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Best Archery Target 2021 (Top 6 Picks ONLY)

You are wondering what’s the best archery target, right?

I tried many targets for practicing the bull’s eye and here are my top 6 picks for you…

For all those waiting anxiously for the coming season, now’s the time to sharpen your skills and make the most of this time by getting some new arrows and an archery target. 

Best Archery Target Reviews:



Each side length



The Rhinehart RhinoBlock

16 inches

25 pounds

 The Bone Collector 400 FPS

19.5 inches

36 pounds

 Field Logic Block Black

20 inches

14.5 pounds

 Field Logic Hurricane Archery Bag

23 inches

27 pounds

 Field Logic Glendel Pre Rut Buck

12*12*12 inches

250 pounds


1: The Rhinehart RhinoBlock

A good looking black block with 16-inch sides and 13-inch deep layers of foam, this block archery target is light and will help you reach the perfect shot. 

The durable construction of this block will help you withstand repeated sessions and prolonged practices.

What we liked about this block was that it is strong enough to tolerate broadheads and expandable arrowheads. You will not have to buy a new archery target very soon, especially if you practice with field tips. 

However, if there is a tear from a broadhead, replacement, and reinforcement of the filling is possible. The self-healing sponge repairs itself and will help you save bucks on the replacement. 

Moreover, this lightweight archery target weighs only 22 pounds, which is easy to carry to the field and then back indoors when you want. 

The Rhinehart Rhinoblock is strong enough to tolerate outdoor conditions and the shape remains in place for many years, so you can have numerous sessions outdoors without losing the block to wear and tear.

This six-sided archery target block also has two 3-D sides, with the organ and part of the body of prey. These sides will help you improve your killer shot without a lot of effort! The other sides have target markings that will help improve aim.

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2: The Bone Collector 400 FPS

If you want to improve aim or if you are preparing for an upcoming competition; the Bone Collector archery target is a good companion and coach, preparing you to hit Bull’s Eye in any indoor or outdoor setting. 

The durable construction makes this block target stand against the wear and tear of the outdoors. The bright color of this archery target makes it a good choice for newbies. 

Easily located targets and the prominent color make this target a ‘hard to miss’ spot! The reliable sponge filling can stop field points well, and you can easily remove them from the target without damaging the layers of foam inside. 

The internal structure is strong enough to take a hit from arrows at whopping speeds of 400 FPS.

What we liked about the Bone Collector archery target is that it has a bright color that adds fun to your practices, and the structure is so strong that you can retrieve arrows without hurting the block. 

The dartboard front and pool table side also add fun to joint practices and games that can help improve aim. The dimensions of this cube are 19-inch and it has a good surface area for newbies to attempt beginner shots. 

Experts and hunting pros will also like this archery target as it not only provides a fun sight but also has the strength to take immature hits without tearing the layers of foam.

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 3: Field Logic Block Black


A perfect pick for beginners, the Block Black has marked targets that improve aim and accuracy. The black background accentuates the white markings so beginners can practice aiming and master the game sooner than they think!

What we liked about the Field Logic block is that it has large sides of 20-inch and a depth of 16-inch. You can practice on this archery target even if you are holding the crossbow for the first time, as it has a flat surface of a large area. 

The vivid patterns also offer good visibility and make this block target a good choice for distance hitting. The poly fusion design makes this archery target longlasting, as you can remove arrows easily, without damaging the foam.

One thing that you have to keep in mind is that unlike the Bone Collector, the Field Logic is used only with field tips. If you use a broadhead to aim and shoot, there is a chance your archery target will rip apart.

Beginners will like the long sessions on this target, as using field points means lesser fatigue and more fun! 

Even if you want to have a friendly match of targeting and shooting, the Field Logic is a good pick to play ‘shoot an arrow’ with friends or family. This archery block can stand the outdoor conditions so if you are planning a barbeque in the backyard, you can place the block for friends to enjoy some challenging games!

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4: Field Logic Hurricane Archery Bag

Here’s another choice that hunters and shooters will love! The Hurricane comes with all the features that make it a strong and a great price. 

The bright yellow bag is easy to spot archery targets with large sides to allow aiming with field points that will not damage the target. The Hurricane comes with a side that has the organs of a deer marked. 

While this target will be a good choice for newbies, seasoned hunters can also improve their aim and practice to shoot deer in the right place every time.

What we liked about the Hurricane is that the durable construction makes it a reliable and long-lasting target. You can notice that the depth of this archery target is less than others but it still stands strong against hits. 

This archery bag is a good choice with many types of light and heavy compound bows. If you are looking for just basic practice, you can use the side that has clear and prominent markings, and if you are looking to specialize in killer shots, you can use the side with the animal organ marking.

The weight of this archery target is only five pounds, making it an easy to carry bag, without compromising on the shooting practice time or strength.

Users can hang it at eye level, or even place it on the floor. You will find that it is easy to remove the arrows from this bag without tearing the cover. The best use of the Hurricane is indoors where you can hold long sessions, without worrying about replacements or damages.

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5: Field Logic Glendel Pre Rut Buck

Here’s a 3-D target that will help improve killer shots while enjoying the practice. It is always fun and challenging to place an animal-shaped archery target to practice. 

You can also understand how the arrow has to be at the right angle, and what your stance should be. Once you have worked on this target, you will become the master of the game!

The Glendel pre Rut comes in the shape of a deer. You can use your heavy or light compound and crossbows to aim, while the surface of this archery target can take a strong hit. 

As long as you use field tips, this deer can take many hits without showing its deeper scars! Moreover, Glendel is a tough target that can tolerate weather conditions well. 

The 250-pound buck will help you choose the right spot to aim, stance, and improve accuracy. The buck is three feet at the shoulders so you can locate the organs and give it a shot without much effort!

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What we liked about the buck archery target is that it is sturdy and has a thick outer layer to help hunters assess the force needed to aim. You can practice with crossbows that allow high speed and heavier draw weight. 

The 3D target can stop arrows at high speeds of 390 FPS. Now practicing on a buck can be fun while you perfect your shot before the buck-hunting season.

Choosing the right target: 

Both newbies and regular hunters need some tips when it comes to buying the right archery target. First of all, you must be clear about what kind of arrows and crossbow you will use. 

If you own a compound bow, you will need a target that offers a sturdy and strong surface to take speedy shots. Moreover, the field point arrows are best for most targets. There are very few choices for people who insist on practicing with broadheads.

3-D targets can be slightly expensive while block targets are an easy choice. The latter allows long sessions for shooting just as the 3-D targets so if you are looking for some basic training, you can save up on a block target.

The basic choice of your archery target depends on the kind of training and hunting you wish to pursue. 

If you want a simple and fun practice session with friends, or even if you are practicing for an upcoming competition; go for a block target. 

However, if you want to bring home some wins from the woods, you can practice on 3-D targets to ensure a clear and clean hit when you go out hunting.

You don’t have to be on a range to practice shooting, you can do it at home only if you have the right equipment. Practice makes perfect, so we practiced shooting arrows with a few archery targets to see which one is the best choice. Here’s a list of our final choices that will make it easier for you to pick the best archery target for the best hunting skills.

The various types of targets When you go to buy an archery target, there will be many types to choose from. Each type has its pros so you can choose the one that suits you best.


• Bag targets: These are simply filled bags that work well due to the large surface area. These targets can be used time and again. The bag target makes it easy to shoot and retrieve the arrow from the target. 

The synthetic material in the bag makes it an easy surface and does not harm the arrowhead. Bag targets are an economical choice as you don’t have to replace them nor do you need to buy new targets.

However, with bag archery targets, you need to be careful with the arrowhead you use. Field points are the best option for bag targets as broadheads can stick and the tear will be enough to render the bag useless! 

The porous material of the bag is not best for outdoors, and the weight of the bag does not make it portable. 

So, when you decide to buy this archery target, keep in mind a permanent spot where you can place it under a roof. While you take care of these small particulars, you can use any type of bow to practice shots.


• Foam block targets: Durable, portable, and an excellent choice for light bows, the foam block targets are a good choice for beginners and seasoned shooters. 

The layers of foam stop the arrow using friction. Your arrowheads cannot break this way, but if you use broadheads, then it may get stuck! 

Heavier crossbows with higher draw weight cannot work well with foam block targets. Powerful bows will not work with these archery targets as the arrow gets buried deep into the block. 

Another pointer for newbies is that the shooting angle can also improve the life of this lightweight target.

Shooters recommend a direct target so that your arrows hit vertical layers of foam instead of cutting through them at an angle. 

You can set up the archery target wherever you want to practice. The only problem for heavy bow users is that this target might get damaged soon as arrows cut through the layers of foam.


• 3D practice targets: Ever seen a shooter hit a wolf-shaped target? The 3D targets are a good choice for compound bow users. 

You can time and again practice shooting any animal that you may be hunting on your next trip. It is a fun way to practice shooting, as you can choose from a variety of animals in 3D targets available in the market.

These archery targets have markings on the body for all the vital organs so you can practice shooting prey at the right spot to reduce pain and get the job done! Practicing on these targets prepare you to shoot successfully when you go hunting.

3D targets are also good for competitive shooting practice as you will understand the point system, and aim for the right spot to rank higher! With time your target will wear out but replacements are easily available.

Like all other archery targets, it is recommended that you use field tips while practicing. Broadheads can get stuck deep in the target and is hard to retrieve. 

Moreover, powerful arrows will damage the target sooner than you want. The best way to practice shooting for hunting is to create a similar scenario and time your shots. 

You would like to imagine that an animal is visible and can be targeted in the woods, your timing and stance for shooting must be on point every time. Practicing these archery targets will make you a pro in no time!

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