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Best Bowfishing Bow 2021 Reviews (Top 5 Picks Only)

Are you looking for the best Bowfishing bow? I tried many bows on my Bowfishing trips and here are my top 5 picks for you.

Best bowfishing Bow 2021 Reviews:



Draw weight

axle to axle length


Cajun Bow fishing Sucker Punch

50 pounds

32.25 inches.

Advanced Bow fishing Package with PSE Kingfisher 


32.25 inches.

Parker Stingray Open Sight 

between 100 and 125 pounds

20.75 inches

PSE Discovery Bow fishing Package

27 pounds to 40 pounds


Cajun Fishstick Take-Down

 45 pounds

32.25 inches

1: Cajun Bow fishing Sucker Punch

Yes, we agree that Bowfishing bows look technical and that is why we are breaking up the equipment into features so you understand each part of this fantastic model!

• Axle to axle length of 32.25 inches.

• Draw weight 50 pounds.

• Draw length adjustments from 17 to 31 inches with 60 percent let-off.

• Interchangeable draw modules.

• Deep cam grooves to prevent the derailing of string.

• Fishing biscuit arrow rest, Blister Buster finger pads, hybrid bow fishing reel, and fiberglass arrows with piranha tips.

• Weighs 3.2 pounds but designed to shoot big fish.

The Cajun Bowfishing bow is a technical, yet simple bow, as it offers a convenient shot due to the modern cam system and fiberglass arrows with piranha tips. 

As you unbox the Bowfishing bow, the ready-to-fish bow is revealed with excellent added materials to provide a complete, and successful fishing adventure.

No finger pinches or derailing of the line makes it possible for you to repeat shots in a frenzy! 

When you go out to fish, just remember to take along a good companion as the large fish you catch will need the company to enjoy!

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2: Advanced Bow fishing Package with PSE Kingfisher

One of the most popular Bowfishing bow in the market, the PSE Kingfisher is a simple-looking recurve that will give you a pleasant fishing trip every time. 

This bow features the AMS Retriever 310, which is a legendary feature for performance. Have a look at the features here:

• AMS Safety feature to prevent arrow snap.

• Excellent arrow propulsion

• Out-of-the-box functionality to reduce adjustment hassle.

• 50-pound draw weight.

• Finger tabs to prevent injuries.

• Sure shot arrows with penetrator fish points.

The reel is geared with a test line so that there is the least amount of disturbance as you shoot an arrow. The fiberglass arrow shafts of this Bowfishing bow are designed to provide excellent results. 

You can fish with the PSE Kingfisher even if your hunting skills are not polished. 

The simplicity of this fishing bow does not hamper its success rate as it is designed to reduce and injuries and allows multiple quick shots without causing an increase in the string. 

The engineering of this bow makes it the best fish hunting weapon. Try it out and you will love the accuracy and speed of this simple yet advanced recurve bow.

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3: Parker Stingray Open Sight:

This Bowfishing bow is the perfect pick if you want to try out saltwater fishing and freshwater adventures with a single weapon! 

Proudly made in the United States, the Parker Stingray is an advanced crossbow with the features that make it an extraordinary choice for hunting enthusiasts.

• Compact, balanced, and easy to use.

• Solid limb and synergy cam system.

• Adjustable draw weight between 100 and 125 pounds.

• A good pick for medium and big fish.

• Easy-draw system can be cocked and reloaded easily.

• contoured pistol grip.

• G2 Bull Pup Trigger system.

The Parker Stingray is a sleek, and fast crossbow that defies the water density and hits on target. This Bowfishing bow can be used easily due to its smooth trigger system and lightweight. 

Moreover, the crossbow is for both left and right-handed people. The Auto-Engage safety and the anti-dry fire locking makes the Stingray an excellent weapon. 

This fishing bow comes with a sight that can be attached to the limb, offering full visibility. The bow fishing reel, Dacron braided line, and the arrows come with your kit so that you can unbox the equipment and head out to hunt!

At close range, the target hits are always successful, but the crossbow and the fantastic sight enables users to be able to shoot from a distance as well. 

When you want to work effortlessly and still get results, Stingray can be a partner that will help you catch the big fish always!

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4: PSE Discovery Bow fishing Package

Another masterpiece in Bowfishing bows is the PSE Discovery, loaded with unique features that make it a great purchase:

• 31.5-inch axle to axle length.

• Allows shooting from tight spaces.

• Constant draw weight from 27 pounds to 40 pounds.

• Arrows allow full penetration through fish scales.

• Minimum let-off by the cams.

• Proud product of the United States.

One of the reasons we rank the PSE Discovery among the top fishing bows is that it has a sleek, lightweight body that allows fishing successes from narrow spaces. 

The arrows are designed to penetrate the fish with hard scales so that you enjoy the trophies rather than lose arrows! The Discovery has a smooth cam system that reduces let-off and ensures a good hit. 

The safety system of this Bowfishing bow is one of the best and the rugged bow can work in all weather conditions. The bow fishing package comes with arrows, a reel, and a safety slide. 

When you use Discovery, you will discover that hunting skills for fishing can yield better results as you can shoot repeatedly and quickly. This lightweight fishing bow is only 2.7 pounds, which allows good mobility and comfort.

When we used this Bowfishing bow, it was a treat as you can hold and aim at your convenience. A light fishing bow means easy targeting and a comfortable fishing experience. The PSE Discovery is a good choice, especially if you want to bring home a big fish!

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5: Cajun Fishstick Take-Down

Cajun has one of the strongest designs for fishing and hunting equipment, and the Fishstick is a perfect example. This fishing bow has the following features:

• Fully assembled and ready to use.

• Great for beginners and professionals.

• Comes with reels, arrows.

• Peak draw weight 45 pounds.

• 56-inch length and sleek body allow shots from narrow spaces.

The Cajun Fish stick is a perfect choice for people who like to take it easy but don’t want compromised results. This Bowfishing bow is light, sleek, and has a substantial draw weight that allows successful hits. 

The safety system ensures less let-off and low vibration so that you can concentrate on fishing rather than saving yourself!

What we liked about the Cajun Fish stick was that it has a Spin Doctor reel, Piranha arrow points, and Blister Buster finger pads to allow safe, successful, and fun shots every time. 

With this fishing bow in hand, it is hard to not get used to victory!

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Can any bow be used for Bowfishing?

A Bowfishing bow must have the ‘three essentials’ that make it an ideal pick for your next fishing trip. 

The bow, arrow, and reel. For fishing, the bow that you use must be swift, and the arrow has to be a special one that can cut the water current and hit the target. 

Heavier, fiberglass arrows are a must so that the dense water medium can be penetrated with enough force to kill the fish at once.

Many people start Bowfishing with a regular recurve or crossbow, but the arrow makes a lot of difference. Similarly, if the speed of the arrow is less, the fish will be able to swim away as you target because the image of the fish is already displaced. 

Hunters need to keep in mind that the arrow speed must be enough to allow a small displacement and still hit the target!

The equipment for bow fishing:

Bow fishing is similar to spearfishing as you use a pointed weapon instead of hooks and bait to catch fish. Hunters fish while standing on a boat or in shallow water. 

Just like spearfishing, you rely on your sight to hunt fish. However, bow fishing uses an arrow to hunt the fish. The fascinating part is that you can hunt fish during day time or at night if you use a Bowfishing bow!

Freshwater hunting can be for various fish like tilapia and carp. For saltwater, there are barracuda and flounder. Now let’s start hunting for more information so that you become a pro with this form of hunting too!

The fishing arrow is stronger than a typical hunting arrow. Why? Because it cuts through the water and targets fish with force. 

Since water is a dense medium, the arrow has to be strong to cut through the running water at a high velocity. The Bowfishing bow arrows do not have any fletchings as they can divert the arrow as it enters the water. 

The arrowheads also have barbs that keep the fish stuck to the arrow. In the Bowfishing bow, the arrow is tied to the line using a slide mechanism that does not get tangled. 

This line is either braided nylon or Dacron. The line used on fish bows is tested for 80 to 400 pounds and if you want to hunt heavier fish or crocodiles, choose the 600 pounds tested nylon line.

The Technique:

While hunting in the woods, the best view is if you sit on a tree stand so that you can look down, target, and shoot. 

With Bowfishing, you can either stand on a rock or in shallow water or on a boat. You will be looking down to locate fish, aim, and shoot. 

The only technique or rather factor you will have to consider is that the fish is in running water, and you have to be quick to aim. Secondly, the arrow has to enter a dense medium like water, so your assessment of the shooting angle will require some practice with your Bowfishing bow.

The image of fish from where you are looking is refracted, and hunters will have to get used to aiming low so that they can nullify the refraction error and hit the prey directly. 

Once you master this technique, all your cookouts will be fun, and trips to the lake or river will mean lots of fish to eat!

Last verdict:

When fishing with a bow, the best of hunters will also need time to adjust as shooting in a denser medium can be tricky. 

However, with a speedy Bowfishing bow and heavy arrows, you can hit the target and win your trophy! We ranked five of the best fishing bows for you to select before your next trip.

These Bowfishing bows are safe, fast, and allow a good sight. So before you head out for some outdoor fun, pick one of the above-mentioned fishing bows to become a winner every time you take a shot at the running water or saltwater fish. 

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