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Best Bow Stabilizer 2021 (Top 8 Picks)

Are you looking for the best bow stabilizer? It was hard for me to choose the best one for myself as its a compulsory device.

We tried almost all the available stabilizers—Here are our top 8 picks for you.

Best Bow Stabilizer 2021 Reviews:





Trophy Ridge Hitman


Trophy Ridge Static

Ultra Lightweight Design

NAP Apache Stabilizer Stealth Dampening

Light Weight

Stokerized 9 Carbon Body Harmonic Dampening Stabilizer


Bee Stinger Hunter Sports Extreme


SAS Archery Aluminium Bow Stabilizer


LimbSaver S coil


FLYCAM HD-3000 Handheld Video Camera Stabilizer

7 Pounds

1: Trophy Ridge Hitman

With the Quick Release feature, the Hitman stabilizer is first on our list for a reason!

All stabilizers have to be screwed to the bow and might need time to remove when you have to pack them. 

The Quick Release makes it a matter of seconds for you to put away your bow. The personalized O-rings add color to your stabilizer. 

The attention to these small details made me pick this stabilizer first as all stabilizers can perform their job, but this one gave something extra! 

The other excellent features are:

• 2x removable 1oz weights.

• Wrist strap.

• 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12” variants available.

• Reduces noise and vibration significantly.

With all the variations one can expect, the Camo option is missing, and that was the only downside. 

This stabilizer will keep your bow balanced at full draw, and the release will be very silent. You can try out the stabilizer that comes from a trusted manufacturer. 

The features and design are a great pick for all hunters.

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2: Trophy Ridge Static

Another Trophy Ridge stabilizer that ranks well! The compact stabilizer is a great pick for hunters due to its size. 

The features will make every hunting trip better, as this silent and noise-killing stabilizer is the right size and weight for balancing the bow act while you aim at animals. 

The Static is also available in longer options to suit target shooters. Check out some of the prominent features:

• Ultra lightweight design

• Available in 3”, 6”, 9” and 12” sizes.

• Unique design to allow air passage, ensuring a silent draw and shot.

• Wrist sling available.

The Trophy Ridge Static is a good choice on the shooting range, as well as on the hunting ground. The various options and the unique design ensure that this stabilizer can perform well in all places. 

The aluminum stabilizer is lightweight, yet has the strength to reduce vibrations. All thanks to the soft-touch Ballistix coating, the stabilizer looks good and is easy to use. 

Moreover, the price tag will make you smile! All the best features while the price of this stabilizer is affordable. 

If I had to pick out a feature that I disliked, I wouldn’t have been able to! Says quite a bit about this stabilizer!

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3: NAP Apache Stabilizer Stealth Dampening

With a creative design with all the best features, the Apache stabilizer is a great choice. Let’s first take a look at the features:

• Proprietary dampening technology,

• Versatile design,

• Available in 5-inch and 8-inch options,

• Detachable carbon fiber accessory bar.

The Apache is available in a graceful camo option that adds to its value. What we liked about this stabilizer was that it comes in a compact size and can be adjusted to your needs. 

The design of this stabilizer is great, but the only problem is that it may be heavier than one wants it to be! Especially for hunting purposes, this stabilizer is heavier than required. 

The package for this stabilizer says that it is meant for hunting but you might be heavy, so try it out on the shooting range as well! This device is one of the best at cutting out the noise. 

The NAP Apache is a great choice but if you have a very old hunting bow, the design might not allow this fixture.

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4: Stokerized 9 Carbon Body Harmonic Dampening Stabilizer

The unique looks of this stabilizer are not the only thing that will make you take a longer look! 

The Stokerized is a good option for hunters and target shooters for many reasons:

• This stabilizer is a great blend of the Mathews Harmonic Dampeners and Stokerized technology to provide a silent experience out there.

• Reduced vibrations and excellent balance.

• Hold remains solid and unshakable while aiming.

• 9-inch length and 6.5oz weight.

The Stokerized may be one of the expensive options, and you may feel that this investment is higher than expected. However, the real deadening technology and mute shooting of this stabilizer will make you a fan! 

The carbon body includes rubber harmonic dampeners. The residual vibration from your bow will reduce by more than 75% with this stabilizer.

Some of you might dislike the high price, but the features justify it for many!

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5: Bee Stinger Hunter Sports Extreme

An industry leader, the bee Stinger stabilizer is a great option for hunters and target shooters. 

The model comes with three 1-oz weights to adjust the balance factor. Moreover, it allows tuning to adjust the weight and balance.

• Harmonic dampening components,

• Reduces string release resonation,

• Quiet and easy shots,

• Comes in 6”, 8”, and 10” length.

• Comes in various colors.

Some color options do not match the bow colors, but the performance makes this a secondary flaw. 

Many stabilizers available in the market are such that they work better for hunters than for target shooters or vice versa. However, the Bee Stinger is a good fit for all.

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6: SAS Archery Aluminium Bow Stabilizer

The precision design of this stabilizer will make many hunters and shooters fall in love. 

The unique design comes with the following features:

• All CNC Aluminium construction,

• Suitable for all kinds of bows,

• Vibration dampening technology that makes it easier to reduce noise,

• Lightweight and durable.

You can choose a black or camo SAS stabilizer but the performance will always keep you happy! 

There are spaces on the stabilizer that allows wind to pass through so that your shot is always precise. The full-draw counterbalance of this stabilizer is an excellent aspect that makes this stabilizer a good pick. 

This device is affordable and can add to your hunting experience in positive ways. However, there are no adjustable weights so everyone has to get used to it!

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7: LimbSaver S coil

Here’s another unique design for all! The Limb Saver is a spiral design with the following features:

• NAVCOM material for vibration dampening, which absorbs vibration through the audio frequency spectrum.

• Can be used in other sports, consumer electronics, and aerospace,

• Most popular device from LimbSaver.

• Affordable and offers numerous features.

The S-coil stabilizer is unique in design, but it has all the features that a hunter or target shooter could ask for, and maybe some more for other sports too!

However, some people find this design to be too plain and almost boring. The material of this stabilizer adds value to it and makes this device successful in reducing noise and adding balance. 

However, the only size available is 4.5”, which may seem to limit to some users but hey! The price is too low to expect too much!

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8: FLYCAM HD-3000 Handheld Video Camera Stabilizer

The stabilizer with the camera can be a great addition to all hunting adventures. 

The ability to record shots or learn from small techniques and improve the game seems so possible now!

• Weighs 7 pounds, and allows easy set-up.

• Adjusted top plate on X, and Y-axis movement.

• Quick release plate accepts DV, HDV, and DSLR cameras.

• Foam-cushioned handle grip.

• Tool-less telescopic central post.

• Length and weight on base can be changed.

Many hunters and outdoor sports adventures can be more fun with a camera stabilizer. 

You can attach a camera to make your hunting experience last longer, and the features on these devices are so many! 

The only downside maybe that unless you are serious about making this investment, the camera stabilizer is out of reach for many beginners and hunters who are not all out to spend a lot of money! 

The micro-balancing feature of this camera stabilizer helps in quick horizontal balancing.

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How does a Stabilizer work?

When you extend your arms for a long time to hold the bow, the steadiness and stability of your grip reduce. Your arms will shake, or you might not be able to hold the bow properly as you shoot. 

This small discomfort may result in some losses on the field as your targeted animal runs off or detects movement. 

A bow stabilizer ensures that as the arrow leaves the bow, it remains straight and the small movement of your arms or feet does not affect the aim or strength.

Purpose of a Stabilizer?

The stabilizers will help improve three things, steady aim, reduced torque, and dampened vibrations. These three factors can slow down the game and will keep you in a twist. 

Adding a stabilizer will be helpful as the weight of this device helps resist the sway or movements caused by the muscles in action. 

A still shot will be more accurate and successful. The twisting of the bow is also reduced by the stabilizer, reducing the bow torque in return and for the dampening of vibrations, the stabilizer absorbs oscillations and vibrations! 

Overall, the threefold improvement results in pure success and pleasure!

 Before You Buy: Things To Consider

Before you make the final choice for a stabilizer, be sure to understand what determines the best pick for you!

You must keep in mind that the prey you aim, or the vibration dampening required may impact your choice. Moreover, you also need to consider the weight of the stabilizer.

Silencing or Stabilizing?

The stabilizers available in the market today perform the function of a silencer as well. 

The construction of stabilizers is rubber, carbon fiber, and aluminum, which enhance the shooting action. The size of the stabilizer also adds to the experience as longer devices add steadiness. 

Another factor that adds to the steady shooting experience is the weight of the stabilizer.

For bowhunters, a stabilizer can add weight to the bow to reduce wind impact on the arrow. The dampening materials of the stabilizer ensure lower vibration after the shot.

The Size of the Stabilizer?

As mentioned earlier, size matters when you choose a stabilizer. A longer, and heavier stabilizer weighing more will give more accuracy. 

However, many hunters might not enjoy a long and heavy device added to a lightweight bow. Small and lightweight stabilizers will only provide dampening but not accuracy. 

When you choose a stabilizer for your hunting adventures, make sure to pick the size that caters to your needs.

Offset Bow Stabilizers

When choosing a stabilizer, you will come across many offset models which are more expensive but offer more too! 

However, this type of stabilizer is not necessary as many crossbows and compound bows have a mounting hole. Offset stabilizers can balance the centerline, which may be impacted by the addition of sights, arrow rests, and quivers.

Customized Stabilizers

An adjustable stabilizer is a good choice for hunters who want to aim at animals in various conditions and settings. 

A windy day or a sunny plain can both be the hunting scene of choice for customizable stabilizers as they can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the circumstances! 

Some stabilizer models have removable weight discs to reduce the balancing act, while others may be retracted to become smaller! Whatever your hunting needs may be, you can customize the stabilizer to suit the situation.

Compound or Recurve Bow?

When you know that a stabilizer helps with various hunting scenarios, you might wonder if your compound bow or recurve bow will require this device. 

Modern hunting bows come with bushings that allow you to fit in a stabilizer. Many older models of longbows and recurves don’t allow this fitting. However, once you fit a stabilizer on your new or old bow, the impact is the same!

Target or Hunting Stabilizers?

A target shooter needs precision and accuracy as they want to perfect their aim. A hunter also requires accuracy but silence is necessary too as a whitetail deer may get alert if there is noise! 

The after-shot vibrations are also an alert alarm for many animals! For target shooters, a stabilizer for accuracy means the right balance. The stabilizer that suits target shooters should be longer as it will give the steadiness needed. 

A hunting stabilizer can be compact and practical as it can provide the amount of accuracy needed, along with the silencing factor.

The Best Hunting Stabilizer?

If hunters wear camo, the stabilizer needs to carry the same attire. These stabilizers also need to be light and compact as longer models are not practical.

Connecting Stabilizers:

Since stabilizers have to be screwed to the bow, you might have to remove it every time you place the bow back into the case. 

This may sound extremely uncomfortable but you can get quick disconnects that work quickly to remove the stabilizer. A half twist allows the stabilizer to come off so that you can put away the bow carefully. 

You might want to invest in this device too, as it makes the game better, and the after-game routine shorter!

Bow Stabilizers and Cameras

The ultimate technology for a stabilizer is to hold a camera in the same fitting! This allows you to record and savor your shots and successful moments. 

The purpose of the camera can also be to analyze the shots and make changes to your shooting style or technique.

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