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5 Best Fixed Blade Broadheads – Deadly Precision & Stopping Power

The defining feature of the best-fixed blade broadhead is its single fixed position. Over the years, these bow or crossbow broadheads have been the most suitable choice for hunting elk, deer, and other large prey. Their sturdiness allows them to cause serious damage, even penetrating through bones, making them an excellent choice for many hunters.

Compared to a mechanical broadhead, a fixed blade broadhead is more efficient. That’s because mechanical broadheads spread out and open after hitting the designated target, making them lose energy.

Before getting yourself a broadhead, though, you should learn more about their characteristics. Go through reviews, understand the features, and compare their pros and cons to help you better decide.

This guide outlines a list of the best-fixed blade broadheads with some of the latest designs, but first, let’s look at why you should use a broadhead.

Why Use a Broadhead?

It comes down to what you are shooting. There are many different types of arrowheads and crossbow bolt tips. These include field points, bullet points, grabbing points, blunt points, broadheads, and more, each with a different purpose.

Choosing the wrong type can lead to damaged or lost gear, making a mess of targets or prey, and even poor accuracy or precision. So before selecting the bolt tip for your crossbow or arrowhead for your recurve bow, longbow, or compound bow, you must know how it will impact your archery session or hunt.

Broadheads are designed to cause severe damage and bleeding. Compared to blunt points or grabbing points, which kill by shocking the target, broadheads cause them to bleed or hemorrhage to death.

Achieving enough blood loss to effectively and ethically but lethally take down your target means you need razor-sharp broadheads capable of piercing the arteries and other vital organs. If your blade is too dull, you will only wound the animal. Remember, you can’t use a spoon to cut steak!

Secondly, broadheads are for large animal targets. Using broadheads on archery targets, bags, or stumps will either damage or break your broadheads or make a mess of your target. You can shoot good quality 3D targets made from ballistics gel or rubber with broadheads, but they will deteriorate over time.

Similarly, using broadheads or small animal targets like squirrels, ducks, rabbits, or rats will make a complete mess of them, rendering them useless for harvesting or taxidermy. They are also likely to go straight through the target, and you may lose your arrow/bolt and broadhead.

So, in summary, broadheads are best for medium to large game hunting to provide an effective and humane kill shot.

Broadhead Styles

Broadhead blades are categorized into two different types: mechanical and fixed broadhead blades. Again, each broadhead type is for specific hunting purposes, and you should know your needs before buying one.

There is a long, ongoing debate in hunting circles about which broadhead is better. When you boil it all down, it’s just about personal preference. A correctly tuned bow or crossbow fired by the same experienced shooter will have the same results. We recommend trying both, tuning your bow correctly, and finding which style you like best.

When selecting the best broadhead for you, it is important to think about your target, how far or fast you intend to shoot, and what features you want.

1. Mechanical Blade

Mechanical broadheads have blades that change position when it hits the target. During the flight, this blade remains closed and flies similarly to a field point. Upon impact, the blades expand and operate more like a fixed-blade broadhead. The blades stay compact while in motion, a feature that some hunters believe improves their flight performance and accuracy.

Expandable broadheads can help the blades gain a larger cutting diameter, which cuts into a bigger area than fixed blades, facilitating faster hemorrhaging and easier hits on the target.

However, the mechanism which expands the blade is not perfectly reliable. Although rare, failure to correctly expand on contact may deliver poorer results than a fixed blade broadhead. Rarer still, the mechanism may also deploy mid-flight, causing major inaccuracy.

The other potential downside of mechanical broadheads is that they are more prone to damage and breaking due to having more moving parts than their fixed blade counterparts.

2. Fixed Blade

Fixed blade broadheads are the best option for high reliability and durability. Like bowhunting itself, they are timeless, classic, and offer a more traditional feel. Fixed blades broadheads feature two to four blades without any movable features.

Their most iconic characteristic is the simplicity of their design. The razor-sharp blades remain fixed in place throughout the flight and penetration of the target, reliably delivering maximum damage. They are sturdy enough to take down large targets when bear, moose, or elk hunting.

Given that fixed blade broadheads have no moving parts, their flight path is predictable and reliable. You need to adjust your bow and crossbow accordingly, particularly if you have been practicing before your hunt with lighter tips, like field points or bullet points.

Fixed blade broadheads are also super durable, boosting their ability to cut through tough hides and hit vital organs regularly and repeatedly. Fixed blades with razor tips help you bring down your target with a single shot, even when using light draw weights.

The only reported downside with fixed blade broadheads is that they can have lower accuracy. However, most hunters agree that this is more of a problem with the tuning of the bow or crossbow, or even the skills of the shooter, than the broadhead itself.

What About Replaceable Blades?

Both mechanical and fixed blade broadheads can come with a replaceable blade feature. Although not always available, having replaceable or removable blades means you don’t have to regularly sharpen blades because you can change them out when they become dull.

The process to change blades out is slightly different for each broadhead, but you should be able to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or even YouTube videos if you are stuck. It’s often as simple as removing a pin or screw, removing the dulled blades, realigning the new blades in the broadhead, and replacing the pin or screw.

The downside is that blade quality for replaceable blade broadheads is usually lower, dulling or breaking faster, meaning you will incur extra cost over time to continually replace the blades. Some hunters have also reported that replaceable blade broadheads can be noisier when in motion, too, which can startle your target and scare them away.

Now that you know the different types of arrowheads, bolt tips, and broadheads, let’s look at the 5 best fixed blade broadheads and why you should go for them. If you prefer, check out our guide on the best mechanical blade broadheads.

5 Best Fixed Blade Broadheads

So let’s check out our 5 best fixed blade broadheads. We also have one bonus at the end, which is something pretty special. Check it out!

1. Muzzy Bowhunting MX-3 Broadheads

Muzzy MX-3 Broadheads
Muzzy MX-3 Fixed Blade Broadheads With High Penetration Trocar Tip - 3 Pack
  • DESIGNED TO THE MAX - Designed for Max Speed, Max Strength, and Max Cut. 100 grain 3 blade broadhead - 3 Pack
  • DEEP PENETRATION - The MX-3 has a shorter profile, 1-1/4" cutting diameter and .025" thick stainless steel blades allowing it to fly truer and faster to deliver more killing power at the point of impact
  • BONE SHATTERING TIP - The Trocar Tip provides superior penetration

Muzzy Bowhunting Broadheads are among the best-fixed broadheads to buy when looking for quality tips to attach to your carbon or aluminum crossbow bolts or arrows. The company has been in business since 1984, so it’s a safe bet that it knows what it’s doing.

These broadheads are designed for maximum speed and strength, and the shorter profile of the MX-3 helps it fly faster and more accurately. The 1 3/16-inch cutting diameter and thick stainless steel blades mean more power at the point of impact.

Add to that the Trocar tip, aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule, and the interlocking blades, and you get a broadhead with superior penetration and extra strength. Plus, all Muzzy products are made in the USA.


  • Brand has a long history of producing exceptional products
  • Made in the USA
  • Shorter profile for more speed and strength
  • Fast and accurate
  • Powerful tip with superior penetration


  • Poor packaging


2. G5 Outdoors Montec Broadheads

Sale G5 Outdoors Montec Broadheads
G5 Outdoors Montec Single-Piece Fixed-Blade Broadheads - 3 Pack
  • The blade angle is designed to allow for repeated maximum penetration and devastation.
  • One-Piece Metal Injection Molding Construction, with no parts needed to replace or maintain. This broadhead is easy and simple to use, simply screw on and shoot.
  • Due to the strong tapered blade design's and angle it allows the Montec to be easily re-sharpened.

Montec broadhead has multiple features you want to see in the best fixed blade broadhead. It is designed as one-piece and spin tested to ensure 100% accuracy.

The broadhead uses steel, making it tough and foolproof for satisfactory performance. Each pack features three stainless steel broadheads. The design is user-friendly and easy to use because you only need to tighten its screws, take your position, and start shooting, making it the broadhead of choice for hardcore hunters.

The most outstanding characteristic of the G5 Outdoors Montec Broadhead is its single-piece blade design and angle, which are well-tempered for extreme durability, superb reliability, and easy resharpening.

The one-piece design and precision construction save you from replacing its parts or doing any maintenance. The high-quality metal construction means you can shoot this broadhead over and over again with great results every time!


  • Lethal, durable design, making it easy to shoot into your target
  • Well-sharpened to handle the toughest of hides
  • Flies smoothly after shooting
  • Unique angle, enhancing prey devastation and maximum penetration into vital organs
  • No replacement blades or parts are needed for repairs or maintenance as this blade broadhead is a one-piece design made from metal injection molding construction
  • Easy to use as you only need to screw the broadhead in and start shooting
  • Easy to sharpen, given the highly-tempered blade design


  • Broadheads don’t come razor-sharp and require sharpening out of the package
  • High accuracy and precision will require tuning your bow or crossbow for this broadhead, but once tuned, you will see a high degree of consistency in shots
  • According to some customers, you may get a different size than you ordered


3. Sinbadteck Hunting Broadheads

Sale Sinbadteck Hunting Broadheads
Sinbadteck Budget Hunting Broadheads - 12 Pack
  • 【EASY INSTALL ARCHERY ARROW BROADHEADS】- 100 grain broadheads with 3 extremely sharp fixed blades! Standard screw-in insert thread compatible with all Traditional Bows and Compound Bows.
  • 【REMARKABLE PRECISION FOR BOWHUNTING】- 2.8" stainless steel blades specially designed for field practice and field hunting game, exclusive hybrid tips are surgically precise construction.
  • 【DURABLE & SHARP ARROW TIPS】- The hunting bow tips are manufactured using an anodized aluminium and the tip using a super hard stainless steel .The hunting bow tips arrow head is durable, sharp, fast and fitable for hunting and shooting game.

The third broadhead on the list of the best-fixed blade broadheads are the Sinbadteck Hunting Broadheads. Let’s not mess about here, they are the list because these are a budget offering. As with all things, you get what you pay for, so there will be some inconsistencies, but they are much cheaper than others out there are still half-decent. Not the quality of a Montec or OTW product, but definitely still usable.

This pack consists of 12 fixed-blade broadheads with Standard 8-32 screw in tips, fitting most arrow and bolt shafts. These broadheads are useful in compound bows and crossbows and their great value makes them perfect for target practice but also suitable for hunting sessions.

The blade design comes with a stainless steel ferrule and field point-like tip (not quite a chisel tip) and three anodized aluminum blades to delivering a 1.035″ entry wound. Blades can be replaced but come sharp out of the packet. They weigh in at 100 grains, but the consistency on these is not perfect so you may want to weigh them yourself and make any necessary adjustments to your rig.

The flight performance is good so long as you line up the blades with your fletching. Certainly not the “best” on the list, but these are the best budget option out there. They also come with a 45 day warranty, which is fantastic for a cheap option. I’d test all 12 as soon as you receive them and if you have any major troubles you can contact Sinbadteck and get your money back.


  • Standard 8-32 screw-in fits most arrow types
  • Blades are sharp out of the packet and can be replaced
  • Stainless steel ferrule and field-point tip
  • Super cheap!
  • 45 day warranty on a budget option is superb


  • Flight performance is a little poor relative to other broadheads – The fix? Line the blades up with your vanes/feathers


4. Wasp Archery SharpShooter Traditional Fixed-Blade Broadheads

cut on contact fixed blade broadheads
Wasp Archery SharpShooter Traditional - Cut-On-Contact Fixed-Blade Broadheads - 3 Pack
  • 100% steel Cut on Contact design designed specifically for the Traditional Archer
  • Razor Sharp .040" thick main bleeder and replaceable .027" thick bleeder blade
  • 1" Cutting Diameter

These things are freakin’ crazy! A 4 blade cut-on-contact broadhead that has optimized blade layout and design for flight performance and serious butchery. The two primary “bleeder blades” are a single-piece of solid 0.04″ thick stainless steel that delivers the serious damage while the two smaller blades provide stabilization in flight and increased penetration, particularly when tackling bone.

The whole thing is made from stainless steel and is extremely durable and stays sharp even after repeated use. They offer serious penetration and reliability and are specifically designed for taking down big game like deer and even elk, delivering a 1 inch wide entry wound.

They weigh in at 150 grains, this heavier design being perfect for fixed-blade broadheads as it significantly reduces the “wind-planing” effect and improves penetration for full pass-throughs. They are designed for compound and traditional bow users but will work just as well on crossbows.

To top it off, these bad boys are made right here in the USA!


  • Blade design delivers absolute devastation
  • Stainless steel construction is super durable
  • Flight performance is one of the best we’ve seen from a fixed-blade broadhead
  • Perfect for taking down big game like elk
  • Made in the USA


  • Only comes in 150 grain, which we actually prefer for fixed blades, but may be limiting for others


5. OTW Cut-On-Contact Fixed Blade Broadheads

OTW Fixed Blade Broadheads
OTW Single-Piece Cut-On-Contact Fixed-Blade Broadheads With Case - 6 Pack
  • 100 Grain delivers a true and accurate fly, designed for hunting and shooting.
  • 3 Stainless steel sharp broadheads for excellent penetrability.
  • 0.15" Thread. 0.8mm Thickness for strength and power.

The OTW cut-on-contact broadheads feature proudly in most talks on the reliability and strength of blades. Due to these characteristics, the 3-bladed single-piece design give you memorable performance in terms of both precision and penetration. It also comes with a carry case that includes an inner foam layer to protect your blades so they stay sharp and ready for the next hunt!

Another reason to choose this fixed blade broadhead is the six-month warranty. There are loads of poor quality copy-cat models out there these days, but you can rest assured that when a company offers a 6-month warranty, they are confident in the quality of their products. It guarantees long-lasting usage, so you don’t have to worry about any defects or issues from the manufacturer.

If you prefer chisel tips, you’re in luck! This broadhead comes in two different and outstanding blade designs, one a wider cut-on-contact profile and the other a slightly narrower look with a chisel tip point. Both are great additions to your arsenal, the cut-on-contact design looking for maximum penetration as well as performance in quartering shots and the narrower chisel point broadhead for maximum bone shattering power and improved aerodynamics.


  • Weighted at 100 grain for flexibility with different hunting targets
  • Two different blade designs to choose from
  • High power penetration by the 3-piece sharp stainless steel broadheads
  • Solid and powerful 0.8mm thick shaft
  • 15-inch thread
  • Carry case included
  • Six-month warranty
  • Great value!


  • Blades are poorly sharpened on purchase and will need to be honed once you receive them


One More Bonus Broadhead! Flying Arrow Archery Toxic Broadhead

Sale Flying Arrow Archery Toxic Broadhead
Flying Arrow Archery T3100 Authentic Patented Toxic Broadhead Blade, Silver, 100-Grain, 3 pack
  • 3 pack of the original patented coring technology broadhead
  • 7/8” cutting diameter
  • Massive bone crushing chisel tip

We were going to stop at 5, but we just had to include this one! This is an amazing example of the ingenuity that we are seeing in the hunting world at the moment. This broadhead has a completely unique, patented design that is part fixed-blade, kind of mechanical, but really just operates in its own playing field.

There are actually six blades here, six! The creates significant potential for blood loss, as more cutting length means more blood vessels and veins with will be severed, creating greater blood trails and killing power. But does it actually work? You bet it does!

This unique shape of the blades coupled with the chisel tip creates a nice, narrow profile in flight that delivers fantastic precision and groupings straight out of the box. It’s not the most accurate fixed-blade ever but it offers solid accuracy and can get towards field point level of accuracy with some tuning.

Where it really shines though is when it hits the animal. Were talking over 4 inches of cutting edge here, which is insane! The curved shape of the blades creates three separate channels upon penetration, causing absolute devastation. They call it “meat worm technology” and it delivers massive blood trails and quick takedowns.

What’s crazy is that the shape of the blades actually allows for some give and bend. When the chisel tip hasn’t already crushed through the bone, the flex in the blades moves around bone and cartilage, which collectively offers awesome penetration.

Its weakness is its durability. The blades are very thin and won’t hold up to repeated use. You can buy replacement blades and they’re easy to install though, so that’s a plus. But anyway, who cares about repeated use when you take down your target with one shot every time!


  • Unique design delivers practically unparalleled blood loss
  • 4 inches of cutting edge delivered across 6 blades!
  • Narrow blade profile flies well and spins true
  • Fantastic penetration
  • Totally unique


  • Blades are not very durable relative to others, so may need replacing more frequently than you expect

Buyers Guide: Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fixed Blade Broadhead

1. Grain and Thread

First and foremost, you need to be sure that your broadhead will fit your arrow or bolt. This is determined by the thread size, with the most common being referred to as “Standard 8-32”. You may also come across a non-standard screw-in called “Deep Six” but any others are rare. There are also glue-on tips but these are super rare in broadheads. Just be sure to make sure you get broadheads that fit your shafts or otherwise purchase new arrow and bolt shafts.

Grain is the unit of measure for the weight of all arrow and bolt tips, including broadheads. The total weight of your arrow shaft, fletching, and tip will impact your flight path, speed, and overall power.

Heavier broadheads will contribute to heavier total arrow and bolt weight, resulting in the arrow or bolt losing height faster than a lighter setup. It will also take more force to shoot the arrow quickly, but the additional weight will deliver more damage and power.

Lighter bolts and arrows maintain their loft for longer and require less force to shoot. Their lighter weight means less kinetic energy and force on impact. For those trying to optimize their hunt, lighter arrows can lead to noisier shots, which may make the difference between a one-shot kill and a miss.

2. Accuracy

Grain and thread aside, when shopping for fixed blade broadheads, accuracy should be your first consideration. If you are not comfortable making fine adjustments and tuning your bow for larger broadheads, then you may want to go for a narrower profile broadhead such as a chisel-point.

If your bow or crossbow can shoot at a speed of 350 fps more, this may also push you towards small-sized broadheads. Large blades risk arrows veering and missing the target.

Regularly and correctly sharpening your blades can also improve accuracy. Blades that are not symmetrically sharpened can impact flight path and accuracy, so sharpen them regularly and correctly, or use replaceable fixed blade broadheads.

If you are practicing regularly with field points or bullet points, make sure the grain of the tips matches the grain of the broadhead you are planning to use on the hunt. This will improve your accuracy and allow you to better tune your bow.

Lastly, if you’re not a great shot and regularly miss, then replaceable fixed blade broadheads might be a better option, as you will be dulling your blade significantly with each miss, which can make your accuracy even worse!

3. Your Target

You want a broadhead that takes your target down in a single shot, penetrating the prey’s flesh and bone for an ethical kill without causing extreme suffering.

At the same time, you don’t want a broadhead that makes a complete mess of your target, ripping a gaping hole in it or tearing open the stomach when you are aiming for the heart.

You need a broadhead with a profile that matches your target. Wider profile for larger prey and a narrow profile for smaller prey. If you are hunting very small game like rabbits or birds, you’re probably better with field points.

Another factor that will impact your choice is how close you expect to get to your target. For game that you can typically get closer to, for instance, by using well-placed tree stands or ground blinds, heavier and wider profile broadheads will remain very effective.

The opposite is true if you need to shoot from a longer distance, such as hunting ducks or stalking prey.

4. Dependability and Durability

Dependability comes from combined factors, so you should check features like materials, replaceable blades, single-piece design, blade quality, reliability of fit into your bolt or arrow, and ability to hit the target from any angle when choosing your broadheads.

A dependable broadhead is lethal and durable enough to withstand an entire hunting season without demanding too much effort, save for the occasional resharpening and maintenance routine. Replaceable blades are a good feature if you have a history of low accuracy.

Consider performance consistency before labeling a broadhead as dependable. We recommend a broadhead with a blade profile that is effective from many angles, offers a reliable flight path, and has lethal sharpness to drop it dead without putting it through extreme agony.

Final Thoughts

We compiled this review to guide you on finding the best fixed-blade broadhead to facilitate an effective, efficient, and clean hunt. The listed broadheads are readily available for purchase from Amazon once you decide which works best for you.

If you’re more interested in mechanical broadheads, then check out some of the mechanical blade options in our other article.

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