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Best Crossbow Scopes 2021 Reviews (Top 5 Picks Only)

Finding the best crossbow scopes was very challenging for me and I tried a lot of them from different brands. 

Here are my top five picks for helping you in making the right decision.

A scope for crossbows has to be uniquely effective and designed to suit the weapon correctly. You may already know that a crossbow scope is built to suit various weapons, a rifle scope cannot be used with a crossbow and vice versa. 

However, a rifle scope might be easier to find and like, whereas crossbow scopes are hard to find, especially one that suits you best.

Best Crossbow Scopes Reviews:



Draw weight



Barnett 17056

907 g


Tenpoint Crossbow scope

1.2 pound


Hawke Crossbow Scope

368 g


Excalibur Tact-Zone illuminated scope

1.1 Pound


TRUGLO Crossbow scope

 1.3 pounds



1: Barnett 17056


My top pick for crossbow scope is the Barnett 17056 as it offers all that crossbow hunters need! The main features of this scope are:

• Compatible with crossbows with speed 300 to 425 FPS.

• Aim points at 10-yard intervals.

• 10x3x3 inches dimensions.

• Speed selector.

• Illuminated reticles.

The precise aim points 20 to 70 feet. This crossbow scope is top of the list for a reason! 

Packed with all the features that a hunter would require for small or big animals, the Barnett 17056 is an ideal choice if you want to shoot fast and accurately. 

The magnification is on point, and you get a full view of the field in front of you. Red and green illumination reticles can make it easier to hunt when the light is low.

 All in all, this scope gives you the convenience any hunter would want out there. Barnett is a force to reckon with when it comes to sports goods. 

If you have a Barnett crossbow, this becomes a natural choice. However, for all hunters carrying sturdy and fast weapons, this crossbow scope completes the hunting gear to give you the results you desire.

Additionally, customers who purchased the Barnett 17056 scope always come back to share their good experiences. 

Many users feel that their shooting got better since they had a reliable and sturdy crossbow scope that gave them the view they wanted!


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2: Tenpoint Crossbow scope

Another top pick loaded with unique features and the ability to improve your game! The Tenpoint scope is a top choice as it has the right size and offers excellent features:

• Non-illuminated black dots.

• Option to turn dots to red or green illumination with five intensity settings.

• Weighs 0.45 pounds.

• Crosshairs for 20, 30, 40, and 50-yard dots.

• Free standing fourth dot below the 40-yard mark.

When it comes to the best crossbow scope, the choices may be limited, but we managed to find them! 

Tenpoint needs no introduction for all hunting enthusiasts. The reliability and durability factor for this scope makes it a good pick for harsh weather conditions. 

This crossbow scope is light and offers good visibility. You can adjust the target according to the dots on the scope and shoot with confidence. This scope won’t let you down, especially since it offers illumination if the light gets dim.

Users say they love the Tenpoint crossbow scope as it is easy and convenient. The technicalities of an illuminated lens often distract hunters. 

If you also like to keep your focus straight and do not want to waiver, choose this scope, and you will be covered for years to come!

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3: Hawke Crossbow Scope

A budget-friendly and unique scope, Hawke is a great pick for hunters who use big crossbows and like to challenge their hunting skills. 

Before your trip to hunt down some big game, get your hands on the Hawke! Check out the features here:

• Multi-colored one-inch optics.

• Dual colored illuminated circles.

• Scope speed selector.

• Precision reticle at an exact 10-yard.

• 1.5-5×32 zoom.

• Aim points at intervals from 20-100 yards.

When you aim to look beyond 50 yards and still seek success, the Hawke is for you! With hawk-eye vision, your game will get better, and you will be happy collecting trophies. 

This crossbow scope is compatible with the speed selector option for all crossbows with speeds between 275 and 425 FPS. Hawke crossbow scope is a budget-friendly choice that is packed with features. 

This scope will ensure a win-win situation at the end of every trip. The aim points help target prey farther away from the hunter while the lightweight device does not tip the weapon’s balance.

Reviewers have rated this crossbow scope very high and the economical price makes it a higher choice! Select the Hawke for extra-vision, extra success, and extra fun!

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4: Excalibur Tact-Zone illuminated scope

For the worst hunting conditions, prepare yourself with the best equipment! The Excalibur Tact-Zone boasts the following unique features:

• magnification setting between 2.5x and 6.5x.

• Stable scope despite recoil.

• Water and fog damage resistance.

• Stands the test of climate.

• Glass etched reticle.

No matter where you decide to hunt, this crossbow scope will be your partner in every setting. The glow helps smooth usage even when the sky gets dark or plans to stay longer in the woods! 

Excalibur needs no introduction as a reputed sporting goods brand. However, this scope alone can be the reason it becomes a favorite name for hunters. 

The reticle can be illuminated, and it also offers excellent stability despite recoil in the crossbow. You will like the reticle and illumination, while the cover might be a cheap addition.

Users of Excalibur crossbow scope say they were happy they chose this device as it offered n excellent view, no matter what the weather or lighting looked like!

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5: TRUGLO Crossbow scope

A magnification model that can make you the master of the game! We chose various models based on features, budget, and favorite. 

With this crossbow scope, you can say we chose it as the last pick for a ‘dessert entry’ offering all features at a fantastic price:

• 4x magnification

• Multicoated lens for brightness.

• Durable spring term for adjusting windage.

Rangefinder reticle.

Before we praise this piece of art further, get to know what a rangefinder reticle means. This lens can help you compensate for the arrow trajectory. 

This means that it will tell you the distance between you and the target! If you are done marveling at this feature only, let’s discuss the other parts! 

The matte camouflage is an addition that makes you get into the stealth mode needed for a successful hunt! 

If you are looking for some serious fun, pick the TRUGLO that is worth the price and lasts longer than any hunter in the wilderness!

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What makes a crossbow scope the best purchase for you?

Before your next hunting trip, if you want a new crossbow scope, make sure you know what specifications are necessary. 

Some scopes will have fantastic reticles, while others will have various brightness variations. 

However, the one that suits your crossbow might require a rigid frame for harsh weather! The few factors in assessing a crossbow are:

• Reticles and illumination

If you want to hunt during dark hours or longer after the sun sets, you will require a crossbow scope that has brightness options. 

Moreover, reticle quality makes this device more efficient. A more exact scope may be suitable for crossbow hunters who plan a day trip or target nearby animals. 

However, if you are trying to advance the sport, choose a scope with glowing reticles and brightness variations. Some crossbow scopes have different types of reticles to use a different one for a new setting.

• Magnification

Crossbow scope magnification is not uniform. Different scopes have varying magnification, so be sure to ask the vendor about lens power details. 

Higher magnification means your accuracy will be higher. However, you would want to remember that magnification means a narrow field of view. 

The list below will give you many options, so choose the one that is best for you.

• Durable

Imagine having a crossbow scope that is not designed for the rugged conditions outdoors. 

It would be best if you had a durable and sturdy crossbow scope so that the vagaries of climate do not impact the sight. The point of having a reliable scope is to be able to use the same device in forests, deserts, and even in the rain! 

You cannot have a different crossbow for various weathers, so the scope must keep up with changing conditions.

• Weight

The weight of the crossbow and the scope must be compatible. Moreover, who wouldn’t want to keep all the equipment light? 

A more massive scope can throw your aim off and destabilize the crossbow. A light yet efficient scope is the best pick for all crossbow hunters.


A good scope can tip the scale towards victory every time you head out to hunt. We chose the quality and affordable scopes on this list.

These crossbow scopes help improve the game while keeping your crossbow in balance so that your focus remains on the prey. Now when you head out to purchase the best scope, you will know the right one for your weapon and hunting style!

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