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Best Cheap Crossbow 2021 Reviews (Top 10 Picks)

Whether you are on a budget, just a beginner or a seasoned pro it doesn’t matter. Everybody loves a bargain! We’ve reviewed a load of crossbows in the market, having road tested many with hunting buddies, and have come out with the best cheap crossbow list. We’ve also included some more expensive models that just provide such great value that we didn’t want you to miss out on any crossbow deals if you were willing to drop a few more dollars on an awesome model. 

Hunting is one of the expensive sports – True. It requires a lot of preparation and practice – True. Hunting trips can be tiring and even frustrating, but the thrill of nailing your target is unparalleled – True. If you want to really succeed at crossbow hunting, you have to buy the most expensive crossbow – FALSE!

A good weapon is not determined by the price but by the features and how you use it. So check out our 10 candidates for the best cheap crossbow that offer awesome value and will give you the edge you need to walk away with your trophy kill!

Best Cheap Crossbow Reviews






best budget crossbows 2020

Centerpoint Sniper 370

370 FPS


best budget crossbows 2021

Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR

375 FPS

more than 150 pounds

best crossbow for the money 2021

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package

315 FPS


best beginner crossbow 2020

Barnett Whitetail Hunter II crossbow



best beginner crossbow 2021

PSE Thrive 400 Crossbow Kryptek Highlander

400 FPS

 175 lbs

best affordable crossbow 2021

Centerpoint Tyro 4X Recurve



best affordable crossbow 2020

Killer Instinct Crossbows Ripper

415 FPS

6.9 lbs

best affordable crossbow 2022

Excalibur Crossbow Null Matrix

 305 FPS

200 pounds 

best value crossbow 2021

Barnett TS 390

390 FPS

187 pounds

best value crossbow 2021

Excalibur Matrix Bulldog

400 FPS

280 lb

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1: Centerpoint Sniper 370

best budget crossbows 2022

Centerpoint is the signature series of Crosman, known for its complicated designs. This budget crossbow is famous for providing an advanced hunting experience to new and old hunters alike. 

The Sniper 370, as the name suggests, is fast, with a speed of 370FPS, and it also comes with a silent shooting system so that your prey is game before it gets a chance to move! 

The integrated string suppressors make it a stealthy and extremely silent crossbow, to be your perfect companion in bringing down prey.

What I liked about this crossbow is that it has a fully adjustable stock and foregrip, giving space to all body types so that you only focus on the prey and not on setting the crossbow correctly on your shoulder! 

If you are in a hurry, take a look at the specifications so that you know what you will be buying, if you select the Sniper 370.

• Speed 370FPS

• Machined rail with shoot-through riser.

• Precision-machined cams system.

• Integrated strings suppressor.

• Adjustable stock and foregrip.

• 18inch axle-to-axle at full draw.

• Draw weight 185pounds.

Sniper 370 comes with an Anti-Dry fire trigger and is for both left-handed and right-handed people. I prefer such crossbows that are not body-specific, as they can help with a comfortable shot without dividing focus on the posture.

Many crossbows have rigid stock, which does not offer room for adjustment, but Sniper 370 is not one of them.

And now the part that made us choose this crossbow in the first place: price! This crossbow along with a 5-year warranty and 4×34 mm scope, a quiver, and three arrows-costs less than $250. 

This is an excellent price for all the designs and builds features that bring down big prey and make you the terror of the jungle! 

Crosman’s dedication to providing quality at an affordable price makes it a preferable purchase for all hunters who are still not sure if they will be spending enough time outdoors. 

If you are among the lot that wants to venture into this sport but are not sure if they will master it, the Sniper 370 crossbow might be a perfect purchase to make you a hunter forever!

Sniper 370 is the winner of Outdoor Life Magazine’s 2016 Great Buy Award. Now that you got the accreditation from a reliable publisher also make a move and try out this fantastic crossbow.

Check Current Price and Rating on Amazon 

2: Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR

best cheap crossbows

When it’s a Barnett, the crossbow is complete! We don’t endorse any brand, but the decades-old crossbow and hunting equipment manufacturer has proved its cognizance and expertise in design, build and packing numerous features in one pack. 

The Whitetail STR comes in Mossy Oak Bottomland, with complete hunting accessories. One purchase and you get all you need! 

This budget crossbow is on my wish list due to its lightweight fiberglass riser. This step-through with a single bolt assembly along with all other components weighs only 6.6 pounds.

• speed of 375FPS.

• Kinetic energy 118 ft-lbs.

• Axle-to-axle width 18.125inches.

• Finger safety reminders.

• Floating bristle arrow retainer keeps from dry firing.

This ready-to-hunt package is not only a complete crossbow feature-wise but comes with all kinds of accessories that prepare you for the trip outdoors. 

Multi-reticle scope, arrows, quiver, rope cocking device, and lube wax-these accessories make the Barnett Whitetail a good purchase.

Beginners and seasoned hunters can use this crossbow as it supports all kinds of bodies, and has a scope that will ensure that you will not miss the aim. 

The easy and light crossbow can be easy to handle weapon for newbies. Even when you are not very accustomed to holding crossbows will find the Whitetail Hunter an easy one to address.

Considering the high speed, managing, and keeping an eye on the target is a piece of cake. The draw weight for this crossbow is also moderate while there are many crossbows with high speed and draw weight of more than 150 pounds, which is a tough task for beginners. 

The price of this fantastic hunting crossbow is too good for all the features, and the time for which you can use it! 

If you average the cost of Barnett Whitetail Hunter over the years that it will be an effective tool, it comes down to be not only reasonable but a quick grab! 

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Update: I recently tried Barnett whitetail Pro STR and it’s a very good bow as well.

3: Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package

best budget crossbows

This package is a complete hunting kit and all you need to step outdoors and start bringing in some meat! The Barnett Jackal is sly; it is mean and as secretive and tricky as a jackal in the field! 

One of the Barnett masterpieces, Jackall crossbow, is an excellent addition to any hunter’s trip outdoors, in search of any kind of prey. 

Barnett Jackall crossbow has the specifications to be used for the big game, but when it comes to handling the bow, it is for any small-framed person. 

What I liked most about this crossbow is the design and sleek build, which allows speedy shooting but does not let my aim deviate due to complicated triggers or fuzzy scope. 

However, some of you might think that string waxing after every ten shots are too much work. This jackal crossbow needs some maintenance from you!

• Speed 315FPS

• 3.5lb trigger pull.

• Military style stock with high-energy wheels. 

• Synthetic string and high-energy cable system.

• Draw weight 150lbs.

The Jackall requires climate-controlled storage, and that is not much of a hassle since the lightweight and high-performance crossbow will remain a looked-after weapon with most of us. 

The stock design of this crossbow is different from other Barnetts, but the efficiency and speed remain constant in the family! 

What makes this crossbow of excellent value for the money is its ability to shoot fast, and the military-style stock helps hold Jackall with ease and in a position to kill. 

The comfort factor is enhanced by the divided foregrip, which allows easy hand placement. Ready to shoot out of the box, Jackall is a one-time investment without any additional expenses of completing accessories. 

Your crossbow package will contain arrows, quivers, and a single red dot scope. High-definition camouflage wins this crossbow its name!

Barnett has some of the best features in all crossbows, and the Jackall also boasts some exquisite characteristics such as the Picatinny rail, which offers multiple benefits during shooting. 

Now here I must tell you that the Jackall crossbow is not just cost-effective, or too good for the price it is cheap! It is a cheap crossbow as the price is so low that you will think it’s a joke! 

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4: Barnett Whitetail Hunter II crossbow

cheap crossbow hunting

The lightweight lightning shooter from Barnett is not only sleek but can peer through the smallest gaps. This crossbow allows you to shoot with precision, without letting your prey get away! Take a look at the specifications to see what this crossbow is capable of doing:

• Speed 350FPS

• Kinetic energy 103 ft-lbs.

• Single-bolt assembly.

• Realtree Extra camo pattern.

• Draw weight 150lbs.

The Whitetail Hunter II is a lighter version of the Hunter STR, but that does not hold it back from performing well. A high-performance frame and trigger tech technology with zero creep release, make this Hunter II an ideal pick for beginners. 

While ensuring safety, the crossbow also ascertains accuracy. Barnett Whitetail Hunter has a slim build, and the features are typical of the manufacturer. 

A good trigger system, narrow bow with a lightweight frame, and a sturdy riser and stock to allow good hand placement—these are just the features included in any Barnett. 

Then what makes Hunter II different? The stainless steel crossbow will last for decades without asking for much maintenance!

The price of this phenomenal crossbow is too good to be true. Barnett Whitetail Hunter II costs very less.

Whitetail hunter has the life span of an oldie, but the strength of a beast! You will not require many accessories with your crossbow, so there are no add-ons to this cost. One purchase and you are ready to step outdoors!

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5: PSE Thrive 400 Crossbow Kryptek Highlander

budget crossbow

PSE crossbow manufacturer claims that they invented the compound crossbow, and therefore, one can expect the features and specifications of any PSE bow to exceed the average. 

The first thing that comes to mind as you choose this crossbow is the staggering speed that can put the fastest crossbow to shame! 

Kryptek Highlander is no child’s play as it shoots at the speed of 400FPS. You might not even notice the arrow as it leaves the bow, due to speed as well as the silent cam system. 

Take a look at the specifications and take a minute to absorb this crossbow’s efficiency:

• CNC mechanism for enhanced power, speed, and accuracy. 

• Safety features like Anti-Dry Fire.

• Reverse cam system creates a longer power stroke to boost the kinetic energy whenever you shoot.

• PSE Thrive 400 has 142 ft-lbs kinetic energy. 

• Excellent dampening system with string stops. 

• Scope can illuminate a red or green reticle. 

• Easy de-cocking. 

The reason we ranked this crossbow high in our cheap crossbow list is, of course, the excellent price, but also the speed which makes it a sought-after wish list item for all hunters. 

If you plan to hunt large prey, speed and precision are all you need! Couple this up with an excellent dampening system, and all other crossbows take a step back from here. 

As I held the crossbow, it was light, which made me fall in love with its attributes even more! 

The Thrive 400 has a sleek look, and compound style cam system for a quick and smooth shot every time. The Thrive 400 delivers a lot of arrows without asking for maintenance, and this makes it a favorable purchase for beginners as well as seasoned hunters. 

Last, but not the least-price is a determinant that makes any crossbow a worthy buy. Thrive 400 is not just any crossbow, and the price is quite unbelievable. 

This 400FPS crossbow price seems to be fair enough, especially when all other features are as amazing as they are. 

You can try this crossbow before buying, but if you are as sure as I am, you can order online and receive the gift of becoming a hunting champion!

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6: Centerpoint Tyro 4X Recurve

best crossbow for the money 2022

We pointed out a few differences between a traditional recurve bow and a crossbow. 

However, I feel that Tyro 4X does not fall under the category of a traditional recurve bow, and might even confuse some experienced hunters! The camouflaged, sleek design comes with a lot of benefits that will make you a hunting champ! 

CenterPoint pioneers modern crossbows and technology, which is essential for deer hunters. The Tyro 4X Recurve is one of the few crossbows that boasts numerous features for a meager price. Look through the specifications and guess the price!

• Adjustable stock.

• Compression-molded fiberglass limb.

• Auto-safety cocking mechanism.

• Foregrip storage compartment.

• Store rail lube

• Comes with other accessories.

The adjustable stock is one of the few things that immediately add to the final scorecard. You cannot ignore that this kind of stock makes it easier for people of all body types to hold the crossbow comfortably. 

Whether you want to spend hours in the woods, or you have to stand in one position for long, the crossbow needs to be comfortable. 

What I liked about this crossbow is the traditional look, with a camouflage that makes you feel invisible! Apart from this, CenterPoint does not leave safety features out and makes it possible to cock crossbows without any risk. 

Whitetail warriors and big game hunters will love the frame of this crossbow. Narrow, silent, and just the right speed for jungle adventures! Whether it be a swift prey or a big one, you will not remember when you last missed a shot! 

This accuracy and precision come from the 4x32mm scope, which can be easily attached to the stock for adequate visibility and ensuring a shot. 

The best part about this crossbow comes from the affordability of CenterPoint crossbows. Tyro 4X Recurve is one of the most economical crossbows. 

Besides being a cheaper choice, the Recurve offers all the features that any hunter requires. Not only this, but the box will also include four arrows, a quiver, a rope cocker, and rail lube. 

So you can maintain the crossbow with the least effort and keep shooting down prey!

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7: Killer Instinct Crossbows Ripper

beginner crossbow

Looking for a crossbow as a beginner can be a challenging job. Reviews of various crossbows online can help significantly, but we always suggest you compare a few crossbows to understand the features and design factors. 

Once you have decided what you prefer, the price tag remains the most essential ‘flip card’. Which is the cheapest crossbow for me? 

While I detest the adjective cheap for any crossbow, I had the same question as all of you: which crossbow offers the most at a reasonable price? 

Killer Instinct is one of the best crossbows out there and here’s why:

• Speed of 415 FPS.

• Ability to shoot arrows within a one-inch area, up to around 80 yards.

• 3.5-pound KillerTech trigger.

• Adjustable butt grip and forearm grip.

• 149 ft-pounds kinetic energy.

The speed of this crossbow is unbeatable, and the kinetic energy ensures a surge of adrenaline in all hunters as you set out to hunt with this bow. 

With Killer Instinct, you can bring down the biggest and strongest game. A look at the design shows that the CNC-enhanced aluminum flight rail offers accuracy, making the best use of the speed and energy. 

The kinetic energy will make sure that one shot brings down the prey, and your hunting bounty is guaranteed. The part that I always appreciate in every crossbow is the adjustable buttstock and forearm grip. 

This feature makes this crossbow a reliable companion for hunters of all sizes and body types to use this crossbow. Many expensive weapons have rigid stocks and do not open up for hunters to have a comfortable shooting experience. 

The Ripper 415 is an excellent choice for beginners and old-timers. It has the ease for a beginner but the speed for a professional! 

Killer Instinct, as the name suggests, can be by your side year after year to earn rewards of big game, without losing its charm and grace. 

However, amidst a large number of features, the look of the crossbow gets neglected! Not only is this bow a good performer, but it looks graceful while on duty. The appearance of this crossbow is nothing short of being a pretty sight!

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8: Excalibur Crossbow Null Matrix

crossbow deals

A camouflaged stock with the best features to ensure success, the Excalibur crossbows are the definite winners when you want performance and looks. You will understand this crossbow’s features a little better after going through the specs:

• Draw weight 200 pounds 

• Speed 305 FPS

• Compact thumbhole stock.

• Dead zone Scope.

This Excalibur crossbow is a perfect amalgamation of high quality and performance. With a long-lasting life and the ability to give you an unforgettable experience, this crossbow is among the highly professional series from Excalibur crossbows. 

What I liked about the crossbow is its lightweight and long-lasting material, which makes it a one-time purchase for many years to come. 

You might think it is high in price when compared to the other crossbows mentioned here, but look again; the class and performance of this crossbow are worth a lot, and you may be in for a bargain here. 

The dead zone scope allows visibility for distance and precision while the 305FPS speed allows quick kill for big and medium prey. The Grizzly short 11.5-inch power stroke makes it easy to cock. 

The compact thumbhole stock makes it easy to handle this beast to bring down the game in the first shot. 

Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camouflage and SMF composite frame make this crossbow a keeper for all! The reliability, accuracy, and service that Excallibuer is famous for continue in this lower-priced crossbow of the series of crossbows that define excellence.

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9: Barnett TS 390

best value crossbow 2022

Barnett crossbows are excellent design and frame; we all know that. The features of all Barnett crossbows make them an irresistible choice for all of us. 

Beginner or seasoned hunters not only enjoy using this bow but also find it comfortable for long hours in the wild. While you aim and hold the crossbow, rest it on your shoulder, it does not feel heavy or hard to handle. 

There are many qualities of Barnett TS 370, which make it a worthy contender among our top 10 cheapest crossbows. Take a look at the specs to see why:

• Speed 390 FPS.

• Draw weight 187 pounds.

• 128ft-pound kinetic energy.

• Step-through riser.

• Dampening system.

• Easy assembly, almost completed upon receiving. 

Barnett TS 390 will amaze you from the moment you receive the package. This crossbow purchase includes 4×32 illuminated scope, rope cocking device, side mount quiver, two arrows, and lube wax. 

Barnett Manufacturers ensure that hunters do not need to buy accessories or spend extra bucks before heading out for a day in the wilderness. 

The one-time purchase helps prepare for a trip with everything you will need. The weight of this crossbow is 7.7 pounds, making it easy to handle without losing balance. 

Beginners can use this crossbow with precision and hunt down prey of all sizes. Seasoned hunters might work with rigid bows that require higher draw weight or require good balancing skills. 

However, Barnett TS 370 is not just speedy but allows you to focus on the prey without worrying about losing balance or maintaining the correct posture. 

Many of us spend hours with the crossbow on our shoulders. Cocked and ready to shoot, or just resting, hunters need to carry crossbows. The moderate weight of this crossbow makes it easier to handle and enjoy the trip until it lasts! 

A fantastic scope allows good sight, speed can win over prey, and the comfort level of this crossbow is excellent. What’s left? 

The dampening system of this crossbow makes it a silent killer. Silent shots are any hunter’s reliable weapon. Barnett TS 370 is a quiet partner that teams up with many powerful features to provide success. 

You will not consider buying another crossbow until you become more seasoned, and then also, this silent partner will make a perfect hunting companion. 

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10: Excalibur Matrix Bulldog

best cheap crossbow for deer hunting

And now we come to the last of the lot. You might have made up your mind till now, but read on to find what’s in store when we look at the Bulldog with all its fury.

Huge animal hunting

• Upgraded Excalibur Twilight DLX scope.

• Speed of 400 FPS.

• Accessories included.

• Cheekpiece for additional comfort.

• safety features to prevent accidents and injuries.

The Bulldog comes from the home of Excalibur, which needs no introduction. The complete experience crossbow has a lot of advantages, but might be for the hunters who like to spend lavishly.

The Bulldog has a graceful look that will entice you but hold on to it for some while so that you can savor the features for some time. 

The camouflage is impressive, yet the crossbow expresses the class that may be beginners will not be ready for. Again, I emphasize that the best feature of any crossbow is the adjustable stock and additional design that makes it a comfortable weapon.

You will love the cheekpiece as it makes it easier to aim while there is no discomfort or shift of focus from the prey.

Any crossbow that has a high shooting speed will require the hunter to hold it with some strength. Bulldog comes with its power and shoots rapidly without straining the hunter’s spine or shoulders. 

You can easily bring down large animals and enjoy the bounties of your hunting trip every time.

Not only does the crossbow have speed and fury, but it is silent and a quiet companion. Your prey will not be able to run off before it falls, only because of the string suppressors that make every shot a quiet and stealthy one.

However, we kept a slot for this weapon among the cheapest crossbows in the market as it provides exclusive features and excellent design. 

The build of Bulldog is sleek, which makes it suitable for all body types. The same narrow demeanor helps shoot from the smallest openings and from between covers.

Check Current Price and Rating on Amazon

The buying guide: A must-read before D-day!

All beginners pay attention, please! As you decide to buy equipment for some outdoor fun, remember to ask yourself what kind of hunting do you want to do. 

Will you be hunting small prey, or do you look forward to bringing down the big game? Simultaneously, ask yourself how much you are willing to spend on your crossbow.

As we said earlier, hunting is not a very cheap sport. It comes with some expenditures. Apart from the crossbow, you will need accessories and other weapons to survive the wilderness. 

A perfect backpack, some good knives, ropes, and torches will also be part of your hunting kit. Here are some points to consider before you log on to online shops or step into a sports center.

• Create a budget

Many people ask for a cheap alternative when it comes to investing in hunting equipment or crossbows specifically. 

The first step to enjoy any game is to be at ease. If a person is spending more than what his budget allows, it might become stressful. 

We want you to buy the equipment that suits your pocket as well! Once you remain within budget and shop for the hunting trip with club mates, every step forward will be an experience!

• What Speed should I choose?

An excellent crossbow will have lightning speed. But do you need this speed? 

Before you get carried away amidst a variety of crossbows that have staggering speed and kinetic energy, make sure you need it! 

Small prey or close-range shooting with a bow of mediocre speed will also do! If you are sure about speed requirements you will find plenty of high-performance weapons in the list below. 

However, if speed is not a requirement, you can skip the hassle and buy any recurve or crossbow that allows accuracy.

• Know the features

Let’s be blunt – If the buyer is unaware, then they will likely be ripped off! You must know the various parts of the crossbow to ensure you are buying the bow you wanted. Cheap yet worthy crossbows are considered so because of their features.

The speed of the crossbow is determined by draw weight, kinetic energy, cam system, and power stroke. If you want high-speed, pay attention to these features.

Similarly, the design and build of the crossbow play an essential part in the hunting experience. Any crossbow must be comfortable before anything else. 

Just like you wouldn’t pick a shoe that is big or small, you cannot choose a crossbow that does not suit your stature. 

Is the bow stock adjustable? Will I need to pay attention to the balance? Will my focus shift from aiming to maintaining the right posture? Check your crossbow adjustment features to ensure you buy a comfortable crossbow.

• What should be the ideal size?

We have mentioned the answer to this question below. The kind of prey determines the right size for any crossbow.

• Type of hunting

Do you want the crossbow for a wild hunt or on the field for shooting? Many people want a good crossbow for improving their aim, while others look for some serious fun. 

If you are starting crossbow hunting, make sure you pick a crossbow according to the requirements of your hunting adventure.

• Type of prey

Hunters have a preference for prey. In the case of a hunting crossbow, small means big benefits. 

On the shooting range or for archery class, you can choose a big bow as it is for a short period. However, in the woods, you would prefer a crossbow that is comfortable and easy to carry. 

A compact crossbow will mean more mobility, laterally. If you use a treestand, there is already less room for maneuvering. Therefore, a giant crossbow might result in a disappointing shooting experience.

Remember that when cocked, the crossbow is at its narrowest width. When you shoot the arrow, the limbs return to their original length. 

With a narrower crossbow, you will have a lesser chance of hitting the blind, while larger crossbows can make some noise!

If you like small prey hunting, pick a crossbow that’s for a clear shot but will not pierce through the game. Similarly, if you hunt for the big game, then a speedy and fast crossbow is all you need!

• Beginner or old-timer

If you are relatively new at hunting, there may be some features of a crossbow that are too advanced for you. 

Beginners may like to avoid crossbows that have a problematic assembly, or maybe they will want a crossbow that has simple tuning without much of a hassle!

• No noise means good hunting

Many crossbows come with dampening systems, string stoppers, and suppressors to ensure quiet shooting. 

However, you may buy a slightly cheaper crossbow and buy a dampening system that does not cost a limb! Crossbows can be somewhat louder than compound bows. 

The majority of compound bows shoot at least five grains per pound. On the contrary, crossbows have less than three grains per pound. This property of the crossbow means that the draw weight for any crossbow is more. 

This draw weight is the energy that makes strings vibrate more and cause some noise. If you don’t want to miss an alert animal that moves by the sound of vibration, look through crossbows that have an excellent dampening system.

• The scope of a scope

While sighting in, any hunter would want to zero in on a specific distance to maintain accuracy. If the top dot is set on a target, all other marks will also be aligned. 

Choose the scope with multiple reticles for accuracy in measurement. You will hit Bull’s Eye only when the scope allows you visibility.

If you plan to hunt in the wee hours, choose a crossbow that has an illuminated scope so that you can look adequately and can aim.

• Trigger alert!

The ideal crossbow must have a lightweight trigger with no creep. Some hunters might prefer creep and heavy triggers to control deployment and avoid accidents. 

For the majority of hunters, light or heavy trigger is a personal choice. However, as I like a light trigger, I take the liberty to say it might be better unless you are prone to accidents!

• Price does not mean quality

Well, in the case of many crossbows, the price may mean good material, technology, and swiftness. 

Several manufacturers are pricey, but that does not mean you cannot find cheaper options. The hunting equipment market is full of cheaper alternatives, while features of all crossbows remain more or less the same!

• Accessories?

Some crossbows come with all the accessories; others might require additional purchases. But which accessory is essential for hunting?

Understand the hunting requirements and decide which supplement you would want to buy. 

Scope for better sight, dampening equipment for silence, or even treestands to reduce effort and keep a stationary position-the decision to purchase any or all of these accessories is a personal choice based on the nature of your hunting trip!

• Level of skill

Many of us cannot call ourselves an expert or even highly skilled hunters. We require a weapon that will be easy, comfortable, and does not work as an extension for an experienced hand. 

Aiming, scope sight and the crossbow trigger are some features that need to be simple on the crossbow. When I look for a crossbow, I pay attention to all the factors that will make my hunting experience simple, yet fun.

• Compound or recurve?

A recurve bow is the traditional bow and arrow weaponry you see in movies of the old times. The simplicity of the design also means that it is easy to maintain a recurve bow. 

However, modern compound bows have features that make them faster, accurate, with a higher success chance. Recurve bows are much lighter as there are no cam systems or rails. 

If you are hunting down pigeons, then maybe a recurve bow might be sufficient. This type of bow will be cheaper as well since there are limited features.

On the contrary, crossbows cost more due to the facilities they offer. Your recurve bow cannot shoot out arrows at lightning speed of 390FPS! 

Similarly, the compound bow has a lower draw weight, making it easier to shoot from a distance and hit Bull’s eye!

Recurve bows are more expansive, making it hard to maneuver in a treestand. A compound bow does not have this problem and can even shoot from narrow openings and blinds. 

Apart from the basics, some aesthetic differences also count as factors of making your hunting trip a fun experience.

• The right market

When you go to buy the best crossbow, make sure you step into the right place! There are many extreme sports outlets or online vendors that do not have a full range of options. 

Amazon and a few other online shops display a wide variety where users can look for various products, compare prices, features, and then order. 

If you log on or step into a place that has limited stock and brands of crossbows; or does not display full accessories, you might end up buying something that is far from being a great hunting weapon!


While looking for the ideal crossbow, every hunter wishes to remain within budget. We all want the best crossbow at the best price. 

However, if you are buying a compound bow, you must prepare yourself to spend at least enough to buy a long-lasting weapon that supports your hunting preferences.

While keeping all features in mind, we have listed ten crossbows that are too good for their price. While Excalibur manufactures high-priced crossbows, it offers a lot to hunters, making their sport experience memorable. 

Simultaneously, there are many Barnetts and CenterPoint crossbows that cost lesser and have excellent features to make your hunting trip a success. When you choose the right crossbow, make sure you check all the points stated in the buying guide given here.

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