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Best Survival Bow 2021 (Top 7 Picks)

A lot of bows labeled as survival bow by the companies are not worth it. We tried many of them from multiple brands, and here is the best survival bow list as per our experience.

Best Survival Bow 2021 Reviews:



Draw Weight


Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow
35lbs to 55lbs

SAS Tactical Surviving Bow
50-pound and 55-pound

Southwest Archery Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow Bundle

Light Weight

Spectre Combat Takedown Bow
25 pound to 45 pound
SinoArt 58” Folding Bow Black Alloy Archery Bow           
35 pounds to 55 pounds

Kainokai traditional handmade longbow horse bow, hunting recurve archery bow

20 pounds and 70 pounds

1: Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

Beginners will find a new best friend in this survival bow. Simple, easy to understand, and very faithful, Samick Sage is economical as well. 

The hard maple wood riser is laminated in Oliver Dymondwood and gives the bow that looks that we all grew up imagining on a perfect bow! I loved the look of it.

Here are the features:

• Available in draw weight between 35lbs to 55lbs.

• Eye-catching design and lightweight.

• For right-handed archers like me.

• Includes riser, fiberglass laminated limbs, 14-dacron bowstring, arrow rest.

The Samick Sage Takedown Recurve is the choice of champions, as the brand claims. We do agree that the brand has proved its place as one of the best equipment for archers, and has high manufacturing standards. I always loved their products.

However, if you are left-handed, you might not find this bow of any use. The lightweight recurve bow has many advantages for beginners, and if you are a seasoned archer, it will become a natural choice due to the simple design and manageability. 

The 40-pound variety of this bow is excellent for deer hunting, and you will enjoy your trip because you don’t feel as if you are carrying a heavy weapon although the success is the same as if you carried a large double-cam system crossbow!

What we liked about this bow is that it does not require any settings and is a smart bow for beginners. A survival bow has to be of use for all, and this particular model fits the definition well. 

This takedown bow is economical as it will be by your side for years until you decide to add some variety. Samick Sage is easy to maintain and does not have any parts that need polishing or anti-rust treatment. 

The bowstring is strong, and brass bushings allow various attachments and upgrades. 

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2: SAS Tactical Surviving Bow

Here’s a modern folding bow that you can carry with convenience! Before we tell you about our experience with this equipment, here are the features:

• Modern longbow.

• Maximum draw length of 31 inches.

• Bow length of 60 inches when strung.

• 21 inches long when folded.

• Arrow speed of up to 200ft per second.

• 50-pound and 55-pound versions.

This survival bow is available in various draw weight options. The portability factor makes it a good choice for archers as they do not require special kits and precautionary covers. 

SAS Tactical bow has a unique compact folding system, which is the most appealing feature of this fast and furious bow! 

The arrow speed is high, which means you can use it for many adventures out there! The speed and construction of any tactical bow make it a hit with archers. 

For this survival bow in hand, you will give full points for both these features as the high speed of arrows is too good for a simple and easy-to-carry bow like the SAS Tactical!

What we liked about this tactical bow is that it is slightly bigger than other tactical bows and still has a manageable weight. Moreover, the lightweight bow is made of Aerospace grade T6 aluminum construction. 

The retaining pin is made from marine-grade stainless steel. The silence feature is also a big plus as it adds to your success in the wild, and on the field, it gives you the concentration you need to deliver a Bull’s Eye! 

The quiver, camo carry case and backpack are a modern addition that makes the SAS Tactical Bow a favorite for those who try it once!

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3: Southwest Archery Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow Bundle

 The bundle for survival just got better with the Sage Bundle. This set includes:

• 62-inch Samick Sage bow,

• Bowstring,

• Southwest Archery Stringertool

Hard Maple limbs with black fiberglass coating look good and also create an excellent sturdy bow, which goes a long way. The bow warranty is for one year, while the stringer tool warranty is for a lifetime! 

What’s more, is that users can buy limbs separately to customize their bow in terms of weight and size. If you want longer limbs or a heavier recurve bow, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have it!

The Southwest Archery Samick Takedown bundle is a good option for everyone as it can be used by right-handed and left-handed people alike. 

Moreover, the bow comes with a whole set that is useful in the wild or on the range. Beginners can work with this recurve kit with the same ease as old-timers, and the strings ensure a speedy arrow, while the grip does not waiver. 

The Samick Sage Takedown is an excellent choice while selecting the survival bow as we liked every feature of this weapon. When it comes to the best survival bow, it doesn’t get better than this bundle!

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4: Spectre Combat Takedown Bow

 The best survival kit is one that does not challenge your archery skills and ensures a good hit. Spectre Combat is a good pick for beginners and old-timers alike. 

Made in the United States, this bow is reliable, and draw weights are adjustable. You can choose between 25 pounds, 35 pounds, and 45 pounds. We can adjust the length between three and 30 inches. Here are a few features:

• Easy stringing by bending limbs.

• Lightweight bow to support beginners.

• Easy shot possible with less effort and better balance.

• Gold-tip Warriors Arrows.

• Comes with a quiver and arrows.

The Spectre Combat is an excellent choice when you want to experience hunting and shooting simply. 

You have to string this takedown bow with expertise, and the sense of achievement will add to your adventure in many ways. The low-maintenance bow looks like a typical medieval-era weapon and in some ways that add to the value!

What we liked about Spectre Combat is that it does not involve any technical work. The best way to perfect archery is by working on a simple and precise bow and this weapon fulfills this purpose well. 

Users can enjoy a good hunting trip or a day at the range with this fantastic takedown bow that comes with options to accommodate all levels of shooting expertise.

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5: SinoArt 59” Folding Bow Black Alloy Archery Bow

The best description of this survival bow is the picture. Sleek, light, and a very modern design. The aluminum alloy and resin fiber, which give great power. Here are some features of this bow:

• Easy to carry due to light construction.

• Limbs are made of an improved fiberglass sheet.

• Package includes the bow and string only. Arrows are not included.

• Ergonomically designed to deliver the best shots.

• Bow available in 35 pounds to 55 pounds options.

SinoArt is a 59-inch folding survival bow that looks amazing and performs like a pro. This folding bow is a unique design as it does not look like any conventional bow. 

The limbs are made of improved fiberglass, which makes the limbs 20% more efficient. The round riser and grip not only give a unique look but also add to the experience by providing a stronghold.

What we liked about SinoArt is that the folding bow is easy to carry and easy to work with. All archers and hunters will find the bow to be an amazing addition to their hunting and archery kits. 

You may want to look at more pictures to understand how this survival bow is easily strung and handled without much care! Low-maintenance and low demanding bow that looks like the rockstar of the range or woods-SinoArt is a piece of art and you will agree too!

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6: Kainokai traditional handmade longbow horse bow, hunting recurve archery bow

The Kainokai handmade longbow is a beauty! Not only for the eyes, but all archers will agree that the features packed in this bow are too good for any beginner:

• Draw weight between 20 pounds and 70 pounds.

• Bow arm made with transparent epoxy and wrapped in leather.

• Manageable for people with both right and left-hand orientation.

• Locust wood handle.

• Handguard, finger guard, and hunting arrows are included in the kit.

The bowstring wax and bowstring are also included in the survival kit, and this completes your recurve archery requirements. The arrow range is more than 150 meters with the wooden arrows that come with this survival bow. 

However, if you use carbon meters, the arrow range improves to 200 meters. The delicate and durable bow is easy to handle as it is light, and any user can concentrate on their target instead of trying to handle the weapon!

Kainokai Traditional Handmade Bow is a great sight and what’s even better is that it is precise and comes in various options to suit every level of archery. 

What we liked about this bow is that it is simple and can be used for people of both left and right-hand orientations. Moreover, the shooting speed is fast. 

What you may want to consider is that this bow does not fold and its long length makes it hard to carry. The thin and longbow is delicate and you will have to carry it carefully!

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7: SOOHUPET Youth Compound Bow for Hunting, and Beginner, Junior Compound Package

 Here’s another top-quality survival bow that made it to our top survival kits for 2021. The aluminum construction of this bow makes it light, and the cool colors make it classy! Check out the features here:

• Light and compact bow made with 6061-T6 pure aluminum.

• Wood-like nylon handle grip, which makes handling easier.

• Sight, balance bar, arrow table, and arrow side pad can be assembled on this bow.

Soohupet is a known brand, and the sleek bow is enough to understand the expertise of this brand with features that make this weapon an ideal archery survival kit! 

The bow comes complete with all parts and you can head over to the range or the woods after picking this case. 

What we liked about this bow is that it is an excellent beginner’s kit as it is light and allows newbies to concentrate on the game rather than focusing on balance or the small technicalities of holding the bow.

There are six color options and they are all mesmerizing in their way. Younger archers will like this bow more than others due to its light construction and colors.


What is a survival bow kit? Are all survival bows collapsible?

Collapsible bows are the ones that can fold and become compact. Beginners and archers find convenience with collapsible bows, and what makes them survival bows is their long-lasting nature. 

The limbs and risers of survival bows are designed to last long. Moreover, the survival kit helps you fight any danger, hence the name survival kit. This bow can be your go-to weapon for any kind of trouble that you may face.

Survival bows might not be the cheapest option out there but they are designed to be light and collapse to become a portable favorite! 

The work on these bows is also minimal. You can string them with minimum effort while there is no maintenance work for cam systems and strings. 

The best survival kits for anyone can keep them safe and ready for a hunt in the woods, or hit Bull’s Eye on the range.

 Benefits of a collapsible survival kit

The survival bow has a simple design, mostly recurve. They fold easily to become compact so you can carry them easily. 

Another advantage of this revolutionary kit is that the components of the collapsible bow serve more than one purpose. The bowstring can be used in making traps and snares, while the arrows can be used for catching fish.

A survival bow is silent, and it can be used as a piece of excellent hunting equipment. For people who do not want to carry a big weapon for hunting; there is no need either! 

You can rely on a collapsible bow that can serve the purpose of shooting down an animal while also coming in handy for various small purposes!

Beginners can pick up the skill quickly on a recurve that is collapsible, and easy to carry. Once you learn to work on this kit, you will never want to try another weapon.

The absence of mechanical parts like a cam system and an illuminated sight might sound redundant but using this recurve is easy and becomes the best way to play the hunting game! You will begin to love this kit and all fancy additions for a wholesome hunting experience will fail!

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