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Can You Eat Coyote during Hunting Trip?

All hunters have good and bad days. Some days you can shoot down moose and elks, while other days there is no win! However, during the early season, all hunters change their focus from deer to smaller targets like coyotes, hare, and rabbits. So, the common question is: Can you eat coyotes during Hunting trips?

We all know hare is a delicious fix and a hunter will never be disappointed if they shoot down a hare as it guarantees a feast. 

However, do you feel the same way about the coyote? Can you enjoy a coyote after an adventurous hunting trip out in the woods? 

The answer is yes, yes, and yes! Hunters who hunt coyotes know that it is a great meal and can be eaten to enjoy the brave hunting trip!

Can You eat coyote?

In your opinion, how many hunters do you think to prepare coyotes for a meal? The answer may be in thousands! 

There are no animals that you cannot eat but due to the norms, we follow the precedent and our minds cannot perceive that this song-dog can be on a table too! However, seasoned hunters know that a delicious coyote may require a special technique, but it remains excellent meat to devour.

How does it taste?

Now that we know that coyote is edible, let’s clarify that eating or not eating this animal is a personal choice based on taste. People who enjoy coyote hunting often wondered what to do with their trophy win after they have marveled enough over it!

Coyote is tough meat and it tastes a bit like beef, but many people get disgusted by the idea of eating it. In North America, the hunters are not inclined to try coyote meat, although it is liked by all those who ultimately break the norm and try it out.

Cooking a coyote maybe a tad bit harder than a bird or hare. This meat becomes very tender when cooked properly. If you overcook it, the meat will become tough, and if you undercook it, the meat will be an experience you would never want to go back to.

Eat what you kill!

Does it sound right to you to kill a coyote only to satiate the hunter in you? Hunting is a sport, but it stems from the necessity of food! If you hunt deer, elks, and hare. 

All these animals are eaten so hunting and killing do not imply insensitive behavior. However, if you hunt coyote and then leave it to decay, there is no glory!

Hunting coyotes is a tricky sport, and it challenges hunter skills alright! But, apart from sharpening your skills, remember that you owe this to nature. 

You must hunt the animal that you can consume later on. Coyote meat is delicious for those who tried it, and for you, the first time might be a hard decision, but the taste will make you go back for more!

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When to eat coyote?

There are ample opportunities to hunt coyotes, as many states in America allow coyote hunting all year round. You can hunt this animal in the summers and enjoy a balmy afternoon cookout with friends. Another scenario is a fall bonfire with some coyote meat skewers!

All hunters must be informed that coyotes will taste differently at different times of the year. A summer coyote will taste differently, and the winter hunt will be fresher. 

Why? The diet of these animals in winters is fresh meat, and in the summers they feed off the rotting animals. This diet intake makes a difference in the way the coyote meat will taste.

Go slow and enjoy the meal!

After hunting out a coyote, you know the regular drill. Clean, cut, and cook! If you keep the cooking slow, you are sure to enjoy the tender meal. 

There are various ways of cooking the meat and enjoy the taste. You would know it best if you have cooked your hunt in the wilderness. Next time you can even carry some recipes and special spices to enjoy the best coyote meat!

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Coyote meat can be consumed, as opposed to the belief of numerous hunters in North America. We all have not heard of people eating coyotes after the hunt. 

However, if you ask whether you can eat coyote meat or not, then the answer is yes. Just like deer meat is tender and cooks quickly, and elk meat may take longer; coyote meat is tough if overcooked. 

The technique for coyote cooking may be different but once you become an expert at it, you will enjoy coyote hunting even more!

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  1. They eat Rotting Meat, I’ve seen them, they must taste like shit… This article is for the scavengers. I kill enough Deer to eat all year so coyotes get into my gunsights and are left to rot…


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