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Best Hunting Jacket Reviews 2021 (Top 8 Picks)

We tried a lot of jackets while hunting and here are the 9 Best hunting jacket reviews for you…

One of the essential parts of hunting gear is the jacket. Cold or hot weather, rugged or open terrain require a protective layer that can protect you, and keep you comfortable. 

 8 Best Hunting Jacket Reviews:



Storage Capacity



Rothco Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket

Ample pocket space for storage of essential gear


Magcomsen Men'sMen's Hooded Tactical Jacket

A lot of Pockets for Storage


Legendary Whitetails Men'sMen's Canvas Cross Trail Big Game Camo

A lot of Pockets for Storage

Water Resistance

New View Hunting Jacket, Hunting Suit

10 pockets,which means lots of space


Gamehide Deer Hunter Parka

Handwarmer style cargo pockets


Carhartt's Men's Quilted Flannel

Ample storage with big pockets


SITKA Gear Men'sMen's Jetstream

Ample storage with two chest pockets, waist pockets, and an inside pocket


Carhartt Boy's Active Jac Quilt Lined Jacket

Comes with many pockets

Water Resistance

Here we go…

1: Rothco Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket

The Rothco Special Ops was the first trial as we found it comfortable looking, but also trusted the Rothco brand for providing comfort with class. 

The jacket has several unique features, and there are many reasons why you can try it. One of the most functional hunting jackets, the Rothco has a polyester outer shell that makes it waterproof. 

The three-layer construction breaks the hit of wind and retains heat also. It was nice to experience that the jacket has more than six versatile zippered pockets for storing essential gear. 

This feature makes Special Ops the right choice, primarily because of the never-ending list of things you can store away in your hunting jacket before you set out.

The drawstring waist and two-way zipper ensure good insulation from all sides. Comfort is constant, so as you tie the string or pull down the cuffs, you will not feel tied down. 

The underarm ventilation zippers also ensure satisfaction. For the seamless, crisp look outdoors, the hood is concealed and removable. Rothco provides functional space, comfort, but even style.


• Ample pocket space for storage of essential gear.

• Internal zipper pocket for secret stashing!

• Underarm ventilation allows relief from temporary heat and unease.

• Wire pass-through port, D-ring for hooking mobile.

• Cuff adjustment is easy.

• Availability of sizes.


• You have to wear full-sleeves; otherwise, the pit zipper lining might scrap your arms.

• No pockets for putting hands in this hunting jacket.

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2: Magcomsen Men’sMen’s Hooded Tactical Jacket

The first look at this jacket tells you one thing: there is storage! The sharkskin softshell fabric has a warm inner fleece, which ensures warmth even if you plan to wear the jacket at night in the open.

Hunting jackets need to be warm, waterproof, and wind-breaking so that while you are gone out to hunt, you don’t compromise comfort or ample storage. 

The drawstring waist and hood make all these functions possible as you can tighten strings and adjust the jacket to avoid climatic discomfort. The hood is nondetachable yet concealed, so there is no compromise on style either!

Magcomsen allows temporary adjustments to cool yourself too. The vent zipper under each arm makes it breathable and venting. You can wear it and go on hunting for hours without having to adjust your hunting jacket!

The salient features make it a good pick, especially for hunters or outdoor venturers who prefer a good fit and do not feel comfortable with longer jackets.


• Normal sizing according to your clothing.

• Easy ventilation for temporary body heat.

• Designed for weather fluctuations.

• Waterproof, wind-breaker.


• If you wear a more massive t-shirt, this hunting jacket may become snug.

• The zippers are sturdy and often need both hands for unzipping and zipping. 

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3: Legendary Whitetails Men’sMen’s Canvas Cross Trail Big Game Camo

Now, this hunting jacket earns a few extra points from us! Why? It is sleek, it looks great, and it offers camouflage that you would need when hunting big game! 

Many hunters or beginners might feel that the camouflage feature is more of a fashion statement, but if you go hunting big prey, you will realize it can be the feature that seizes the day!

The Legendary Whitetail hunting jacket has a heavy-duty 10 oz. Sanded canvas. Alongside this, it features 210-gram insulation. There are double interior pockets and a zip-off hood. 

The jacket is well-insulated to keep you warm so you can remain behind obstructions or on trees for longer without feeling the chill of the wind. 

Whitetail’s composition is 34% cotton and 66% polyester, which allows good insulation and locking in body heat. Even if you go hunting at night, or need to spend it outdoors, Whitetails hunting jacket has you covered!

Legendary Whitetail believes in working hard but playing harder. You can rely on the waterproof and hollow-fill insulation jacket for a good time outdoors and a great look to go with it!

What we liked about the Whitetail was the insulation inside and the trendy finish. The heavy-duty sanded finish is a treat to the eyes while ensuring that the going gets rough, and the jacket keeps you safe!


• Sanded exterior, soft interior.

• 210grams of insulation.

• Comfortable enough to let you keep the focus on the job at hand.

• The canvas exterior is rugged-looking but is comfortable and very soft to manage.

• Double interior pocket

• Zip-off hood.


• This hunting jacket gets too hot in the summer season.

• In case of torrential downpour, the jacket might not be as waterproof as you would want!

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4: New View Hunting Jacket, Hunting Suit

For all our friends who like to take their hunting adventure seriously, the New View Hunting Suit is not only offering all the required qualities, but it also provides a complete look from head to toe! 

You can buy an overall that can keep you water-resistant, comfortable, and agile. The parka pattern camouflage offers excellent cover while you hunt big game. 

This hunting jacket is incredibly realistic with the depiction of natural items like vegetation and tree bark. When you wear such a well-designed print, there is little space left to be prominent in the woods.

The New View Jacket is of a water-resistant material and has a 3-D hood. This means that you can cover your head and the sides of your face to keep warm and concealed. 

What we liked about this hunting jacket was the number of pockets to adjust essentials. The zippers are smooth and do not require you to hold the jacket with your other hand as you zip the pocket.


• Excellent camouflage

• Lots of pockets, which means lots of space. If you choose to buy the suit, you will enjoy the storage of 10 pockets.

• An excellent outdoor attire, even if you are not going hunting. The comfort fit and smooth fabric improve agility.

• Water resistant.


• Does not keep you warm.

• No insulation makes it just the top layer, and adding more clothes might become uncomfortable.

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5: Gamehide Deer Hunter Parka

Soft, sturdy, and durable and pleasant to look at- these are the qualities we look for in any hunting jacket. For us, the best hunting jacket provides all the comfort you need during a trip away from home. 

The High-Loft heat tech promises to keep you warm and comfortable without a snug feeling. The over-sized jacket is not according to your regular sizing. 

You may want to check the size chart to avoid any bad purchases because this jacket does not follow the rules!

Gamehide hunting jacket has a removable hood with closures, and the two-way front zipper is comfortable even when you crouch down or sit in a particular pose. 

What we liked about this jacket is the dense camouflage in Realtree Edge and the light feel, which does not burden you as you wear the jacket.


• Oversized and comfortable.

• Excellent insulation.

• Available for all body types.

• Removable hood with closures.

• Handwarmer style cargo pockets.

• Additional security pockets.


• Can become too hot if you go hunting in the summer.

• The fabric sheds a little and may get stuck to the palms. The Velcro pockets cause slight noise in an entirely silent forest!

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6: Carhartt’s Men’s Quilted Flannel

On our list of hunting jackets, Carhartt’s hunting jacket is one of the top choices. 

This rank is due to the easy maintenance of the fabric and facility to wash it without a separate cycle! The ribbed knit cuffs provide complete cover and fit so that you remain warm without reducing agility.

The Realtree Xtra camouflage is real but goes with the hunting attire, putting you in high gear for the adventure. The split kangaroo pockets and hood are for storage and comfort. 

What we liked about this jacket was that it is light fabric but keeps you warm even during the cold season. The fit of this jacket is according to regular sizing. 

This 100% cotton hunting jacket is a natural-feel fabric that is comfortable and very breathable without losing its warmth. Most of the hunters who have tried this jacket agree that it has proper storage with two lower pockets, and two inside pockets.


• Easy maintenance as you can wash it easily.

• Warm and light material.

• Ample storage with big pockets.

• Camouflage makes the rugged look attractive.

• Sturdy yet easy.

• Polyester lining for warmth.


• Not waterproof. If you have to go hunting when you fear there may be a drizzle, go prepared!

• The fabric creates noise, which is not something hunters look forward to.

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7: SITKA Gear Men’sMen’s Jetstream

The Sitka Gear is smart and provides all that you need from a good hunting jacket. The articulated fit and the camouflage of this jacket makes it a good pick. 

Windproof to keep you safe from the windy spells in the wilderness and a look that will blend you in any setting; the Sitka Gear is smart and also gives a good range of mobility. 

If it gets colder and you need an extra layer under the hunting jacket, no worries! There is enough space for you to put on an extra shirt or a jersey. 

Although this hunting jacket is said to have an athletic fit, it remains a comfortable piece even if you add an extra layer beneath! The zippered pockets are another feature to admire. 

You can keep your GPS and rangefinder closeby, without having to feel your pockets every few minutes.

The windproof and waterproof jacket is a good pick for all those who wish to go deer hunting in fall when the deer are active, and the apples are ripe! 

Sitka hunting jacket has so many features that if a salesperson tells them to you, you might suspect there is some personal gain involved! What we liked about the Sitka Gear is that it is a planned and well-designed jacket. 

The permanent hood might cause a slight disturbance, but the numerous excellent features can help to ignore this one! The water repellent finish makes this jacket not only effective but also useful in all seasons.


• Lightweight does not hinder movement.

• Made with Gore-Tex Windstopper.

• Comfortable and warm.

• Good size for a relaxed fit.

• Ample storage with two chest pockets, waist pockets, and an inside pocket.


• Permanent hood may be a downside for some hunters who require free sight and a wide range.

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8: Carhartt Boy’s Active Jac Quilt Lined Jacket

The Active Jac has a 100% cotton shell, with a lining of 100% polyester. The light yet sturdy hunting jacket will keep you warm, mobile, and comfortable for as long as you want to be outdoors and to hunt.

The Realtree Xtra camouflage will put you in the mood for hunting the minute you see this jacket on display! The crisp color and the fresh look are a perfect pick for a hunting adventure! 

The zipper closure is swift, with a quick and smooth zipper line that will protect you from the windy or cold weather outside.

Carharrt is good with comfort, and this jacket only strengthens the reputation. The good looks and the excellent performance will go a long way with this long-lasting jacket. 

You can machine wash it, and it is easy to maintain without losing its efficiency as a waterproof, windproof last layer.


• Goes a long way.

• Comes with many pockets.

• Easy to maintain and wash.

• Keeps warm.

• Good zipper.


• Fabric can become noisy, especially if there is a drizzle or you cross a water body.

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What to look for in a hunting jacket?

If we enjoy deer hunting, it may not be that you have the same preference. Similarly, when considering hunting jackets, many factors determine the best hunting jacket for you! 

This simple accessory has a few types, based on the kind of trip you may be planning.

If you are hunting in cold weather, you will need a warm jacket that is insulated well so that you can remain outdoors. Simultaneously, some insulated jackets are bulky, while others are light. 

If you are hunting at a place where space for you to move is less, a bulky jacket won’t work well. A light jacket allows some agility and ease of movement. When you look for a hunting jacket for yourself, think about a few things:

• What am I hunting?

• How much time will I need to spend outdoors?

• Is it cold?

• Do I need a waterproof jacket?

• Will I need a wind-breaker?

A lightweight jacket is more relaxed, but in icy areas, you will need a bulky jacket to keep you warm for hours outside. Similarly, if you are going fishing, a waterproof jacket must be a priority!

The camouflage and color of the jacket are essential, especially if you plan to hunt big game. There are many options for every kind of fun adventures that you plan. 

Old and young, beginners and regulars-all can enjoy the comfort of a good hunting jacket, and we have put the best options out for you. Make sure you buy a hunting jacket that suits you in person, your trip, and of course, does its job well!

From hunting deer to small game like a rabbit; hunters need some agility and also need to be in comfortable attire. The weapon for hunting also determines the kind of movements you will have.

 A compound bow requires stretching your arm to draw the arrow, choose the jacket that is light while it is warm and comfortable too. 

Jacket hunting is as customized as all hobbies are! 

We are sure you can find the right one for yourself among the best hunting jackets we have listed here for you!

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