designed to provide long-lasting comfort to hunters. The traditional camouflage design adds to the look of this speedy crossbow.

The weight of this crossbow is 8.5 lbs, but when you complete it with the accessories, it increases to 11lbs. The scope comes with a red dot sight, which could’ve been better if you ask us.

While all hunters have personal preferences, the scope is not a feature that can be compromised. The Wildcat c5 riser is of magnesium, and the pistol grip stock is ergonomic. The high-energy Veloci-Speed wheels and vented quad limbs contribute to the speed, as well as the sleek look of the crossbow. 

The 150-pound draw weight makes the Wildcat c5 an easy yet powerful crossbow for people of all skill levels. The cable setup makes this cat an easy pull, and the trigger system is smooth, so you know where to aim and go for the kill.

The build of a crossbow is an essential factor as it determines the efficiency of the crossbow. Wildcat c5 is a high performer, and its build testifies its sturdiness. Dominant, and easy to aim and draw, this bow is an excellent choice for people starting out in crossbow hunting.

 Every Barnett model is comfortable and does not shift the hunters’ concentration from the prey to the crossbow. You will always aim with ease without worrying too much about the crossbow or arrow.

 Hunters of all skill levels will find the Wildcat C5 the right partner for all types of big and small game. Deers, antelopes, and smaller prey can be easy targets, and every hunting trip will become a success with the Wildcat c5 by your side. 


Wildcat C5 crossbow blends into the surroundings due to its camouflage pattern. The black and pattern crossbow has a classy look, but what’s even better is the size.

The crossbow weighs 11 pounds with all accessories, but this is a suitable weight for all hunters. Whatever your skill level may be, Barnett Wildcat c5 will fit like a glove! The grip is padded for comfort, with a convenient thumb hole so you can hold the crossbow properly.

This feature will also prevent accidental injuries caused by mishandling the crossbow. The rear stock has a sturdy and lightweight GAM composite design to suit all hunters. 

All beginners will love the features of this crossbow, as they help improve stance and maintain proper balance while shooting. Gradually, with the use of Wildcat c5, your shooting style will improve significantly.

What we liked the most about Wildcat C5:

It is true, 11-pound crossbows might not sound like the best, but what we liked about this crossbow was the build and comfort level. 

Holding any crossbow can only help us decide whether it is comfortable to hold, but the trigger and grip, and the lightweight stock ensure a sure hit. Shooting an arrow with this crossbow was not a strenuous task.

A new hunter will find this crossbow a natural choice, while seasoned hunters will look forward to using the crossbow every time they go for an adventure.

Another user-friendly feature of the Wildcat c5 was that the string and cable system was long-lasting. You can pull and hit around 900 shots before replacing the string.

Now, this is a feature for hunters on a budget! We recommend the Wildcat c5 because of its safety grip, speed, and comfortable design. Other users have also pointed out their favorite features of the Wildcat c5.

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No additional silencers:

There may be some users who suggest that adding a dampener will reduce noise. However, we shot arrows using this crossbow and did not feel the need for additional silencers or any dampening system. Wildcat c5 is reliable for hunting down, and that implies it has a calm nature, which every hunter seeks in their partner in the wild!

Speed: A feature for all hunters!

High speed of 320FPS with the kinetic energy of 97 feet-lbs enables hunters to shoot with precision and penetrate deers, antelopes, and small prey. 

Most of this speed comes from the quad limbs, but a smooth release and secure cable system are all engaged in good teamwork to provide the best hunting experience.

Another feature that other users rave about is the shooting experience. Every part of the crossbow complements the other to produce excellent speed and precision. You can rely on Barnett wildcat c5 as a beginner and still hold it close when you become a seasoned hunter.


It is obvious why Barnett crossbows remain a popular choice for hunters. The Wildcat c5 is a good pick for beginners as well as experienced players. With over 50 years of designing excellence, Barnett displays its expertise in a sleek design and super speed in the Wildcat c5. 

This crossbow features a lightweight build and a high-performance design to make your adventures memorable. The smooth trigger and a sturdy wheel system help shoot precisely and without discomfort. 

Barnett Wildcat C5 has many features to attract hunters, and only a few improvements could have made it a winner of all times. The included sight was not as clear and precise as several other crossbows possess. The 3-red dot scope could’ve been slightly better, but the different features of your crossbow can cover up for this! 

Barnett Wildcat c5 does not have a rope cocking device. Probably this wasn’t included because of the convenient hold of the crossbow, but carrying it for hours might become a little difficult if you don’t get a cocking rope to go with this wild creature.

Wildcat c5 is a beautiful crossbow that lives up to the expectations of all hunters. Power, precision, and speed-you get all of it with just one purchase.

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