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Best Single Pin Bow Sight Reviews (Top 6 Picks Only)

Are you Looking for the best single pin bow sight? Single pin bow sights offer a simple solution to enable you to remain focused on your target with being overwhelmed by excessive gadgetry. Too many pins can clutter your view and might confuse you into aiming with the wrong pin, missing your target.

If this has happened to you as well, single pin bow sight is the right choice for you. Apart from reducing the confusion, a single pin bow sight typically still offers distance adjustments to retain precision while shooting the prey even from afar.

We’ve tried loads of different models and road tested many with our friends and fellow hunters. Together, we’ve narrowed down the top 6 candidates for the best single pin bow sight – Check them out!

Best Single Pin Bow Sight Reviews:






single pin bowsight

HHA Optimizer Lite 3019

upto 100 yards

0.55 pounds

best bow sight

Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight

upto 50 yards

10.4 lbs

TRUGLO Pendulum Sight

upto 40 yards

0.1 pounds

best bow sights for hunting

Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg Father Wrapped Bow Single Sight

upto 100 yards

0.99 kg

adjustable bow sight

APEX Gear Covert 

20 yards

0.75 pounds

best bow sights 2022

TRUGLO Range Rover Pro

upto 80 yards

450 g

1: HHA Optimizer Lite 3019

best single pin bow sight

Lo and Behold! The winner of the Bowhunting World’s Reader’s Choice award winner for a decade is in the house! 

This single-pin bow sight is made in the United States and is a proud pick for bowhunters. Here are the features of this winner:

• Yardage tapes included for setting up targets to 20 to 80 yards.

• Ultra-bright fiber optic and durable construction.

• ARMOR pin technology to ensure durability. Aluminum housing for fiber optic.

• RDS technology for yardage adjustments.

• Offers accuracy up till 100 yards.

The HHA Optimizer is a lightweight sight with a single pin to reduce the drama and show results! 

There is no doubt that the Optimizer is an excellent choice for bowhunters and 3D shooters too! 

The best part about this award-winning single pin bow sight is that it really lasts and can be put to use for success time after time. 

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2: Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight

single pin bow sights for hunting

One of the most affordable and accurate hunting bow sights out there-the Trophy Ridge Pursuit, is of high quality without the high price! If you are a newbie, this single pin bow sight is for you! 

With the minimum amount of adjustments and the maximum comfort, you will fall in love with hunting with a clear view! Check out the features, and let’s discuss what we like about this sight.

• Aluminum body, lightweight.

• Increased accuracy in low light conditions.

• Fibre optic pin.

• Second and third axis adjustment.

• Mechanical rheostat light.

• Helps with muscle memory, form, and consistency.

• Delrin brushings with no metal-to-metal contact.

The build of this Trophy Ridge is fantastic, just as the name confirms. This brand of hunting bow sights proves that hunting can be luxurious while this bow sight’s price is considerably low. 

If you shoot downhill or from a high tree stand, the second and third axis adjustment ensures the target hit.

The Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight is noise-free and will not divert your attention-so that when you shoot, you know you hit the target too! 

One small thing to remember is that you will have to keep an Allen Wrench to adjust wind while using this single pin bow sight, and the entire housing will need a manual shift. However, the results are all worth this small hassle.

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3: TRUGLO Pendulum Sight

best one pin bow sight

Whether you are on a tree or shooting from a distance, the Truglo Pendulum Sight is the right choice for those who prefer single pin bow sights. Bowhunting can be challenging as you have to be quiet, stealthy, and take decisions quickly. 

Your standing posture or drawing technique determines success. Therefore, concentrating on multiple pins to calculate the right length to shoot may become too tedious. 

Hunters choose accessories according to their choice and working style. However, if you are a single pin sight person, try this bow sight to hit bull’s eye without much thinking.

The features of Pendulum Bow Sight include:

• Made with CNC aluminum.

• Machined precision.

• Noise-free.

• With the pendulum locked in place can be used for target shooting.

• Best target distance up to 30 yards.

• Pre-printed yardage tapes.

Not to mention the tool-less micro-adjust windage; Pendulum is the right choice for all of you who prefer not to spend any time on accessories. 

Again, we must mention that while you are bow hunting, the least bit of distraction is desired. This means that if you want to concentrate on hitting the target, you wouldn’t want to worry about multiple pins, focus, and assessment of distances. The pendulum is a noise-free single pin bow sight and allows for full success.

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4: Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg Father Wrapped Bow Single Sight

best single pin bow sights 2021

A pricey bow sight might sound like a turn-off but remember that all expensive things are only worth the price if they offer more! 

If you compare the price of Spot Hogg with other single pin bow sights, you might not want to buy it. However, take a look at the features before deciding:

• Precision in elevation and windage adjustments.

Second and third axis levels adjustments.

• Extra reference point at full draw.

• Spread out sight marks give clarity.

• Smooth locking mechanism.

• Removable rack and travel case.

• Laser engravings on sight scale and knobs.

• MRT technology.

This adjustable single pin bow sight is available in many configurations, and left-handed or right-handed hunters can use it with equal ease. Tommy Hogg has multiple pin settings, which means that you will have to specify that you want a one-pin bow sight instead of a multi-pin. 

This bow sight has a micro-adjustment pointer to set the elevation and windage. Horizontal and vertical pin adjustments are also possible without the use of tools. It is easy to use as the yardage knob is large, and there are laser engravings on the knobs and scales. 

The solid aluminum body is light, while it serves more than any other bow sight. The sight comes with a removable rack and a travel case. 

This single pin bow sight ensures comfort, and of course, the success of hitting your target and bringing down prey is the most celebrated feature of this expensive, yet precise hunting bow sight. 

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5: APEX Gear Covert 

single pin bow sight left hand

Now we are back to the affordable range, and the Apex Covert is a great choice! With several unique features, the Apex Gear Covert comes with Versa-pin technology. Check out the features here:

• Right-hand and left-hand adjustment.

• Micro push-button light, 2, and 3 axis adjustments available.

• Single pin bow sight allows switching from 0.019″ to 0.010.”

• LED light and low light indicator. Enables sight in dark areas such as ground blinds or heavy cover in the scrub and bushes.

• Precision can be maintained by glowing indicator pin use.

• Aperture housing comes with tilt adjustments. Horizontal and vertical workable.

• Single-hand and gravity line adjustments.

If you have any difficulty in identifying colors, this single pin sight is for you! You can choose the pin color, and it can help with the visibility due to its standing out light color against the dark hour view. 

The 0.010″ and 0.019″ fiber optic pins are interchangeable, which makes it a swift and easy choice. With so many adjustments, there is a low chance you don’t feel most comfortable using the Apex Gear Covert!

This bow sight proves that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on an accessory that can provide options to suit individuals. 

Now you can make one purchase to enjoy hunting success, while the adjustments allow you to make the sight work for the various scenarios.

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6: TRUGLO Range Rover Pro

left handed single pin bow sights

And here’s a bonus pick for the hunters who like to try bow sights that are different, yet the same! When it comes to sights, Truglo is a pioneer, and many hunters only go by this name for sights. 

The wide range of bow sight options at Truglo is not overwhelming but welcoming. You feel as if you will find your perfect single pin bow sight among the many excellent options under this brand alone.

The Range Rover Pro has many modern features that don’t only add to its credentials but also the look! Sleek, technical, yet simple to use, this pin bow sight is an excellent addition to your hunting gear even if you have another reliable bow sight! 

The Range Rover Pro works with a battery that runs for a long time. Here are the features:

• 80 pre-marked tapes for easy setup.

• Solid sight tape kit and micro-adjust windage.

• Operated by right or left-hand orientation.

• Glow in the dark shooter’s sight ring.

• Large field of view.

• Tool-less windage.

Wait! This pin sight does not even have a pin! However, we took the liberty of adding it to the single pin bow sight list as it does not have the complicated pins! 

Another reason is that just like single pin bow sights, this sight has low adjustment requirements, making it similar to many single pin bow sights. We saw this sight and thought you would like to be introduced. 

However, these features of Range R\over Pro makes it a good option for beginners and regular hunters who want a hassle-free sight that brings results. Instead of pins, you have a dot visible through the sight. 

This dot helps adjust the aim without a cluttered view! This bow sight has eleven adjustable brightness settings. 

Apart from this, this sight’s design enhances accuracy, which is why we chose this device for the list, even when it does not have a pin but a dot to guide you to success! 

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Last thoughts:

When buying accessories and enhancement tools for hunting, bow sight is essential as it allows a good view and a sure shot. 

Single pin bow sights are less of a trouble for hunters who prefer lesser adjustments and do not want the diversion of multiple pins.

We have listed six of the most selling and liked hunting bow sights so that you can enjoy your next hunting trip with a simple and easy partner without going through the dozens of options in the market. 

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