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Best States for Hunting in 2021

People who ask about the best state for hunting often need to specify the type of hunting they are interested in. Bird hunting, deer hunting, hare hunting, or boar hunting? 

Which game are you most interested in? Different areas are best for various types of animal hunters. Before we start a lecture on geography and how it impacts animals in the area, let’s dive right into the list of best places for different kinds of hunting.

• Alaska

 No, this is not a list in alphabetical order! Alaska is number one for many types of hunting. The expanse of open land and the public-owned areas where big game is in abundance-Alaska provides the best opportunity for hunters to become winners. 

Grizzly bears, brown bears, moose, elk, and mountain goats are all there in an open area where you can shoot easily, and improve your style!

The technical side of hunting also requires the assurance that the state laws allow hunting as a licensed sport. Alaska is number one for hunting big game in this regard as well. 

Fishing also is a recognized sport and in Alaska, there are many types of fish that you can hunt. Almost 15% of people in Alaska have hunting licenses, and that speaks volumes about the prospects of you fitting in well!

• Montana

With more than 30 million acres of public land, there are ample opportunities for you in Montana. 

A beautiful state with numerous kinds of hunting adventures available, you can hunt moose, black bears, elk, deer, bison, and pronghorn antelope. Montana is not as icy as Alaska so maybe a few hunters prefer it because of its excellent weather.

• Idaho

One of the popular sports of Idaho is hunting. You can find many kinds of big and medium animals there. The list includes sheep, turkeys, mountain lions, wolves, and a lot more! 

The landscape of Idaho is diverse and therefore the variety of hunting games is very vast. However, the population of Idaho that hunts is lower than Montana or Alaska. Although 60% of the state land is public property, there are fewer hunters than one would expect. So how about you go out there and try your luck?

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• South Dakota

Gone are the days when people ate what they hunted, but in South Dakota, a good quarter of the population hunts. If you are looking for big games like buffalo and mountain goats. 

What adds to this hunting state is that it has a breathtaking view so you can while away hours as you wait for the prey in the open fields.

• North Dakota

All big game is available for you in the open fields of North Dakota! The north state has a high percentage of the population that hunts, but the expanse of land allows all of us to visit once in a while! 

Pheasants, antelope, mallards, and whitetails present a lot of opportunity to all of you who want to bring home stories of glories!

• Pennsylvania

 Not as wide as the mid-states, but Pennsylvania is a rich state for hunters. All kinds of birds and big animals are available for you to try out your luck with! 

Numerous private hunting grounds provide ample open fields and animals to target. Pennsylvania has a lot of other interesting tourism attractions. Moreover, the state ranks first for bowhunting and rifle hunting density per square mile.

• Wyoming

I feel as if you were looking for this name as you started reading! Wyoming is a wide and large state that offers ample open space for hunting. Additionally, the big game hunters will find many good reasons to stick with this state as their first choice. 

Elk, moose, antelope, mountain goat, deer, sheep, and bison are all there! If you are not a bird hunter, or if you want to start your hunting trips in the wilderness, Wyoming is an excellent choice. 

One thing that you need to know before you pack is that the state laws do not allow hunters from other states to embark on their adventures without a native guide or a resident hunter. In the federal wilderness areas, you must follow the rules of the state!

• Wisconsin

Whitetail deer hunting is the most popular type of hunting in this state. Hunters also choose other animals but the most popular deer hunting state is Wisconsin. 

You can enjoy 7 million acres of open fields and the hundreds of lakes allow fishing opportunities too! For all hunters who also like to fish, Wisconsin should be a number one choice.

The geographical factor:

 When in doubt, all you need to do is pull out a map of the United States and start locating the northern, central, and southern states.

As you go north, the animals will be thick-skinned elk, moose, bison, and bears. The weather of these states is also harsh as the winters are too cold and the summers are windy. However, the hare and wolf hunters can also enjoy the northern states!

The central states have a vast variety of big game hunters, as well as medium and small animal hunting. Wolves, buffalo, bison, elk, moose, and deer are all available to you if you are looking for a hunting season in a central state.

Southern states may not have a lot of deer or moose hunters but you can always hunt turkey, ducks, and other birds. Buffalo hunting is also a good way to enjoy your trip to one of these states! 

However, each state has its hunting laws and one has to be aware of them. You must get a state license that is available with the forest department. A little knowledge of geography can get you a lot of benefits!

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 Hunting is legal in numerous states and then some states do not allow a certain type of hunting. For all of you, the first step to locate the best hunting state is to understand the laws. 

Then, you have to see what kinds of animals are available for hunting. 

The list of states given above is our favorite place where you will enjoy a hunting adventure with friends, and while doing so, you remain within the parameters of legal hunting laws. Now you can plan a trip and enjoy every minute of it.

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