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Crossbow Vs Bow in Minecraft: Which one is better?

For all Minecraft fans, one of the most significant decisions is choosing the right weapon. Even if you are a seasoned hunter in real life, this choice will be hard for you! The new weapon in Minecraft is the Crossbow, which improves your choice by giving this new addition to the weapons in the game and the Minecraft bow that has been around for some time.

The obvious question is, which one of these is better? Which Minecraft bow should you choose then? We will compare both the weapons and see which one is best for you to find the answer.

Comparison between the Crossbow and the Bow in Minecraft will require some introduction to both the weapons so let’s leap over it!

The Minecraft Bow

A bow is a correct item for you to choose if you have to target mobs. Using the arrow in the inventory, you can fire the shot. This weapon can be used 385 times before it gives up. The range and damage caused by the bow depending on how back you draw this weapon.

If you shoot at maximum charge, the results will be phenomenal, and you will be able to kill mobs at a great distance too! How you identify a fully charged bow can be tricky for beginners but look again! The bow logo appears to be moving, and there is no indication that it is still stretching or drawing.

The bow arrow will also leave like a particle trail mark when you jump and attack with a sword.

This weapon is best used for mobs. The range is more, and the number of hits is also reasonable. However, charging takes a bit long and maybe the reason you halt your game.

If you want to kill some creepers, strays, or skeletons, the bow is a great weapon! The bow will also be an excellent alternative to swords when you are trying to avoid danger.

The bow is an excellent weapon, and one might say that a charged bow improves your chances of winning the game. The fight mechanics while combatting a creeper may require you to target the block under the creeper so that you can maintain the distance without allowing the mob to advance.

It is an excellent weapon for all your one-on-one encounters, so pick it when it’s fully charged.

The best features of the bow

However, the bow begins to lose its power when the enemy wears armor. Use specific advantage points to maximize the success factor.

The enchantments added to your bow in Minecraft are pretty decent and may become a reason you begin playing extra hours! Take a look at all that this bow can do:

• Flame: This feature adds a flame animation to the arrow and burns the target. Another interesting use is that it cooks meat!

• Infinity allows an infinite amount of arrows to be thrown towards the target. This feature can be used as long as you have even a single arrow in the inventory.

• Punch I is equal to a knockback. Punch III to V increases the damage per shot.

• Unbreaking improves the bow’s durability while the mending allows users to regenerate their bow!

These features are enough for anyone to rely on the weapon for a whopping win. Mending helps regenerate durability.

• A fully-charged bow is always more substantial than a diamond sword, and a fully-drawn bow can destroy a Minecraft or a Boat. You will enjoy this weapon if you play Minecraft on Playstation 4. A bow can damage another player with PvP privileges on the console, but it cannot kill.

Many other features will keep you engrossed in the game, and a bow could become your favorite weapon in no time! However, this can only be said until you haven’t reviewed the Crossbow!

The Minecraft Crossbow

Crossbows are pretty similar to bows, but they take longer to charge. However, you probably wanted to hear this part first: The Crossbow is stronger and shoots farther than a bow. You can load them as you play, so you get the speed you want.

Unlike the bow, you can fire the arrow or firework rocket only when the Crossbow is fully charged. This only means that the Crossbow is for the speedier players who can benefit from its features when they have given it enough time to charge and play at a reasonable speed to keep loading the weapon.

The player’s speed is average once the weapon is fully charged and shots do not hamper your fast moves.

The Crossbow can be placed in other inventory slots, which can be done without unloading the arrow or firework rocket. The charge of this weapon remains even after enchanting it with an enchantment table or anvil.

To use the Crossbow, it must have at least one arrow or firework rocket in the inventory. The crossbows take only 1.25 seconds to load, and that is pretty good when you are engrossed in a virtual battle. 

The best features of the Crossbow

Here are some exciting features of the Crossbow:

• Attack strength of this weapon is great as it can shoot at an average of nine, and with a firework rocket, this multiplies by 18!

• The Fireworks can be fired when you hold the rocket in the off-hand and load the Crossbow.

• You have the option of multi-shots, which gives you a great success rate than a bow.

• Repair work for the Crossbow involves an anvil or grindstone. Any loaded ammunition can be retained from the Crossbow in the first slot but sacrificed in the second slot.

• Piercing is possible as this powerful weapon allows you to continue the game after it pierces through a target.

• Crossbows can be used as fuel in smelting 1.5 items per Crossbow. Not only that, you can use them in furnaces as well.


Out of the two, crossbows are more powerful and offer more exciting features to help you make a big Minecraft adventure! However, the slow charging and speed required for this weapon are much more than a simple bow.

The bow is a more manageable weapon as it can be used sooner and adds value to the game.

While a crossbow is an obvious choice for some, the bow is also a compatible weapon. Minecraft is a game of building and moving forward, and there may be initial stages where a bow seems to be the right weapon.

When you reach higher levels and need a speedier weapon to fight the enemies, shifting to a crossbow will be the right decision.

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