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Our Bear Cruzer G2 Review (315FPS Staggering Speed)

We tried Cruzer for 7 weeks on hunting trips and Archery rounds and here is our in-depth bear Cruzer G2 review.

Speed, less draw weight, the right size, and price; these factors make any hunting equipment the best buy for seasoned as well as beginning players. 

Speed, sturdiness, smooth draw, and many features of Cruzer G2 crossbow make it an attractive pick.

Bear Cruzer G2 Review:






Bear Cruzer G2

315 FPS

eliminate torque

We share the experience starting from the unboxing of the bow and assembling it to shoot down prey, but you can go over the salient features first:

• Staggering speed of 315FPS.

• Lightweight design.

• Dual Cam structure.

• Smooth draw.

• Lifetime warranty.

• Six Trophy Ridge accessories. 

• EnduraFiber Quad Limb.

• Handgrip to eliminate torque. 

• MVI Cam system for power and adjustability. 

Unboxing the Bear Cruzer G2 is an experience in itself as the box is a crossbow holder. One must be careful not to damage it so that it can come in handy later on. 

The holder is portable, but since it is cardboard, you might not be able to retain it for as long as you own the crossbow.

Assembling the Bear Cruzer G2 is relatively easy and does not include a lot of tuning and tightening. Buyers can test the adjustment by taking the bow out of the box and shooting an arrow through a paper tuner. 

The draw length of the Bear Cruzer G2 is 26inches, so it is decent for most of us who like to shoot but do not like to deal with heavy crossbows.

Ready to hunt (RTH) will add to your experience in the field, and your adventures will become even better with this compound bow in your hand! 

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One size Fits All:

While many hunters despise this statement, Bear Cruzer G2 is not a large-sized compound bow that every hunter has to adjust to, but provides all hunters and archers because of its adjustability. 

The Versatility Cam System from Bear features Draw Dial rotating modules for deadly performance and the crucial efficiency.

The quad limbs offer incredible speed, with improved accuracy and precision in targeting the prey. The whopping rate of 315FPS is a bonus feature that allows hunters and archers to shoot fast without paying for it in terms of complications to attend. 

The unique design and high adaptability make Bear Cruzer G2 an excellent choice for beginners and seasoned hunters. Your compound bow will stand taller than the rest in terms of simple tuning and superior performance.  

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Cruzer G2 Build:

The lightweight Bear Cruzer G2 has a durable and sturdy build, for beginners and old-timers. Whether you are new to hunting, or are a hunter of years, shooting big game with the Cruzer will be an easy task without compromising on speed. 

The weight of this compound bow is no more than three pounds, and the draw weight can be between five to 70 pounds of adjustable draw weight. 

The axle-to-axle measurement is 32inches, making the compound bow an excellent pick for narrow opening shootings. All these factors contribute to more precision and versatility. 

If you thought that was all, the machined riser is another build feature that makes the Cruzer G2 durable and keeps the weight to a minimum.

Let-off on the compound bow is 70|%, making it easier to hold and shoot without shifting focus. Young and amateur hunters and beginner archers can pick the Bear Cruzer and learn the art of shooting!


Cruzer G2 Design:

The flexibility of bear Cruzer G2 is evident as it is available for both right-handed and left-handed archers.

As you hold this compound bow, the striking Kryptek camo appears attractive and provides excellent camouflage and looks good too! As we mentioned earlier, the draw weight can be adjusted. 

You can change it between 5 to 70 pounds, which provides enough flexibility for all. Bear Cruzer G2 can be customized to keep draw length between 12inches and 30 inches. 

With such fantastic flexibility, this compound bow can be for all beginners who want to use the same bow for many years. Beginners will also appreciate the adjustment to frame, without any equipment except a simple wrench. 

The whopping speed, alterations, and lightweight build are all you need to make your hunting adventures better. 

The limbs provide adjustability as you can turn the bolts to adjust draw weight. This feature makes Bear Cruzer G2 an excellent first bow for growing hunters, who wish to keep their weapon for years. 

Similarly, the machined aluminum riser provides a comfortable grip. The slim riser is designed to be more accurate as it removes torque. 

Hunters and archers can concentrate on the game rather than shifting focus to the bow as they shoot. The grip also adds to your comfort with bear Cruzer and contributes to a great adventure outdoors. 

What we Liked:

Bear Cruzer G2 looks like a perfect compound bow, and holding it did not change our opinion! 

The exceptional speed and precision are a favorite among hunters, but what we liked was that it is a one-time complete purchase. With all the accessories, this compound bow is your ideal pick no matter what level of shooting you are at. 

Full assembly with riser, cams, string suppressors, and limbs along with an arrow rest and 4-pin lighted sight shows that the manufacturer wants you to have it all! 

Other accessories of Cruzer G2 include Trophy Ridge stabilizer, quiver, peep sight, nock loop, and sling. As soon as you unbox Bear Cruzer, you have everything you need to start shooting. 

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Kinetic Energy:

Yes, we know this is something you wanted to know along with the other features, but Bear Cruzer G2 has varying kinetic energy. 

Arrow speed and weight impact the diverse kinetic energy, and the parameters remain around 75ft-lbs to 90 ft-lbs. 

You all would know that the lower the draw weight, the shorter the draw length. This fact implies that if you use a heavy arrow, the compound bow will shoot slowly, so if you have a bigger arrow the kinetic energy will be closer to 90 ft-lbs. 



If you thought the Bear Cruzer G2 could not get any better, it is silent and allows the most stealthy hunting experiences. 

RockStops suppressor reduces vibrations and noise, making it easier to aim and hit a big game. The Trophy Ridge sling reduces felt recoil as it enables you to shoot with an open hand. 

Your prey will not hear you draw the arrow or shoot swiftly, and you will be successful every time!

Last thoughts:

We enjoyed using Bear Cruzer G2 as it allows a good experience for beginners as well as seasoned hunters. 

Young archers can purchase this bow as it offers adjustments according to the user’s frame and stature. You will like the high speed while shooting big game, and the success rate will be higher with this silent compound bow! 

From unboxing the bow to using it in the field, we found the experience of owning the Cruzer G2 to be wholesome and full of excitement. 

You can enjoy all the features, and free accessories offered in a single purchase and remain true to your hunting companion for years to come!

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