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Best Ladder Tree Stand Reviews 2021 (Top 6 Picks)

Ladder tree stands are a simple, safe solution to tree stand hunting. Most hunters wont find it particularly difficult to set up, climb and feel reasonably safe while perched in a ladder tree stand waiting for their unsuspecting prey to happen by. However, quality and use cases vary and there are number of different options on the market. We’ve reviewed a bunch, testing several on the hunt with our buddies, and have narrowed it down to the 6 best ladder tree stand reviews for your to check out.

There are endless options for people who look for tree stands or other accessories. A gentle warning is that when you go to buy a tree stand, many of them will appear to be similar. The same look, the same style, and even the same features can be misleading, and that is why we stress the differences. We narrowed down the search for all of you so that instead of trying every tree stand, you can just choose between the best.

Best Ladder Tree Stand Reviews


Seat Comfort

Weight Type


best ladder stands

Rivers Edge RE631 Relax Wide Ladder Stand


Moderate Weight

best ladder stands 2021

Guide Gear 15’ Ladder Tree Stand


Moderate Weight

best ladder stands 2022

Big Dog BDL-1050 Stadium Series


Moderate Weight

best ladder stand

Summit Tree Stands Steel Ladder Stands


Moderate Weight

most comfortable ladder stand

Rivers Edge RE651 Ladder Stand Lockdown Tall


Moderate Weight

best 2 man tree stand

Rivers Edge RE634 Relax Two-Man Ladder Stand


Moderate Weight

amazon ladder stands

Millennium Tree Stands Stick Climber

No Seat - Climber


amazon ladder tree stands

Millennium Tree stands Monster Hang-On tree stand



aluminum ladder tree stands

Millennium M100U Ultralite



1: Rivers Edge RE631 Relax Wide Ladder Stand

Rivers Edge Relax Wide is a good pick and has its unique advantages.


• Steel construction with added stability.

• Cross beams under the seat for better balance.

• Padded armrest and shooting rail.

• Safety harness for better hold.

• Ergonomic TearTuff mesh seat and backrest.


• Heavy carriage and cannot be used to go around from tree to tree to set up again. You will have to choose the best tree and view, as this stand cannot be carried around due to its weight.

Rivers Edge RE631 is a ladder stand that hunters can regularly use, with comfort and ease for long hours. The convincing advantages make this tree stand an ideal pick for all the hunters interested in a one-time purchase.

People who have used this before say that it is a stable and comfortable ladder stand, which will add to your hunting trips in the right way. 

Our experience? Well, it was no different! The seat was comfortable, and the setting of this ladder stand was easy. However, it was not as simple to carry it around, so we decided to leave the stand where we set it for next weekend adventure!

Safety comes first for all hunters, and the RE631 is a champion of support. The harness will keep you secure, and moving around or changing angles will not cause any wobbles. If you are a beginner, consider checking the Archery safety rules as well. 

The setting up of this tree stand is relatively quiet and straightforward. Too much sound of steel or chains may send an alert signal to the animals nearby, so the silent installation and setting will ensure that your prey will still be around as you climb and begin to search for the trophy animal to take home!

What we liked:

The RE631 is a comfortable ladder stand and has ample space for fidgety hunters. Beginners and regular hunters will agree with us that area and the ability to turn around adds fun to the adventure. 

Most tree stands just face the front, and there is no additional space to move in the seat. The Rivers Edge RE631 is built with the idea of comfort so that you can spend long hours out in the woods, without feeling tired or numb! 

Another feature is safety. When you are aiming to shoot, all your focus is on the prey. None of us would like to think about the stand and its ability to stay stable and fixed as we try to kill the game. 

The RE631 allows you to enjoy the hunt and see the full view without worrying about the ladder stand moving or losing balance as you turn and shoot.

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2: Guide Gear 15’ Ladder Tree Stand

A simple ladder tree stand can get you the high view that you require for deer hunting; this stand is not just a ladder and not just a stand! There are no long lists of features to count, but this ladder stand has many advantages.


• Adjustable ladder support bar.

• 300-pound support limit.

• Pinned ladder section for easy storage and transport.

• Includes ratchet strap, full-body safety harness, stabilizer straps.

• 17.75×10.5 inches dimensions.

• 15-feet height.


• Weighs 52 pounds, which is much more than other tree stands and might be hard to carry.

The verdict:

Ladder stands are not as advanced as the other tree stands that have folding, fabric seats, but it can be a practical choice for people who are not looking for short hunting trips. 

The Guide Gear ladder stand is the right choice when you plan to carry it out just once, set it against a tree, and remain there for days. Many hunters keep their ladder tree stands attached for days if they know they will return for another day of shooting. 

If you are also looking forward to this kind of adventure, here’s your tree stand!

Guide Gear is the brand name for practical and easy tree stands, and this gear is no different. 

The ladder stand is suitable for regular hunters and beginners, which means that if you buy it once, it will be your hunting companion for a long time.

What we liked:

The platform seems small, but it is enough space for you to stand and shoot. The ladder is also firm and supports you as you ascend or descend. 

The seat is small and balanced, so sitting up there for some time will not be exhausting. We liked this ladder stand because it looked too simple and ‘metallic,’ it was comfortable, and there was no difficulty in climbing or descending. 

Usually, rope ladders are preferred since it is easy to climb with heavy hunting boots. However, the Guide Gear Ladder stand was also a similar experience as the other tree stands.

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3: Big Dog BDL-1050 Stadium Series

The Big Dog is an excellent stand to look at, but it serves more space than meets the eye! The curved ladder tree stand gives a broader view and also holds the trunk a little better. Let’s see what other advantages it has:


• Spacious platform and seat.

• Secured with four ratchet straps, the stand holds firmly.

• Adjustable ladder support.

• Fall arrest systems.

• Ideal for two people.

• Sturdy steel construction.

• Fully padded armrests.


• Carriage of this ladder stand is only for longer hunting trips and permanent mounting for days. If you plan to go from one location to another during a single hunting trip, this tree stand will not be feasible to carry along.


The Big Dog Stadium is ideal for two people, so it is a fun feature that allows you to plan hunting trips with friends. 

The curvature of this ladder stand gives a broader view and ability to turn in the other direction. A more extensive range for hunting means a better success rate too!

This ladder stand comes with a free blind, and the dual-rail ladder is a one-time purchase that goes a long way. 

The build and design can sustain many risks of circumstances, which many other ladder stands fail to tolerate. Big Dog Stadium is meant for two people, but you can use it by yourself as well. 

Big dog ladder tree stand maximizes space, and all crossbow hunters will get enough space to draw the arrow without worrying about losing balance. This tree stand can hold more weight, so if you are an alone hunter, you may carry a big backpack without worrying about space or weight.

What we liked:

The Big Dog is for two people, but the shape of the platform is spacious enough to allow more space than any other tree stand to the hunters to maneuver around and hunt big prey in a larger area. 

The view is broader, and you can turn from one side to the other with ease. A comfortable padded seat allows sitting for hours without getting tired. 

A relaxed sitting implies better hunting, and the 53×13 foot platform means better space to move around.

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4: Summit Tree Stands Steel Ladder Stands

As we picked this ladder tree stand, it looked more refreshing than the rest due to a different finish and broader seat.


• Brown powder coat acts as camouflage against the tree trunk

• Bigger backrest and double padded bench seat cushion add comfort.

• Holds up to 300 pounds.

• Detachable gun rest for shooters to aim with ease.

• 25×32 inches foot platform.

• Full body fall arrest harness system.


• Weighs 83.6 pounds and is hard to carry if hunters plan shorter outdoor trips. Only suitable for extended hunting trips, or mounting ladder tree stand for multiple days.

The verdict:

Made of thick gauge steel, the Summit Steel Ladder tree stand is durable and supports hunters for a long time!

You can consider this ladder stand a lifetime purchase as its finish will not allow it to lose its strength, and the comfort level will not want you to invest in any other stand. 

Summit is known for its stable designs that can make hunters feel balanced and comfortable, for focusing on their prey and not worrying about falling off. 

The full-body safety testifies that the Summit Ladder stand will hold you while you shoot some big prey and enjoy your trip. The steel columns are 17 inches wide and provide a wobble-free advantage.

This ladder stand was the only one that offers concealment with the brown coat and matte powder finish. Once you set up the stand, it will not be a prominent addition to the natural surroundings.

The detachable gun rest helps shooters aim while shifting the weight of their bodies. Without the additional weight of the gun, you will feel fresh and ready to go on for hours! 

The roomy seat will provide enough space to move and change the angle of aim without worrying about falling or losing balance.

What we liked:

We loved the spacious seat as soon as we set eyes on the Summit Ladder Stand. The spacious sitting with padding ensures a comfortable time up there. 

The platform is large enough for hunters to stand and shoot, or move from one angle to another. All ladder stands are helpful, but if you get extra space and a concealed look like this stand offers, you will become more carefree, and that adds to the fun of hunting. 

Imagine sitting in a comfortable chair with ample space to place your weapon. You will be able to shoot better without having to look towards the sides as you maneuver around to follow the prey and shoot!

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5: Rivers Edge RE651 Ladder Stand Lockdown Tall

Lo and behold! Here comes the big brother from Rivers Edge, known for safety and quick installation.


• Dual tree blades, and octagonal tubing for stability.

• Tool-less joint locking ladder.

• Over-sized platform ratchet straps to help with setting and securing the stand.

• Installation safety system.

• Flip-up TearTuff mesh seat for comfort.

• 21-feet height for extra vision.

• Easy to attach gun rest.


• Installation requires technical use of ratchet straps and tree blades, which might be difficult for a first-timer. Make sure you understand how to set the ladder stand before you go out into the woods!

Bottom line:

The RE651 is higher, gives a better view, and maintains safety so that you feel confident and in control of your prey. Rivers Edge is a reliable manufacturer as the stress upon security is evident. 

Hunters can move their weapons and draw arrows without fear of losing balance. This is a smart feature that distinguishes the ladder tree stands from Rivers Edge from others.

The comfortable seat also ensures that you don’t feel tired or restrained. Any suitable ladder stand allows some movement and will offer an excellent space platform as foot movement is part of this game. 

Apart from the padded seat and stability factor, the removable flared shooting rail is another comfort feature that improves your experience. 

This rail provides flexibility for sitting as well as standing shots. Hunters can rely on the balance, and excellent support of this ladder stand as it can support up to 300 pounds of weight. 

The vinyl-dipped parts provide durability and ensure a hassle-free time. Sitting on a tree can be tough or easy, provided the tree stand is comfortable and allows excellent support. 

Crossbow hunters will also like this ladder stand as they will get adequate space. The ladder tree stands are not as preferred as the rope ladder tree because the hunter boots can get stuck. 

However, with all the tree stands we tried, it wasn’t a lot of problems.

What we liked:

The full platform for foot shift is one of the more stable features of the RE651. What we liked about this ladder stand is that it provides great space and comfortable seating, which otherwise can be expected from a 2-person tree stand. 

The other good thing about Rivers Edge tree stands is that the seat is always satisfying. Try out one of these comfortable seats and enjoy your hunting adventures.

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6: Rivers Edge RE634 Relax Two-Man Ladder Stand

There’s nothing better than hunting with a friend-but what’s even better is a comfortable seat up in the tree and a view that improves your success!


• Safety harness included.

• Flip-up padded shooting rail for comfort.

• TearTuff mesh seat for comfort.

• Extra room and comfortable platform.

• Durable construction.

• High-quality products that can last for years.


• The mesh seat is not as comfortable as the padded seats on other Rivers Edge tree stands.

Bottom line:

When buying a ladder tree stand, every hunter would look for one that offers more space. The 2-person tree stand might be a favorable option as it is spacious if you go alone, or it can be double fun if you take a friend. 

The two-person ladder stand from Rivers Edge is not just comfortable but also the convenience of hunting better. Beginners can especially learn a few things with ease when they have ample space to enjoy.

The safety harness and the stability of this ladder stand are no surprise as Rivers Edge always ensures hunters. You will love not only the feel but also the view from this high tree stand.

What we liked:

We liked this tree stand for two reasons: comfort and safety. While the steel frame is light, it holds on to the tree with full grip and also ensures stability when two people shift in their place to shoot. 

You can try this ladder stand, and it will not disappoint you as it lasts a long time. The high-quality parts and components of the RE 634 will be an investment for many years to come.

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The problem with ladder stands

Although the simplicity of affordability of ladder stands has helped to ensure their continued use in hunting circles, they have one major drawback – portability.

Lugging a 70 pound ladder stand (and some are even heavier!) through the woods to find a good tree to perch in is arduous and can risk injury. You may also make so much noise that you scare off any nearby prey who you haven’t managed to spot yet.

An alternative solution is the hang on tree stand. Together with climbing gear, you can get your set up down to as low as 20 pounds, which is far more mobile and manageable. You will need to work on your climbing skills, as the technique to get your setup to this weight level is not as simple as going up and down a ladder.

Luckily, there are products on the market that help to transition between ladder stand hunting and hang on tree stands. Below, we’ve outlined a setup that drops down to around 35 pounds, which will be about half of a typical ladder stand weight at the same height. Check it out!

Millennium Tree Stands Stick Climber

Itself not a tree stand, but an essential accessory if you want to lighten your load and switch from a ladder stand to a hang on tree stand. This climber helps you ascend and descend from the tree, making the task of climbing and rigging your hang on tree stand a thousand times easier.


• Aids safe climbing.

• Helps maintain balance while climbing down.

• 7-foot Cam buckle for large trees.

• Lightweight steel tough construction.

• 20-feet tall.


• Still relatively heavy – there are many lighter alternatives but this is a great option for those transitioning from a ladder stand.

Bottom Line:

The Stick Climber is an essential component of the hunting experience. This climber will help you get in and out of the hang on tree stand safely, and hence a good purchase. 

Hunters will like this addition to their hunting kit, as it comes in handy when you need to climb high and combined with a hang on tree stand is much lighter than a full ladder stand. Its downside is that it still lacks mobility to carry into the woods if you plan to walk a long distance, but its a great starting point for ladder stand users before moving on to lighter stick climbing options.

The M210 Stick Climber is light and sturdy. It can help you as it can be attached safely to the tree, and provide balance. The powder finish ensures a long-lasting experience, and hunters can use this climber for many hunting adventures!

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Millennium Tree stands Monster Hang-On tree stand.

A single-hunter hang on tree stand with a light frame but sturdy grip. The Monster Hang-On is a good pick for single-hunter adventures. You can hang the tree stand securely without much hassle or discomfort of climbing and descending.


• Holds up to 300 pounds.

• 24×37 inch platform, comfortable for one person.

• Powder coat finish on light but tough aluminum build.

• Can be used on slightly inclined trees.

• Safelink, a 35-ft rope with a Prusik knot and carabiner. Easy to ascend and descend.


• Does not include straps or harness to attach to a backpack. Hunters will have to adjust the tree stand with their bag using accessories that come with the pack since there are no straps with the tree stand!

Bottom Line:

These features make the Millennium Hang-On stand an ideal pick for a single hunter. It is light and can be carried across the fields over a large area. The ComfortMAX height-adjustable seat is comfortable and has a full backseat with an adjustable feature.

Moreover, the Monster Hang-On tree stand is not a complicated design. The comfortable seat, simple platform with a dust-free feature through its honeycomb base, is a significant advantage for hunters. 

You can enjoy a clean platform without any mud or shoe dirt causing you to slip. 

The weapon rest is an excellent feature that allows hunters to rest their bows and distribute the weight so that it does not become tough after some time. This shooting rail is an option that you can utilize if needed.

For bowhunters, the unobstructed view also comes with another exciting feature of the Monster Hang-On tree stand, it has portable storage for backpacking. 

You don’t have to worry about carrying an extra load, primarily since Millennium is known for the comfort it provides. You will not have to face any discomfort with the Millennium Monster as it is a friendly ladder stand that you can spend hours with!

What we liked about the Millennium Monster Hang-On:

Whether you are in Asia, Europe, or the United States, every hunter knows that for some prey, the best way to see success from your hunting adventure is sitting upon a stand waiting to strike. You will have to be seated, with minimum movement, so that prey does not detect you.

This lack of motion and deep concentration requires a good seat. The ComfortMAX chair is comfortable, relaxing, and comes with a back so you can lean and remain calm while sitting on this ladder tree stand. The stands that don’t have a backrest can be quite uncomfortable over long hours, so this is definitely a great feature.

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How to choose the best ladder tree stand?

As we mentioned earlier, there are too many options out there, and that makes the decision harder. Before you invest in any item, be sure to focus on the following features: the determining points of a good or bad hunting experience!

• Safety: The first feature to emphasize is safety, of course. Any ladder stand that has a safety harness and mounts tightly to the tree trunk is safer. There are a few ways to judge the tree stand by an excellent rail, ladder design, and size of the platform.

Few ladder stands have smaller platforms, which might be acceptable for a seasoned hunter who does not shift much and remains in a position throughout. 

However, that also can be uncomfortable when you are perched on a tree for hours! The stand should attach firmly to the trunk, so there is no chance of instability.

• Accessibility: Getting in and out of the stand should be swift, safe, and comfortable. The whole idea of a tree stand is to be able to attach it, climb on to it, and safely and comfortably get a good view to shoot down prey. 

If a hunter finds it challenging to go up or stay there for an extended period or even come down safely, the ladder stand is not doing the job right!

• Comfort: Lastly, comfort is an important feature that can make a lot of difference. If a tree stand is not comfortable, then don’t buy it. It’s a simple choice, and comfort is of crucial importance since deer or other large game hunting requires long hours on the tree.

All tree stands are not the same

While it may seem so, all ladder stands are different and offer varied experiences. Within the same brand, even a hunter will find many variations between any two models. 

You need to be observant to notice the differences, as many tree stands appear similar. Some ladder stands have longer ladders while others don’t, and that is where you need to specify the kind of trees in the woods where you plan to hunt. 

Taller trees will require a more extended ladder, and if the forests have shorter tree species, a short ladder will be right too! Every ladder stand model is for the different types of trees, hunting style, prey, and many other specifications. 

Apart from the ladder length and mounting specs, construction material, safety, feature, and comfort – all of these factors help buyers decide which tree stand will be best for them.

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