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Best Crossbow Bolts 2021 (Top 3 Picks)

I always had a hard time finding the best crossbow bolts because of a lot of options and minor differences. 

I tried a lot of crossbow bolts from different manufacturers and here are my top three picks for helping you in making the right decision.

A crossbow is, of course, the means to target your arrow and give it speed to down any prey, but if the arrowhead is blunt, or if the shaft is not strong, the arrow will give in to air resistance and lose focus! 

Top 3 field point crossbow Bolts:

When we tried the various crossbow bolts, some archery bolts called for appreciation. 

We chose only three as field point bolts have few specifications that set them apart. With broadheads, the market is vast too but since arrowheads are changeable, we have discussed them in detail in a separate post. For crossbow bolts, check the best-three here:



Draw weight



Barnett Crossbow BAR-16079

100 grain

24.4 inches 

TenPoint Omni-Brite Carbon Crossbow Bolts

436 grains

22 inches

Jocoo Carbon Crossbow bolts with replaced arrowheads

vary according to length

16-22 inches

1: Barnett Crossbow BAR-16079

Barnett has risen the standards of hunting and archery with their equipment including crossbow bolts.

These arrows are field points, which make them an ideal pick for archers. The 16079 are compatible with all Barnett crossbows so if you own one, look no further and get your crossbow bolts pack before you head out to the range!


• The Barnett 16079 are 24.4 inches long, which makes them a good size for beginners. 

• The weight of the arrow is 100 grain, which is light. New archers can easily concentrate on hitting the target without much handling required for a heavy bolt.

• Field point is attached so there is no adjustment or attachment required before practicing with these crossbow bolts.


• These crossbow bolts work best with a Barnett crossbow, so other bow users might have to see if these bolts work for them. 

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2: TenPoint Omni-Brite Carbon Crossbow Bolts


Another brand of exquisite quality and success, the TenPoint carbon crossbow bolts are a great purchase! 

These arrows weigh 436 grains, which gives them magnitude in speed and focus. The length of the bolt is 22 inches, which makes it a great pick for seasoned and new archers. 

These crossbow bolts can be used on the archery range as they are field point, and cannot be useful for hunting. 


• The carbon arrows are fast, with only an 8.9% loss of speed over 50 yards. 

• Carbon construction makes them swift, light, and strong. The shaft will not bend and the focus of the arrow remains straight. 

• TenPoint’s Omni-Nock help beginners to place their arrow correctly on the crossbow.


• These crossbow bolts cannot be used with a high-speed crossbow as it can harm the crossbow.

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3: Jocoo Carbon Crossbow bolts with replaced arrowheads

Here’s a new entry in the usual hunting and archery brands, but there’s a reason we mention it here! 

Jocoo offers carbon crossbow bolts in various sizes. Between 16-inch to 22-inch, you can find mixed carbon arrows that have replaced arrowheads. 

The weight will vary according to the length you choose, but there are many advantages to buying the Jocoo bolts!


• You can replace the arrowheads to suit hunting or archery practice. 

• The mixed-carbon shaft and half-moon nock help with crossbow adjustments. 

• These crossbow bolts are suitable for many crossbows, although you might want to check before buying!

• Nock can be adjusted.


• No disadvantage since the brand is trying to make a place!

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 Different parts of crossbow bolts:

The average length of a crossbow bolt is around 21 inches. Your crossbow might use an arrow of length varying between 16 inches and 25 inches. 

All crossbow manufacturers recommend the ideal size of crossbow bolts for particular models. Make sure you buy arrows according to these recommendations to maximize success. 

Longer arrows are considered better as short arrows interfere with the crossbow rail, and new archers or hunters might not keep the crossbow steady.

The main parts of an arrow are the shaft, nock, fletchings, and the arrowhead. The arrow may have different heads too, which varies with the type of crossbow and the kind of target! 

If you are hunting small prey or training on a bag target, a pointed head will do better than a broadhead. Let’s get to know the parts of the arrow before discussing the different arrowheads and their utility.


• Shaft is the main body of the arrow. As the name suggests, the long stick-like part is the shaft, the head, and the other end is the tail with fletchings attached to it. 

Nowadays, the shaft is made of aluminum or carbon, but you can still find steel or wood arrows. The new materials, such as carbon, make the bolt light and hard to break. 

The spine or stiffness of an arrow makes it more desirable. The weight of arrows is expressed in grains. Some manufacturers provide the density of the crossbow bolts in grains per inch. 

You would like to buy an arrow that is around 15 grains per inch. The optimal weight of arrows makes them swift and easy to use.


• The nock is attached to the back of the shaft. This part of the crossbow bolt ensures that it stays in place as you fit it in the crossbow to shoot.

 You must have noticed the bend or a groove at the back of the arrow; this is the ”half-moon” nock. You can also find flat nocks, but we think ”half-moon” is a better option for half-moons. 

The groove in the nock is where the crossbow string is adjusted so that when you release the arrow/crossbow bolt, the string gives it the push it needs without making the arrow lose direction.  


• Fletchings are the wings or fins that are attached to the shaft above the nock. These wings provide balance and gliding properties to the crossbow bolt. 

Fletchings cause the crossbow bolt to spin around its axis, ensuring that you always hit the target! There are usually three fletchings on the bolt. The length of each is in proportion to the bolt length.


• Bolt head or arrowhead are of many types. According to your prey or target, you can select various arrowheads to put fit on the shaft.

 The two main types of crossbow bolt heads are field points and broadheads. Each of these types further has variations such as removable-blade, fixed-blade, and expandable-blades

Field points are the pointed, small heads that are used for archery practice. The various kinds of targets are filled with plastic or hay, making it necessary to use a thin arrowhead so that the target does not tear up!

When on the range, the target is a point that you aim to hit. Therefore, all archers need to use arrows that are ”kind” enough to keep the target intact.

Crossbow bolts or field points have pointed tips for practice purposes and do not tear the target’s surface upon contact.

On the real playground of nature, which is the woods, a hunter would need broadheads, which are of many types. 

You can change the type of broadheads according to your target as there is a wide variety available in the market to suit all hunting preferences.

As the name implies, fixed-blade broadheads are razor-sharp blades that cannot be removed. Removable-blade broadheads can be replaced or removed while expandable blades open up as they get in contact with the animal.

Point to remember!

When you buy crossbow bolts, remember to follow the length recommendations. 

Along with that, the arrow’s weight must also be the same as the weight of arrows that come with your bow. If you have a fast crossbow, the crossbow bolts must be around 300 to 340 grains. Make sure when you buy new arrows, the weight is closest!

Secondly, cleanliness and maintenance are essential! Make sure you clean your arrowheads and keep the shaft and fletchings dust-free. 

According to the law of physics, there should be no element of resistance. This rule implies that any moisture or dust on your arrow can create minor problems.


Last thoughts:

When you pay so much attention to buying the best crossbow, remember to focus on crossbow bolts that contribute significantly towards success. 

Whether on the range or in the hunting field, crossbow bolts are a crucial part of making your trip worthwhile. We have discussed various features of crossbow bolts to decide which one is the best for your next trip to the range.  


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