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10 Best Bow Hunting Backpack 2021 Reviews (Top Picks)

Are you looking for the best bow hunting backpack? we tried many of them and here are the top 10 picks for you.

Once again, hunting season is around the corner, so it’s time to gear up for your trip into the wilderness, and the calm of nature! 

Away from home, you need your utilities close, and for that, make sure you pack away the stuff within best hunting Backpack.

There are quite a few things to consider, like the duration of the trip, location, and transport.

We tested multiple backpacks and Here is the list of top 10 backpacks…

Best Bow Hunting Backpack 2021 Reviews


Overall Length



ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack

 10 inches


Badlands 2200 Camouflage and Meat Hauler

10.38 inches


Timber Hawk Killshot Backpack, 56.2 –Liter Storage

10.5 inches


TENZING Day Pack, 2400, Mossy Oak Break Up Country, Green

11-3 / 4"


ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Hunting Day Pack

8.75 inches


Eberlestock X2 Pack



INSIGHTS Hunting The Vision Compound Bow Carrier

11 inches


Eberlestock Team Elk Pack

10.5 inches


ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear

11 inches


Badlands Super Day Hunting Backpack




1: ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack

You might pick this hunting backpack the minute you see it! The ALPS OutdoorZ has a smart design, created with all your needs in mind. 

The camo pattern, Mossy Oak Country, as it is called, will entice the hunter in you. 

As you read through the rest of the features, we would like you will agree with our choice of putting it first on the list. Our very favorite features are listed here:


• Weight 4lbs,

• Blaze orange rain cover to keep you safe from rain.

• Padded waist belt,

• Reinforced webbing pockets that help keep clip-style holsters.

• Drop-down rifle/bow holder.

• Quiver holder, along with a hydration pocket and a port.

• The essential front pocket to keep things like hunting knife closer than close!

The 2700 cubic inch bag is light; it has a cool design and will help remain as organized as possible.

 You can look for the OutdoorZ Pursuit Pack on Amazon. The users share their reviews about this pack, which show how suitable it is for not just excellent support but also accommodating for all your hunting needs.

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2: Badlands 2200 Camouflage and Meat Hauler

While hunting, you like to capture the scene but don’t want to take the risk of carrying a camera? 

No reason to leave it behind anymore as the Badlands 2200 hunting backpack is safe for the lens, rangefinder, GPS,  and has a tripod pocket too.

The camouflage print is only for the woods; at the shop, this backpack stands apart for its cool features and great space. 

We had a difficult time deciding which other backpack matches the light design of the bag. Here are some highlights:


• KXO 32 fabric. The water-resistant pack suppresses scent and resists moisture and dirt.

• Badlands 2200 backpack has compartments for meat, zippered rear entry panel, tripod pockets, and an internal scope.

• ThermoMold Suspension to match body contours for comfort.

• Integrated rifle boot and built-in hip belt pistol holders.

• Compatible with hydration systems and other accessories you can find easily.

• Tested in different terrains and successfully declared as suitable for all hunters.

• Perfect camouflage design offers invisibility and comfort simultaneously. The 5-lb pack has eight individual pockets to help organize and keep everything handy.


The Badlands 2200 hunting backpack is not just to remain hidden, but to make sure you have everything in the bag, in the best way possible.

You can also read user reviews to understand the backpack and decide whether your hunting needs are catered or not.

 The Badlands 2200 backpack has pistol pockets on both sides, which is a convenience factor many users love.

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3: Timber Hawk Killshot Backpack, 56.2 –Liter Storage

Roomy, comfortable, and loaded with options, the Timber Kill Shot is an ideal backpack for those who like to cross the timberlands quietly.

The hunting backpack has PVC packing with polyester brushed tricot. The lightweight factor makes the Timber Hawk Killshot a good companion for day trips as well as backcountry adventures. 

The main compartment of the Killshot backpack is large enough to hold the meat and all your gear for a few days. Here are the features in a glance:

• Main compartment with enough space for several days.

• Twill lining, pull-out rain cover, and a two-liter hydration bladder.

• Adjustable shoulder strap.

• Can carry a rifle, bow, and tripod stand with ease.

• Lightweight, with a front pocket to organize gear.

According to users, this lightweight bag is the perfect partner for hunting. It allows you to keep enough water, store the meat, and still tread the timber with comfort as you carry the compound bow, recurve bow, crossbow, rifle, or pistol. 

The top lashing points within Timber hunting backpack for external storage are an added feature, while there are adjustable straps help adjustment on all kinds of bodies!

You can order this hunting backpack online or try it out before you decide, so there is no doubt about the Timber Hawk being the right choice for those who like different kinds of hunting.

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4: TENZING Day Pack, 2400, Mossy Oak Break Up Country, Green

The backpack that looks like hunting is the most severe job, but it also means it! 

The Tenzing TZ 2400 hunting backpack may be out of stock, so you need to act quickly! As a new addition to your hunting adventures, the pack offers:

• Internal aluminum frames that keep the pack in shape and provide support.

• Padded hip support to help you go the distance.

• Channeled and air-cooled pack.

• Foldout bow and gun boot.

• Rain cover.

Apart from these prominent features, the Tenzing TZ 2400 backpack is the right choice as it supports the full torso. 

The dull green color offers camouflage and also allows adjustments to fit any size! As much as users rave about this backpack, you will enjoy trying it because it is comfortable, pleasant to look at, and knows you need the space. 

The air-cooled backpack keeps your gear in good shape without the worry of the bag getting de-shaped. Archery hunting, deer and elk, pistol shooting; all kinds of hunting plans are a hit when you carry this backpack! We discussed the elk hunting backpacks in detail as well.

What we liked about the Tenzing TZ is its adjustment options along with the air-cooled compartment. Hunting becomes convenient when you have a companion like this pack.

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5: ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Hunting Day Pack

Imagine putting all your things in a hunting backpack and then reducing the size by magic!

The ALPS OutdoorZ pack is not only compact but also keeps your gear easily accessible. You can take a look at the features here:

• Front accessory and main pocket.

• Loaded with side-mesh pockets for external storage.

• Side compression straps to pull in weight.

• The padded waist belt and shoulder straps with adjustable sternum strap.


The ALPS OutdoorZ backpack is designed for comfort, with the facility of keeping everything stored in an organized manner. You can now pull out your things without any difficulty and rest assured that the rest remains in place!

The straps and side compression offers equal weight distribution to help keep your hunting trip a refreshing experience and not a tiring one. Weighing only two pounds, this bag is enough for all your hunting trips, with options of keeping all kinds of equipment close. 

The Mossy Oak Country look will offer camouflage, and the water bottle pockets on each side add to the comfort. 

There is nothing that you will not like about the ALPS OutdoorZ Hunting backpack. It has enough space for the trip and is light enough to keep you going.

The best feature, according to us, is the lightweight fit that doesn’t burden your back. We like this backpack as it is designed to keep your hunting trip fun, and not weigh you down or compromise agility.

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6: Eberlestock X2 Pack

The Eberlestock Microsuede backpack fabric has a luxurious feel and may even qualify as a high-end alternative for the rugged backpack that you started shopping for. 

The X2 Pack is compact yet offers enough space for your trip needs. This X2 Pack can carry loads with the oversized compression pads that help support the weight. 

The salient features of this bag are:

• AmpleFlex Chassis that flips forward to use as a seat or cradle loads, which you strap to the pack. Padlock webbing tie-points so that you can attach accessories and lash-on gears.

• Water-resistant construction and fabric.

• 16 inches wide to offer space for equipment.

• Quick-access pockets for scopes and tripods.

• Carries load yet remains a comfortable fit.


All hunters have the dream of a small backpack that can carry loads yet remain comfortable.

 Well, the X2 backpack makes this dream a reality. As you slide it on, there is no uncomfortable feeling. 

We like the feature of adjustable straps as it helps fit the backpack on your back without compromising mobility. The compact look and the four-buckle snap helps keep gear organized and easily accessible. 

The Intex tubular aluminum frame keeps the bag in shape so you can walk without feeling tired or dragged.

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7: INSIGHTS Hunting The Vision Compound Bow Carrier

The high price of this hunting backpack might alarm a few hunters but look again. The pack justifies the price as it makes your hunting trip a truly remarkable experience. 

This hunting backpack can stow away your compound bow, quiver, arrows, optics, and electronics. With a safe compartment and external load attachments such as the arrow holder loops, make your hunting needs accessible.

• All new TS3 front panel system.

• A lifetime warranty

• protects sight, arrow rest, and d-loop.

• Wider main weapon compartment.

• Realtree Edge camo.


Insights hunting backpack replaces the MWP Bow Pack, with more space and more storage options. Now you will be able to access your arrows and other equipment without having to go through every pocket or unbuckling straps. The INSIGHTS pack is not just any bag; it is space, comfort, and agility all in one.

The best part about trying this backpack was that it provided easy access to bow, arrows, and offered additional space to store your gear and equipment. 

For all bow hunting missions, the INSIGHTS can be your faithful companion. The mesh pockets come in handy with many things, and you may use them to fit in your quiver as well!

You will be able to climb with the backpack on your back, it adjusts to your body and distributes weight evenly. 

So now, when you go hunting, you will feel lighter while your gear will be close to you!

We always recommend trying out a backpack before ordering or buying. However, with the INSIGHTS Hunting pack, you can follow user reviews to understand its worth. 

The cost of the bag becomes relatable as soon as you know the lifetime warranty.

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8: Eberlestock Team Elk Pack

You might agree with people who say this hunting backpack is probably the best all-rounder hunting pack! Bow-carrier? Check. 

Hydration pockets? Check. Built-in aluminum frame? Check! This pack has all the features that make a hunting pack desirable!

• Fold-away rifle scabbard.

• Dual full-depth spotting scope.

• Excellent for multi-day trips.

• Front-loading and top-loading access.

The hunters out there will agree that this hunting backpack has all the features that make them want to buy it instantly! 

Apart from easy access to gear, the Team Elk Pack has space for food items, equipment, and the external pockets can be closed to provide a covered area for additional things!

One surprising fact about this backpack is that 10% of the revenue generated from sales is donated to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. 

We doubt that the features are not attractive enough for you, but the environmental conservation touch takes the cake! The comfortable yet sturdy pack will help you enjoy the hunting trip.

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9: ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear

Not only does this hunting backpack look different, but it also has a few features that set it apart.

 The Big Bear pack weighs only two pounds but supports gear worth a lot more. Here are some features that will help you make a choice.

• Padded waist belt with easy access pockets, so you can keep your gear close.

• Adjustable/removable shoulder harness.

• Two packs in one design.

• Fanny pack expands into one-pack.

The Big Bear backpack is not your typical backpack. It has a lower placement that helps distribute the weight without weighing you down!

 The shoulder harness can be adjusted or removed to suit hunters and turn this low-back into a full pack to store away hunting gear. 

The adjustable waist strap makes the backpack comfortable and does not obstruct movement like climbing or crouching. The expandable daypack is an excellent feature to help adjust the pack according to your requirement. 

Now you can plan multi-day or single day trips with just one bag in mind. The feature that we liked the most is the adjustable or removable shoulder harness. 

It liberates you while you are on the move, but also ensures a good grip on your torso, so you remain agile. True to its name, the Big Bear backpack keeps snug and will not slow you down.

 On the contrary, you can move around freely, adjust the pack to your convenience without giving up on your gear.

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10: Badlands Super Day Hunting Backpack

All hunters are different, but we like a hunting backpack that is comfortable on the torso but does not compromise on space for gear and simultaneously provides easy access to equipment.

 Badlands Super Day is the pack that has numerous distinguishing features that will add value to your trip!

• Convenience pockets for easy access.

• ThermoMold suspension to suit every torso and provide comfort.

• Super Day has load lifter straps, helping shift loads from shoulders to hips.

• Neutral colors offer camouflage as the pattern adjusts to the surrounding.

• Built-in pistol holders and adjustable straps provide space options for all kinds of equipment.


Whether you plan a recurve bow hunting trip or require a pistol for your adventures, the Super Day Hunting backpack is a good option for hunters who like to diversify and need space.

 The shape of the backpack adjusts to all torso lengths and provides a comfortable walk. The adjustable straps offer excellent support and distribute the weight efficiently.

You don’t have to bend forward or rely on a tight harness with this backpack. What we loved about this pack is the soft polyester fabric that is light in color and weight.

The perfect mood enhancer for hunters getting ready for another trip, the Super Day will shift your gear to hunting mode as it is designed to provide easy access without any trouble. 

You can buy this hunting backpack on Amazon, however, read through the user reviews to make sure you select the bag that suits hunters and looks good on everyone!

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