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Best Hang-on Tree Stand 2022 Reviews (Top 9 Picks)

We tried a lot of tree stands belonging to different brands on our hunting trips. Here are the 9 Best Hang on Tree stand reviews.

Hang on tree stands make an excellent addition to your hunting kit and should definitely be something you consider taking on your next hunt. After all, stability, accuracy, balance and of course, stealth, make all the difference while you are out in the wild.

Tree stand hunting is very different to stalking but is a very successful method when hunting highly alert and skittish prey like deer and elk. It gives the hunter an elevated position that brings an advantage of visibility while keeping them out of the prey’s line of sight.

Another fantastic benefit is that human scent does not reach animals, and they continue to loiter about without being able to detect your presence through their heightened sense of smell.

9 Best Hang-on Tree Stand Reviews


Seat Comfort

Weight Type


what do hang on stands require

River’s Edge RE554 Big Foot XL Classic

Cushioned & small seat


hangon deer stand

XOP-Xtreme Outdoor Products Vanish Evolution

Small but Comfortable seat

Very Lightweight

fixed treestands

Millennium Treestands Monster

Comfotable & Adjustable seat


comfortable treestands

Guide Gear Deluxe Hang-on tree stand

Suspension-style good seat


ultralight tree stand

Millennium M100U Ultralite tree stand

Very comfortable seat


lightest tree stand

XOP-Xtreme Outdoor Products Air Raid Cast Aluminum

Small and Comfortable seat


hang on tree stand with rail

Rivers Edge RE556 Big Foot TearTuff XL Lounger

Highly Comfortable

Slightly higher weight

lock on tree stand

Muddy MFP 1200 Boss XL

Flex-tek comfortable seat

Slightly higher weight

backpack tree stand

Millennium Treestands M50 Hang-On tree stand

Short & non-comfortable seat


Millennium Tree Stands Stick Climber

No Seat - Climber

Very Lightweight

1: River’s Edge RE554 Big Foot XL Classic

best hang on tree stand

We start with an economical pick that has an overall value proposition that can’t be ignored, bringing loads of benefits to your hunting trip without putting a hole in your pocket!

River’s Edge Hang-On tree stand is easy to install and simultaneously it has an excellent comfort feature.

The bigfoot space makes it easy to change angles and aim for the prey without fearing a fall. Take a look at the features and you might want to book one of this simple yet reliable tree stands right away!

  • Large platform design for standing shots and shifting around
  • Dual post-flip-up seat for an easy standing position without any hindrance
  • Built-in footrest makes it easy to keep your feet at an angle so that you don’t feel tired
  • Extra-silent attachment feature makes this tree stand the quietest option and a quick hang. You can strap it without stirring a storm, and that is a very valid feature for all hunters!

You wouldn’t want to warn your prey. The metal-on-metal contact is absent in this model, which makes it a good choice for hunters who want to keep the noise minimal.

• Lever action stability means that the hang-on stand bites into the tree for better hold. You can easily sit out for hours without worrying about support and safety. If you are new, consider reading the archery safety rules as well.

Even if these features weren’t enough for you, here’s additional information: the seat is cushioned and small, making it comfortable yet easy to move so that you can stand without obstruction.

Serious hunters need a hang-on tree stand that will not only give an elevated view but will also be comfortable for those long hours.

With this tree stand you get a full body safety harness and bolts. Additionally, you get a manual to understand the quick installation steps. What you will love about the River’s Edge Big Foot is that it is foldable for easy carriage. You can attach this hang-on stand to your backpack and it’s good to go!

When we discuss hang-on tree stands here, one big advantage of this type of stands that you will notice is that apart from easy installation, most of the stands are easy to carry as they are lightweight too.

Let’s move on to see the other options so you can get a better picture of what an ideal choice should be!

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2: XOP-Xtreme Outdoor Products Vanish Evolution Treestand

XOP Xtreme Vanish Evolution Hang On Tree Stand

XOP Outdoors is a reasonably new brand. They offer very similar products to USA’s own Lone Wolf, but manufacture their products in China, making them more affordable for you. Their Vanish Evolution hang-on tree stand ensures good view, safety, and the vantage point every hunter requires.

Apart from all this, setting up this kind of a stand is relatively easy. However, the choice is personal! Here are a few highlights of the stand:

  • Light set-up
  • Good for narrow places
  • Tri-layer foam seat for improved comfort
  • 350-pound weight rating at a mere carry weight of 11.3 pounds

The last feature will make your eyes open wide. Yes, the weight of this hang-on stand is only 11.3 pounds, which makes it a very light and easy gear to carry on a hunt, even in backcountry! This is due to the cast aluminium frame, offering fantastic strength-to-weight ratio.

This stand is the lightest hang on tree stands, a signature of XOP-Xtreme.  It really focuses on portability and includes carry straps and neoprene shoulder pads making this very comfortable to carry. It also comes with built-in transport brackets to attach XOPs climbing sticks, making it a fantastic solution to get in and out of the woods quickly and easily.

The seat is also surprisingly comfortable, at least as far as low profile hang on tree stands go. This makes a major difference when you go out hunting for hours! It also comes with a TMA approved 6-point safety system, offering you peace of mind.

The main downside is that this tree stand does not come ready-to-hunt. Although it’s fully assembled on arrival, your will need to purchase the quick connect bracket and climbing sticks separately. Luckily for you we’ve provided the links the Amazon, just click and buy!

XOP has quickly become a strong competitor in the tree stands and accessories market, and the Vanish Evolution is a real standout product, being easy to hang-on, ultra lightweight and providing the kind of support every hunter needs!

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3: Millennium Treestands Monster

best lock on treestands

Quite contrary to the name, the Millennium Monster is a fragile-looking chair with a step that looks light and comfortable!

This hang-on stand is built with the understanding that deer hunting or elk hunting might require long hours in the woods.

This tree stand also denotes the importance of comfort while you focus all your mind and body at aiming rather than trying to balance yourself or worrying about falling off the stand! Here are a few highlights of this tree stand:

  • ComfortMAX height adjustable seat with full backrest
  • Safe-link with a Prusik knot and carabiner
  • Large platform for stability
  • Rugged one piece cast aluminum platform build allows easy and quiet set up
  • Can support up to 300 pounds
  • Self-leveling seat

After taking a look at this hang-on tree stand, you will want to own it as it gets full points for comfort and looks. The chair-like stand ensures that spending hours in the woods is not a difficult task.

While possessing a lightweight and delicate look, the hang-on stand can hold as much as 300 pounds, which makes it competitive among the other tree stands that boast strength and sturdiness.

Millenium Monster is a good pick for those who want to pay more attention to the game than setting up tree stands or focusing on balance.

The M 150 Monster is designed for safety, comfort, and as a durable hang on tree stand. The standard seat height of the Monster can be adjusted according to your requirements.

The Comfort Max is an excellent feature. The wide platform and folding seat provide an exceptional experience to all hunters. What I like about this hang-on stand is that it has different adjustment levels.

Not only the seat but various features such as Safe-link, easy setup, and backpack straps make it one for th e best portable hang on tree stands and an excellent choice for comfort seekers.

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4: Guide Gear Deluxe Hang-on tree stand

guide gear extreme comfort hang on tree stand

The manufacturer says that you can climb up and stay there for hours without worrying about discomfort or being unsafe!

While the claim is a heavy one, the Guide Gear Deluxe is inexpensive and can be a good purchase for all hunters.

  • Oversized platform of steel mesh does not allow dirt to remain on the hang-on stand
  • Folding footrest allows comfort
  • Suspension-style seat
  • Padded armrests
  • Supports 300 pounds

The features on the Guide Gear make the manufacturer’s claims believable. You will like the comfort of this hang-on stand while it also offers space.

The sturdy steel construction is for years to come, and the powder coating on the tree stand prevents rusting and deterioration over the years.

The assembling and setting up of this hang-on tree stand is so easy that even a beginner can do it without consulting manuals. What I liked about Guide Gear Deluxe is that it is light but has enough space to allow a comfortable and relaxed hunting trip.

On top of this, the seat can be flipped up to allow enough space for you to stand and shoot. This feature makes the Guide Gear Deluxe a popular hang on tree stand for all hunters.

When you decide to buy any hang-on tree stand, the motive is to add to the hunting experience and contribute to better shooting. Guide Gear Deluxe will make your hunting trip a little more interesting.

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5: Millennium M100U Ultralite tree stand

lightweight hang on stand

Quite similar to its earlier version, the M100U is also a comfortable hang on tree stand with a light chair, attached to a platform that can be strapped to a tree.

Imagine yourself sitting in a comfortable place while aiming to shoot down prey. You will be relaxed and will be in no hurry to get out of that place!

The M100U is 20% lighter than its predecessor, and when you need to carry it out in the woods, there is hardly any problem.

  • Safe-link, a 35-foot rope with a Prusik knot and carabiner, is designed to provide safety as you climb or descend the stand
  • Rugged aluminum build with a black finish
  • Weight rating of 300 pounds
  • Large platform
  • A very affordable package

The large platform is a signature style for Millennium hang-on tree stands and offers stability as you sit on the tree and aim at the prey. The large platform can also be used to rest any backpack or weapon accessory that might need some space.

What makes the M100U a good purchase among hang-on stands is that it is very light but very comfortable. You will not feel weary throughout the whole trip!

Apart from comfort, stability and safety are also important features that make this tree stand rank high among hunters.

Ergonomic and simple to use a tree stand, the M100U is a good choice for beginners as well as seasoned hunters who cannot compromise on safety and comfort.

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6: XOP Extreme Outdoor Products Air Raid Cast Aluminum Tree Stand

lock on stand

Definitely on of the best lightweight hang on tree stands, and one that is also sturdy and offers loads of space!

The Air Raid tree stand is meant for deer hunting as it has enough foot space for a standing shot, while the seat is small and comfortable so you can wait out the hours. Here are the features in detail:

  • The hang-on stand weighs only 12.5lbs. This makes it easy to carry and install. The aluminum stand is so light that after using this one, you might never want to buy a steel frame!
  • The dual-function tri-layer compression soft foam seat pad makes it easy to spend the whole day up there. Hunters who have to sit out in trees look for comfort more than anything else. Air Raid offers all the features that most of us have on our wish list
  • Offset capability for crooked trees makes the hang-on tree stand a flexible and adjusting partner. If you are going hunting in the woods where trees are not very tall, or not straight; this tree stand will support your adventure!
  • Heat-treated fast trap buttons are an added feature that improves the working capacity of this tree stand
  • The Air Raid can support up to 350lbs! So enjoy hunting without a care in the world

The Air Raid hang-on tree stand comes with a safety harness, seat cover, and UV treated fastening straps. You will remain secure and can move around without any fear of falling.

If you thought that’s enough, here’s the considerate feature that will blow your mind! The tree stand comes with a DVD to understand the manual steps of setting up and taking down the stand.

The I-beam center makes the tree stand a dead silent fixture and you will be pleased with yourself for choosing it!

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7: Rivers Edge RE556 Big Foot TearTuff XL Lounger

aluminum treestands

Another masterpiece from Rivers Edge is the XL Lounger. As the name suggests, the comfort of this hang-on tree stand is much more than a hunter can expect.

Here are a few cool features that will raise the bar for all of you looking for a hang-on tree stand.

  • The extra-large platform makes all standing positions an easy shot. Now that you have an extra room, you will be able to shoot with more focus and improve the outcome
  • Flip-up seat and armrests make it a comfortable chair, but the folding factor ensures you can be a standing warrior when the time requires. The tear tuff mesh seat can help you stay up there for the much-needed hours
  • Quiet attachment with a noiseless strap and reduced metal-on-metal contact, your tree stand setup will be an easy fix, ensuring more fun!
  • Big Foot backrest ensures safe seating and easy posture
  • Lever action stability from Rivers Edge mean that the stand bites into the tree bark, making it secure and strong

You can set it as high or as low as you require. With this hang-on stand, you have all the comfort and security you could ever want!

With this Rivers Edge you model, you get a safety harness as an add-on, which ensures more safety.

This tree stand is made of steel and can handle heavy weight easily but the weight of the product itself is relatively high and you may want to go for the lighter weight of aluminum alternatives if you have a long way to go!

Rivers Edge is a strong tree stand brand and it claims that no other tree stands can hang higher than the Big Foot and Lounger is a champion when it comes to easy setup without alarming the ambiance!

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8: Muddy MFP 1200 Boss XL

aluminum hang on tree stand

The tag line for this hang-on tree stand is a flex-tek seat for all-day comfort! Need we say more about the comfort feature?

You can spend hours perched up on the tree without feeling tired or forced. Here are some other impressive features:

  • Wide stance platform makes it easy to stand and shoot. Moreover, it offers space for adjusting the backpack
  • Foldable seat for full platform use
  • You can get accessories to work with the hang on the tree stand
  • Adjusts from a minimum of 9-inch diameter trees to bigger species
  • 6-point fall arrest system

Muddy MFP 1200 Boss is the boss of silent setups and a secure standing position with a full-body harness.

Hunters will feel comfortable on the hang-on stand. All thanks to the large platform and folding seat.

The steel construction makes this stand slightly heavier than the other options discussed here, but hey! If you need strength and safety, the tree stand cannot be too light!

This tree stand can carry up to 300lbs easily. Hunters can attach it to their pack with backpack straps to carry to their hunting spot without feeling burdened.

The D-style foot platform is not just for style but adds space and standing comfort. Hunters who are going out to shoot down deer require long hours of sitting on the stand.

They need a silent partner that can carry their weight and offer elevation so that they can aim well. The Muddy Boss is a great choice for all those who like to remain comfortable without making it too difficult to focus on the game rather than the position of the stand.

We say this is a good choice but of course, every deer hunter will like a stand that is light, sturdy, and offers enough space.

Well, no surprises here since the Muddy Boss is heavier than other options available today. This steel hang-on tree stand is heavier than their aluminum competitors but we all need some weight to give us the confidence that we won’t fall!

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9: Millennium Treestands M50 Hang-On tree stand

smallest tree stand

Millennium M50 might not be a grand chair to sit on and wait on prey for hours. However, if you are looking for a short trip outdoors, the M50 is an affordable option, a great choice, and easily one of the best cheap hang on tree stands!

  • Easy to pack hang-on tree stand
  • Safe-link, a 35-foot rope with a Prusik knot and carabiner. Designed to aid in safely ascending and descending from hang-on and ladder stands.
  • Comfortable platform
  • Simple and smart construction
  • Supports 300 pounds

This simple and easy hang-on stand can be folded and attached to your pack with backpack straps for easy carriage. As a lightweight tree stand, it’s easy to attach but also because of the one-step procedure in it’s design.

This tree stand is quiet as there are no additional strapping or adjustments. Millenium pays special attention to safety and always presents the best safe-link that is designed to give safe ascend and descend from the ladder.

The ladder also reduces the risk of accidents as steps can make it difficult to climb or come down with heavy hunter boots.

The seat looks rather flat and uncomfortable, but the ComfortMAX seat and integrated footrest give ergonomic support. The manufacturer claims that you can spend hours on this seat as you wait for prey.

However, I did not find the seat comfortable for an extended period. The only time you don’t feel clenched is when you move the seat aside for space.

Your stand-up shots will be easy, but sitting for long periods might not be an enjoyable task. However, just as we always stress upon trying all equipment before the purchase-the seat is also a matter of personal choice.

Every hunter must determine the best buy by observing various features according to their hunting requirements.

Millennium M50 is a good hang-on tree stand when you compare the construction of this stand with other available choices. The M50 exceeds TMA recognized standards due to their smart construction and build features.

You will not only like the tree stand after you measure your achievements, but the price point of this hang-on stand will also add to your appreciation of the tree stand.

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Now that you have reviewed through our experience of the nine best tree stands, have you selected the one you want? 

Naturally, prudence and good buying skills require a complete insight into the hang-on stands and their features.

There are many things to consider while buying a tree stand. Most of you might know how these tree stands fare in the woods, but if they are good for you or not, remains a question.

Despite knowing all the hang-on stands, try to understand which one is best for you. The various factors that make the tree stand suit hunters individually must be considered—terrain, type of prey, and type of weapon as well.

Things to consider when buying the right tree stand for you

In a crowd of various types of tree stands, we shortlisted a few that will suit newbies, old-time hunters, the height enthusiasts, and the safety buffs! Our selection is following the various types of hunters who prefer different weapons and aim at big and small game.

I have reviewed every hang-on tree stand mentioned hereafter unpacking, assembling, attaching, and using it in the field. Therefore, if you plan to buy any of these tree stands, you will find the review useful as it comes with experience and spending time with the stand!

Type of prey

The first and foremost reason to buy a tree stand is for hunting animals that aren’t happy wandering about in the wilderness when they knowing some foreigner is nearby. A tree stand is about stealth and getting the drop on your target before they see you. If they aren’t too fussed about your presence, then a tree stand is probably unnecessary and stalking will be a more appropriate tactic.

Secondly, if the prey you are looking is typically found in open plains and grasslands, a tree stand will not be very helpful for you!

If, based on this rudimentary assessment, you think a tree stand will be helpful on your hunt, its important to recognize that the main benefit offered by a tree stand is the elevated view point, which is the best way to aim if your prey is agile and moves a lot. For deer, elk, moose, and even smaller animals like rabbits and wolves, one should get a tree stand for safety and the view.

Why does terrain determine my purchase?

As you sit in the car and head out for the trip, the first thing on your mind will be your destination and the way to it.

Similarly, when you set out to buy a hang-on tree stand, the first thing to consider is the area of hunting. Does it have big and thick trees? Are there century-old oak trees with thick stock, or is it a southern pine forest?

Thick forest trees will limit your options and choices as trees with wide girths are not compatible with hang-on stands. A tree with a smooth bark will also reduce the options as the best climbing tree and that which most lock-on tree stands are targeting are medium-sized trees of rough-textured bark.

ladder stand will suit you if you plan to hunt in areas of large, mature trees with smooth bark surface.

A hunter does not require a tree stand that makes him stand out from the tree, becoming more visible against the natural backdrop. Deer and elks might not look very sharp, but they can pick out any contrast in their surroundings almost immediately.

This contrast is another reason that you need to pick your hang-on stand with care. A dark-colored tree stand, on a lightly shaded tree-like maple or aspen, will make you more prominent than you want!

I am sharing this tip here; always break the outline of your stand by attaching tree stems on the outside. The animals in the forest might not notice you up there if a natural silhouette of leaves hides the profile of the tree stand.

Your body type

There are hang-on tree stands for an average-height man, and then there are tree stands for tall and athletic people. A young and stout hunter will not feel comfortable on a tree with a small stand attached more than fifteen feet above the ground.

A younger hunter might not be ready for this extreme adventure and will prefer a hang-on stand with rails for more security. If you are a beginner, the idea of a tree stand without support or ladder may not sound like a fun feature of hunting.

If you accompany a seasoned hunter and are learning, you will require a two-person stand, keeping both the hunters’ body types in check.

For the big guys, a sturdy yet lightweight hang-on stand will be a good option. A tree stand with a strong steel construction is best for you if you are tall and big.

Various brands of hang-on stands have specified weight restrictions. Make sure to double check it out before buying a tree stand as negligence may lead to a terrible accident, particular if you are a more heavy set hunter!

Seasoned hunters might not have difficulty with balancing on a small stand, but they may be a little older, and climbing in and out of the tree will not be a suitable task!

A ladder with rails or a hang-on stand with support will suit such hunters more! Some of you are excellent hunters but not big fans of standing at a height. A tree stand with a fringe rail or a rail for ascending and descending will reduce the uneasiness greatly.

Tree stand platform

When discussing hang-on stands only, the platform size is important. A larger size will be preferable for beginners as well as old hunters. A smaller platform will be less secure, and as you stand up there, aiming at prey, you will need to be super careful with balance any steps forward or backward.

This shift of concentration weakens hunting skills, and puts you in a bad place since you fail to remain focused on nothing but your aim!

However, a small platform hang-on stand is more portable and will not be taxing to carry around until you decide upon a tree for attaching the stand.

Stationary stands with hang-on facility with a small platform will allow flexibility of location. You can use it in thick woods, or even scanty plantations.

Positioning a small hang-on stand is easier than to set up a big platform with peripherals such as ladder and rails. If you plan to use the tree stand for bow hunting, the tree stand you chose should provide more space.

A good stance and strong position and posture are essential for making your hunting trip a success.

How will you climb the tree?

This one is so obvious it is often forgotten. All tree-stands require some form of climbing to ascend the lofty heights of the tree and get the birds-eye view of your prey.

Climbing is not necessarily an easy task and should not be underestimated, but each type of ladder stand requires a different amount of effort. Ladder stands are the easiest, followed by hang on or lock on tree stands pair with climbing sticks, and lastly climbing tree stands.

You own fitness level and climbing capability may choose your tree stand for you and if you are a little worried about safety while climbing, then perhaps its best to go for one of the best ladder tree stands rather than a lock-on design.

Various types of tree stand

• Hang-on or Lock-on tree stands

This kind of hang-on stand is typically a simple, no-frills design consisting of a standing platform with an attached seat. Lock-on tree stands to attach to a fixed position with chains and straps.

These stands can work well with a lot of tree types. Crooked trunks, thick barks, too many branches-all are acceptable with this stand!

When you attach it to the tree, it becomes a secure seat for hunters while it remains one of the best picks for easy climbing and descent with easy attachment steps.

The hang-on tree stand is easier to carry, as there are less expanse and less weight. You will prefer this type of stand in areas where prey is abundant, and also if you want to go out hunting in the early hours of the day.

• Climbing tree stands

These hang-on stands have a two-piece unit, featuring a seat assembly and platform assembly. This stand is used by attaching both parts of it to the bottom of the tree.

With your feet hooked onto the platform, you unlock the second piece and move it higher as you climb. You keep shifting steps on each piece while unlocking and moving the other one up.

Special teeth on the stand helps hold the tree bark with strength. A safety strap holds the stand in place when you reach your desired height.

The climbing tree stand allows portability between hunting sites and also ensures easy portability between hunting sites. They are also the quickest option if you are an experience climber.

• Tree stand accessories

There is a chance that the hang-on tree stand you choose will come with essential accessories, but there are many accessories available for personal tweaking.

Staying perched up on a tree for many hours while hunting, requires a comfortable stand. None of us wants to be worried about discomfort or risk of safety while we remain in a position to shoot down prey.

Many hang-on stand manufacturers understand this and offer a padded seat with the stand. However, if you did not get a cushioned seat, you can buy one easily.

Similarly, look out for other things that you prefer, and we are sure you will find them for sale!

Apart from cushions and padding, you can find hangers and shelves, along with belts and other accessories to make your hunting trip a fun and success story!

• Safety harness

The reason we mention the safety harness separately and not under accessories is that it has the utmost importance in your hunting experience.

When you are up on the tree for better visibility while remaining covered. A harness is as essential as the belts on the stand as they will ensure a good spot, with room to move and adjust your weapon and aim right.


How to hang a tree stand?

Tree stands are not tricky to install. These stands come with ties, straps, and buckles that help keep the structure fixed to the tree stock. You can easily follow the instructions and ensure that the stand is placed correctly to avoid slips and accidents.

Be sure to keep the tree stand straight so you can avoid imbalance. Besides this, you must double-check the straps and buckles to keep the stand intact. Remember that the tree stand will not remain in place if you do not strap it tightly!

Where should I set up the stand for better hunting?

When you reach the site for hunting, look for a tree that offers the best view of the area. You would want to view the best spot, so take a few minutes to decide the best location.

The direction of the tree stand can be any as long as you place it in a place where animals visit or rest. Many of us cannot tell where animals will be but try and look for signs and believe me; you will find enough evidence of the presence of your prey!

Can a tree stand support hunting kits and multiple weapons?

A tree stand is your resort for staying out of the stage but remain in it. Sitting up in a tree provides a good view, but each tree stand is different for holding weight.

If your tree stand is for heavy support, you may carry your kit, crossbow, and rifle. However, you must be aware of the support threshold to do not exceed the weight limit for the tree stand.

Moreover, if you are on a tree stand that offers just enough space for you, it might be hard to carry many things with you! Imagine sitting on a stand that is only a seat, and you try to give space to your hunting kit, too; you might fall off if you are not careful enough!

Do I need to buy a tree stand for hunting?

The tree stand is not hunting essential, but it will be helpful, especially if you are going elk or moose hunting. Some animals are more agile, and the view from a higher place is always a plus point.

Secondly, some of us only hunt for fun and might not be ready to invest in the game. If you think your commitment to the game requires only a weapon and some essential gear, go for that only!

Will you be up on Tree Stand for a more extended period?

If you plan to spend a few hours on a tree stand, please ensure comfort! It is no fun to be tired and stuck in a tree when you can enjoy the wilderness and the silence while sitting in a stand! Many hunters keep compound bows as well as rifles, and they require more space.

you might want a footrest as well as an armrest to help you aim better. Some of you might even want to use a rifle with a stand. Be sure to keep your specifications in mind when you go to buy a tree stand. These babies don’t cost pennies, and you cannot carry more than one tree stand either!


Hunting enthusiasts have a lot to gather before they head out to the woods for some adventure.

The right gear includes a good weapon, bag, many other small necessities for survival, and a good tree stand. If you are looking for prey but do not want to be obvious, the hang-on tree stand becomes a bigger necessity!

Many beginners will argue that they do not need a tree stand, but as you gain experience, you will realize that a good tree stand means good hunting.

Staying above the ‘battlefield’ and being able to see your target openly is a big advantage over peering through trees and hiding behind rocks.

While some tree stands have comfortable seats, others offer more space and safety features. There are no ‘one size fits all’ equipment, and all of us need to find the right tree stand according to our hunting style and needs.

We have compiled the list mentioned above to make it easier for buyers to select the right stand. With an abundance of brands, styles, and features, anyone can get confused.

A list of some of the best tree stands will help you decide what you require and how effective it can be!

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