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Our Buck 119 Review (Old is Gold)

I tried buck 119 on three hunting trips and here is our in-depth buck 119 review.

One of the classic hunting knives that have been around for 50 years is still one of the best today. Buck knives are a pioneer in hunting knives, and the name pretty much covers quite a few bases. 

However, as a piece of essential equipment to carry with you, here is a detailed review of the Buck 119 Special.

The same old look and carrying on the old tradition of simplistic yet adequately strong and sturdy, the Buck 119 is a traditional hunting knife that will never disappoint. 

As this hunting knife goes back to almost half a century, one can imagine what a handsome pick it must have been back then! 

Black leather washer handle, silver blade, and the right size of a knife make the 119 special. This design and shape have pulled through 50 years, so read on and find out why!

If you go back 50 years to the time when buck 119 was introduced, it was considered a big knife. The fixed blade, black handle and the long shaft was all a very overwhelming essential for hunting

However, nowadays, you can find bigger blades and longer knives, so buck 119 doesn’t seem to be substantial. Made with Phenolic, which is the hard plastic, this handle can withstand some pressure. 

The grooves are also a comfort feature that makes it a good pick if you like grip and a better hold on your hunting knife. The 6-inch blade is the right size for most of us. 

Today’s outdoor knives can be too heavy or delicate, but we found the Buck 119 to be a proper combination of strength and comfortable usage. 

Like all the Buck knives, this blade is hollow ground, which is the Buck signature but makes the 119 stands out from among contemporary knives.

That is not all; this handle has another advantage when you hunt in colder areas. The grip is comfortable to hold even when the temperature falls to freezing or below.

With a thickness of 3/16 inches, the buck 119 knife is sturdy. It is chunkier as a little more search can find you a knife with 1/8 inch thick blade.

However, since this one is an outdoor knife, we can give it the points for being a strong one! Several other knives come with machining errors, or a blade so thin; you might not even feel confident with it in the wilderness. 

Buck 119 is reliable, and you know you have a weapon if you carry this chunky and robust knife. From rope cutting to clearing the way and slicing meat, this hunting knife is a smart companion that will help you trudge forward and beat the hunt!

The tip of the knife is pointed, and that is how many hunters, including myself, would prefer it. However, there have been tales of adventurers from nearby, who grind the tip to get a stout and thick front. 

Nonetheless, the pointed tip of the buck 119 knife can come in handy many times. If your hunting requires a blunt and sturdy tip, you can try grinding it a little too!

Buck 119 may have some competition when it comes to slicing. If we compare this American produce with the blades from Scandinavia, there are some things, like slicing, which are not as appealing. 

You may want to carry a sharp slicer if you plan to cook out on the field. For some light wood carving or camp set-ups, the Buck 119 is pretty decent and won’t let you down in any way! Of course, for stabbing and field dressing

Like us, you will find the Buck 119 good enough for all hunting work or outdoor adventures, but don’t expect it to become a multi-purpose weapon for all the outdoor activities! 

Clip point blade, shorter and manageable than many other knives, Buck 119 is a class of its own and doesn’t miss the groove in the blade. It adds the Indiana Jones factor.

The part that serves as a downside is the guard above the handle. Many times while I worked with this hunting knife, my finger got choked up, and that was a disappointment as it slowed me down. 

The finger’s position can be dangerous too, and one generally slows down and becomes cautious as it can be hazardous. Moreover, the guard and butt of the Buck 119 are aluminum, so don’t even think about hammering a peg with it!

If you bought the knife some years ago, you would have a leather sheath to go with. 

However, nowadays, buck 119 comes with a nylon sheath, which robs some part of its strength at first glance, but as you unveil the knife, it is a surprisingly good companion for most of your outdoor trips. 

You can buy the leather sheath separately and keep your knife safe and happy.



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buck 119

Buck 119 Review



Buck 119: Good for a lot of things!

Buck 119 knife

When I carried the Buck 119 for hunting, it came in handy with many things from setting up the stands to handling the prey. 

Cutting out the intestines or piercing the skin is very doable with this knife in hand. When you are ready to use your hunting bounty and make something from it, the sharp tip comes in to play. 

One thing you need to watch out for is cutting yourself as you exert force and hold the knife in a way that your index finger might get choked. 

The blade can be very unforgiving if you don’t take a break and hold the knife properly. The Buck 119 is capable of cutting through more prominent bones so you can rely on this beauty for most of your carving and meat preparation. 

However, for sturdy joints or rib cage dissembling, tactic and an additional weapon might be more useful! Buck 119 has a right length blade that helps penetrate small and big games easily.

Apart from the meat, this hunting knife is of great value when you set up and untie the camp or stand. A lighter movement of your wrist can ensure better use of time with the arrangements for a productive hunting trip or outdoor adventure. 

There is a reason that Buck claims this to be their most-selling knife, and it is believable.

The Buck 119 can be a valuable weapon for cutting wood or even sharpening sticks for hunting if not hunting. Just be sure that as you try to work with this hunting knife, the lack of choil can be a problem as the metal starts to bite into your skin. 

When working on smaller sticks or pegs, your hand can get very uncomfortable due to the stress on the index finger. Buck 119 can be an excellent slicer and piercer. 

In case you use it as a cooking and cutting tool, the hunting knife is reliable and will sharply help you cut perfectly. Therefore, this knife is one of the best for camping or outdoor adventures that involve setting up camp and culinary events!

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The Buck 119 as a survival tool

Hunting knives are essential for outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting, and even forest exploration. 

Hunters and venturers prefer a knife that is sharp, easy to stow, and safe to carry. Some people might prefer a fixed blade, and I am one of them! 

The Buck 119 is a medium-sized knife, but the performance of 119 is among the best compared to other hunting knives. 

As a survival tool or for cutting prey, the hunting knife has a sharp blade, sturdy handle, and can be kept close to the body in its sheath, without any risk of getting hurt. 

There are a plethora of 6-inch knives in the market today, but all these knives are different in their ways. Buck 119 is a bestseller due to many reasons that are explained here.

The 420HC steel blade is a signature of the brand and does all jobs well. You can sharpen the blade easily, and it will go a long way! 

This knife has been around longer than the others, and there’s a reason for its long-standing reputation. 

The Phenolic handle and the aluminum guard and butt give it a distinct look and make it a comfortable blade to use. Cleaning small game becomes fairly easy with Buck 119, but it is equally effective for significant game cutting and penetration. 

Overall, this knife is a must-keep for camping, trekking, hiking, and all outdoor activities.

Buck 119 Vs. other knives

Every feature of Buck 119 is on point, but there are many other choices in the market that might sound favorable according to your personal preferences.

The blade on Buck 119 is hollow ground and is one of the best in the market. So if you focus on the blade, this knife is your perfect pick. 

The clip point blade is very similar to the Ontario Marine Raider, which has many other advantages except penetration!

For bushcraft and survival, you can find many Scandinavian sharp blades, but the handle and sturdy grip of Buck 119 is unique in its way. You can hold it and clear the way into the wilderness. 

Simultaneously, you can cut and sharpen wood pegs to set up camp or use it as arrows. Batoning and other rough tasks require a reinforced tip, but this knife is equally good as LT Wright.

Aesthetically, Buck 119 is a wonderful combination of silver and black. The best part about this knife is that the handle is not only good looking but does its job right. All in all, if you buy the Buck 119, you get an excellent deal for the price.   

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