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Best Crossbow Broadheads 2021 Reviews (Top 6 Picks)

I always had problems in finding the best crossbow broadheads for my hunting trips—tried many of them and here’s the list of my six top selections.

While finding the right crossbow broadhead, there are a few hunting requirements that you need to assess. Consider the draw weight, length, and weight of the arrow. You will also choose the arrows according to the animal that you will target. 

If you target the small game, any arrow will do OK, but the choice must be careful when it comes to bigger prey. The penetration of your arrow will be determined by the weight and diameter of the crossbow broadhead.

Best Crossbow Broadheads 2021:






Rage 2 Blade Mechanical Broadhead

more than 55 lb

400 FPS

Excalibur Boltcutter

175 lb

300 FPS.

Rage Crossbow X

125 grain

400+ FPS

Muzzy MX3 

410 grains

300 FPS

Swhacker two-blade crossbow broadhead

125 grain

400 FPS

G5 Striker Crossbow Broadhead

125 Grain

300 FPS


1: Rage 2 Blade Mechanical Broadhead

One of the best expandable blades that you can own, Rage 2, works in a complicated way, but they are always victorious! 

These are contact broadheads that use a proprietary shock collar. This collar opens upon contact, and the umbrella of blades open up! 

These crossbow broadheads are mostly suitable when you have a narrow opening and cannot maneuver a wide broadhead. Upon contact, the blades open, and the sharpness makes them a perfect choice for newbies who would like to see success on their first shot! 

Does this arrow have a downside? Not really, unless you are shopping on a budget! The cost of Rage 2 is a bit high, and the cost of replacing blades is also considerable. 

Having said this, Rage 2 is an excellent investment and will last a long time, plus it will make you the hunting hero.

The slogan of the brand says “Rage Feeds Your Hunger” and we agree. This aluminum crossbow broadhead is good for buck hunting, and it will pierce through the target without leaving an awful memory. 

Rage 2 expandable blades make the draw weight and length workable, while the contact causes a lethal hit. The improved shock collar technology ensures swift shots while the two-inch diameter creates a considerable wound. 

When you shoot, the crossbow can handle the weight, and the technology takes care of the rest! The massive leading-edge blade is a unique feature and increases the momentum of the arrow. 

This crossbow broadhead helps save kinetic energy and allows you to hunt bigger game. Next time you buy broadheads, consider this beauty that can change your position from being a hunter to becoming a legend!

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2: Excalibur Boltcutter

When you need to shoot an arrow at around 300FPS, the Boltcutter is the right companion. The fixed blades of fixed 150 grains improve accuracy by increasing the front of center balance. 

All crossbows have a high kinetic energy impact supported by the high strength stainless steel construction. 

The Boltcutter has the speed and accuracy of a machine with a fixed blade’s durability and strength. A perfect balance for hunting big game, this crossbow broadhead is a great pick. 

Excellent addition to your hunting gear, primarily if you use a speedy crossbow for deer hunting. Many users claim that the fixed blade will not become blunt. 

All you need is a rub of stone after every use, and the point remains sharp enough to strike with the same intensity as before! 

The manufacturer Excalibur is a famous brand of crossbows and compound bows. The arrowheads and arrows from this brand are reliable and stand with you for a long time. 

Crossbow broadheads like the Boltcutter are an asset in the long run as they deliver speed and always bring success. 

I recommend this broadhead as the brand has proved its longstanding reputation, and the arrow is promising for all those who wish to strike once and get the job done!

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3: Rage Crossbow X

A mechanical crossbow broadhead that does not disappoint hunters—Rage Crossbow X opens on time to never let you down and enables you to bring home the animals you downed with this beauty! 

This crossbow broadhead is optimized for use with crossbows, and it provides accuracy and speed to make hunting an exciting sport. 

The two-blade design opens at the rear and a leading-edge blade that creates the wound hunters need to kill a prey without long periods of misery! 

The shock collar technology is used on this crossbow broadhead; however, this one is improved to keep the blades closed until impact. 

An accurate target point, the Rage Crossbow X, is the right mix of efficiency and style. Ferrule alignment technology aluminum construction sets this broadhead above others. 

The mechanical crossbow broadheads are always higher when it comes to price, but that does not stop severe hunters from buying. You can enjoy the results of this arrow again and again. 

The blades remain sharp, and each time you use them, the outcome is impressive. When you decide to buy the Rage Crossbow X, be sure to follow the instructions for care to ensure a long-lasting partnership and experience. 

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4: Muzzy MX3 

This manufacturer has been well-known for collaborating with the top crossbow brands and has improved significantly. The Muzzy MX-3 crossbow broadhead has shorter three blades that come with a wide cut. 

The wide cut of the broadhead helps with creating the right wound and ensuring quick success. Accuracy and speed are a plus point with this crossbow broadhead, and you will adapt quickly. 

Get addicted to the adrenaline rush you get as the arrow is released! The trocar tip is part of this unique design to make every shot a kill shot. Muzzy MX-3 is the right choice for newbies as well as regular hunters. 

Design, accuracy, and speed are all included in this short yet impactful arrowhead. When you talk about the price, it is not as expensive as other broadheads. 

The economical and killer design is a significant feature that sets the Muzzy MX-3 apart! 

The features of this broadhead at a glance are:

Trocar tip for a killer shot.

Short profile for deep penetration. The 1.25-inch cutting diameter and 0.25-inch thick stainless steel blades are the winners! This crossbow broadhead becomes a power killer because of its ability to deliver faster. 

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5: Swhacker two-blade crossbow broadhead

High quality and innovative designs are the ownership of Swhacker. These mechanical broadheads are an excellent pick for newbies and old-timers as they provide the flexibility to hunt from narrow openings without compromising on the kill. 

These crossbow broadheads feature stainless steel blades with an anodized aircraft aluminum ferrule. The point of this arrowhead is high-carbon hardened steel, giving it the penetration power you want! 

The unique Swhacker design provides this broadhead a primary and secondary attack cutting edge. As the primary cutting blades retract, the secondary short wing blades deploy. 

These secondary blades are much smaller than the primary pointed blades. The primary blades cut through the hide and skin, while the secondary blades attack vitals. 

Now, this is what we call a real plan for killing! The primary and secondary blades take off considerable pressure from the ferrule, ensuring fast speed and powerful impact. 

Swhacker’s innovative design makes it a must-buy as the price is reasonable, and many people will start loving hunting after they witness the impact of this crossbow broadhead with a big animal that falls in seconds without prolonged pain or a bad sight to alter your moods!

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6: G5 Striker Crossbow Broadhead

For all those who prefer a fixed blade over mechanicals, G5 Striker is a great choice, and here’s why. The durability, power, and accuracy of this blade are phenomenal. 

Usually, many new hunters believe that fixed blades become blunt and lose force overtime. However, if you take care of your crossbow broadheads, it will go a long way with you. 

The unique ANIX blade locking system consists of a three-blade steel triangle that meets at a point at the top. This point is sharp enough to penetrate while this steel blade’s base is wide enough to take the pressure off the individual blades and protect them. 

For flexibility and better aerodynamics, the metal blades are injection molded and demonstrate the company’s Diamond Cut Sharpness sharpening technology. 

Bear in mind that the G5 Striker is tested for straightness and maximum accuracy. Modern hunters will love this crossbow broadhead as it offers more and does not wear off with time. 

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 Everything you need to know about broadheads before purchase:

It can be overwhelming to find the right crossbow broadhead since there are endless choices available. 

The penetration of your arrow will be determined by the weight and diameter of the broadhead.

With the increase in diameter, the momentum must increase as it will require more force to cause meaningful penetration. A complete pass-through comes from heavier arrows with a broad point that can push through thick hides. 

Moose, elk, and deer hunting requires bigger and heavier arrows. These kinds of crossbow broadheads differ from one another based on the following factors:

• Number of blades: There can be two, three, or four blades on a broadhead. The more the blades, the greater the cutting surface.

The number of blades translates to greater penetration and cutting of vitals to bring down the animal without causing pain. The wound channels will be more in-depth, making your hunt a success.

• Fixed or replaceable blades: The earliest arrows were made by carving a single piece of rock. However, as times have changed, the fixed blade crossbow broadheads remain a valid weapon! 

Fixed arrowheads are practical and durable, which makes them a good fit for most hunters. On the contrary, replaceable arrows mean you will have a sharp blade every time.

• Expandable head: These blades are so cool! They tuck tightly against the ferrule (a metal band at the front) in flight and expand as soon as impact occurs. 

The expanded blades cause deep wound channels, so that blood exhaustion is quick. However, these kinds of broadheads are better for deer or other thin-skinned animals.

Crossbow broadheads Vs. Regular Broadheads

Many hunters of decades will tell you that a crossbow broadhead is just a fancy name. 

Old school hunters believe that hunting equipment has become commercialized and that marketing ploys are common! 

They don’t realize that crossbow hunting has become quite advanced, and there are many minute features that can make a big difference. 

If you are using a crossbow instead of a recurve, wouldn’t you want to use an arrow that is designed for this kind of bows only?

Crossbow broadheads are more massive, and the blades are shorter. These more rotund arrowheads give the shaft some weight and momentum. 

Let’s say that these arrows have enough weight to rule out any air resistance or change of direction. 

Another difference between crossbow broadheads and regular broadheads is that crossbow arrows are speedier. You require a broadhead attached to the shaft to kill an animal without just causing a wound. 

These arrows are designed with mechanical broadheads instead of fixed heads. This allows a change of speed according to the wind conditions on a particular day. Yes, the broadheads are designed with such intricate details in mind!


Whether you are a newbie or an all-season hunting star, you will require broadheads for crossbows when you aim to kill prey in the least amount of time and maximum skill. 

The broadheads are of two main types, mechanical and fixed-blade. We have discussed three options for each so that you may know what to buy before you set out. 

Enjoy buying the best crossbow broadhead for elk, moose, deer, and small game. Your excellent purchase will give you a hunting experience like never before!

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