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Centerpoint sniper 370 crossbow reviews

We tried Centerpoint 370 for hunting on 4 different occasions and here is our in-depth CenterPoint sniper 370 crossbow review

This crossbow will be a good purchase if you are a regular hunter, or even if you are a beginner! We found numerous exciting features, with minimum drawbacks, which make this crossbow a right choice.

The criterion for Reviewing:






Centerpoint sniper 370 crossbow

370 FPS


When we tried out the Centerpoint sniper 370, we set a few features to be considered specially. These features of a crossbow might not relate to the crossbow, but the hunters’ requirements. The factors we found were:

  • Hunter’s budget
  • Type of hunting
  • The skill level and body type.

Nowadays, all crossbows including sniper 370 are manufactured for hunters of all types of physique. However, the price of the crossbow is an essential factor for all hunters. Buyers will reject a crossbow, no matter how perfect it might be for them. We discussed the cheap crossbow options here.

Similarly, if you are going for some deer-hunting, a mighty bow is needed. On the contrary, if you only want to hunt down birds, you will not need a crossbow that throws out arrows at 400FPS! 

Now, the level of skill is undoubtedly something that has to be considered while buying a crossbow. Beginners can handle the Centerpoint Sniper 370 with ease as it is light and not very big. New crossbow hunters will not have to handle the crossbow or concentrate on balancing as they shoot. 

What’s in the name?

Centerpoint Sniper 370 is a product of Crosman, a pioneer manufacturer with several successful designs of airguns and crossbows. The name suits this product, as it has tremendous accuracy and speed.

The size of this crossbow is small and helps you maneuver in the wild! So when you are out hunting some deer or other big game, pack this crossbow and shoot like a pro.

If books have a bestseller, we can say Crosman has the Sniper 370. If you are looking for an efficient and sturdy crossbow while watching the budget, here’s one you can pick right away!

The Centerpoint Sniper 370 is as simple as it sounds. Like a real sniper, it kills, it finishes, but without a sound!

Meet the Centerpoint Sniper 370

As with all hunting equipment, selecting a crossbow is somewhat a personal choice but depends more on your strength, style of shooting, and type of game.

If you are out to hunt big game, a more powerful crossbow is needed. The Sniper 370 has several merits, which make it a safe and long-lasting partner for all hunters.

In our endeavor to help you find the right crossbow for years to come, here’s a look into the specifications of Sniper 370:

• Arrow speed 370FPS,

• Draw weight 185lbs,

• Kinetic energy 130lbs,

• 36-inch length,

• weight 7.9lbs,

• Trigger pull 5 lbs,

• Width 21 inches uncocked, 18 inches cocked.

These specifications are not all, but somewhat help you decide whether it is a good fit for your hunting needs or not. As we held this bow, it did not feel cumbersome; neither was it too technical to understand. 

The simple assembly makes this crossbow a right choice for beginners also, and the bonus is that it is a complete buy with bolts, quiver, scope, shoulder sling, and a rope cocker

You will not have to buy accessories separately. Although, some of these accessories appear to be of cheaper material. The safety mechanism on the CenterPoint Sniper 370 reduces ill shots and risk of injury. 

However, the only drawback that we found was the adjustable stock. Make sure you try and adjust the stock before you go out, as the creaking noises of adjustments might scare your prey!

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Design and build

The build of any crossbow plays a pivotal role in its efficiency in the field. One look at the CNC-machined Cams tells you that the bolts will fly out at a staggering speed!

Similarly, the composite limbs maintain the total weight to a minimum. CNC-machined rail, aluminum riser, and the stock add to the grace and lightness of this crossbow, giving it an edge. 

Beginners and seasoned hunters like this crossbow equally—As the draw weight and compact style of Sniper 370 is manageable for all hunters.

You can adapt the crossbow according to your hunting style with the adjustable stock option. The comfortable and smooth trigger makes shooting easy, while the quad limbs complete the look and precision of this bow. 

In the Centerpoint Sniper 370, you find a complete hunting partner, which enhances your experience and also improves your hunting skills. You will not have to concentrate on holding the bolt, or pulling the trigger. You can now focus only on the target, and sooner than you know, it will be down!

The Sniper 370 comes with several accessories. You can use the 4×32 scope to perfect your aim while the pass-through foregrip helps add balance. The rail on this crossbow is a luxury feature as you do not see it on other crossbows within the same price range.

Safety features

The Sniper 370 crossbow has two active safety systems. One is the Anti-Dry Fire system, which prevents dry fire accidents and injuries.

This trigger safety system reduces the chance of an ill shot, ensuring a direct hit every time! Many crossbows have just one of these safety systems, but Sniper 370 provides a good time for you in every way!


Every hunter welcomes the accessories included in the purchase of Sniper 370!

The manufacturer supplies bolts made of carbon, which complement the crossbow speed and are light enough to tear through the air! 

A quiver for your arrows keeps your hunting weapons accessible, making you a swift hunter. The shoulder sling that comes with your crossbow allows easy transportation.

As you stealthily move about in the woods, your arrows and crossbow remain in place! To top it all, the rope cocker reduces strain, ensuring hours of hunting pleasure.

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Silent as a sniper should be!

Whenever you go to buy a crossbow, the salesman will mention this feature as an attraction. 

The noise and vibration of a crossbow is probably the first feature any hunter is interested in! We mention it at the end of all features so that you know everything before you hit the gavel and consolidate your decision!

Centerpoint Sniper 370 has vibration stops, which eliminate vibrations and help you maintain a quiet position while shooting the prey. The noise suppressing stops are the feature that defines this crossbow. The suppressors on the Sniper 370 do their job well, and add to its reputation as a great choice!

The few drawbacks

We used Sniper 370 for shooting, adjusting, and tried out all aspects keeping in mind that every hunter would need to know the details. 

While most of the crossbow features were excellent, there were just two small areas of concern. Firstly, as we mentioned earlier, the stock adjustment became noisy. 

The squeals of the composite with aluminum was a little too loud for a hunting bow, especially when compared with some of the best recurve bows for hunting! If you decide to set the stock adjustments, it might make your prey run away. 

Another factor that didn’t excite us much about sniper 370 is more than necessary trigger creep. We shared this opinion with some users, and they agreed.

Trigger creep is a distance that the trigger has to cover before the sear drops and releases the arrow. This isn’t a significant defect, but it may cause slight discomfort when you are out for hours. 

These small defects are not barriers for hunters who like the crossbow. However, we needed to point it out, so you know all about Sniper 370 when you go to purchase!

Last thoughts:

Centerpoint Sniper 370 is an excellent choice for new and seasoned hunters alike. It is compact, light, and the right partner for big game hunting. 

This crossbow has a lot of advantages, while the only drawback is the adjustable stock, which may squeak while you make changes to suit your stature. 

The trigger creep is minor discomfort, which fails to discourage hunters from buying it! Sniper 370 suits all body types, and balancing this small, and sturdy crossbow is easy.

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