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My Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Review (Real Edge)

I tried this bow on 5 Hunting trips and here is my in-depth diamond infinite edge pro review…

Every archery enthusiast wants a bow that they can learn with and carry it for years as they improve their skill. Bowtech made the Diamond Infinite Edge with the same thought in mind, and that is why we chose this compound bow for review. 

The Infinite Edge is a popular bow and its features make it appealing for beginners. 

We tried this weapon to see if it is worth the attention and time of users who genuinely want a long-lasting weapon but don’t want to compromise on tech or specs.

Bowtech created the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro with all the features that will help you as a beginner, and still keep you loving the bow when you are a master of the game, a testament to its highly adaptable nature. 

We shall take you through step by step, to see whether this compound bow is a good pick for you.

This review aims to decide whether Diamond Infinite deserves your attention and a slot among your list of the best compound bow for beginners





Diamond Infinite Edge

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro

370 FPS

70 pounds

The Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro: A Quick Overview

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Review

This compound bow has a lot of grace and style. As I held this beauty, it made me feel as if I had been immediately promoted to a better hunter and archer. 

The adjustable draw weight helps control the serious power of this compound bow. You can increase the draw weight to a maximum of 70 pounds, which will give you the force to down any big game! 

Any archer or hunter can work wonders with the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro, as it allows flexibility and adjustments according to your archery skill level.

On to every hunters favorite feature: Speed. This compound bow speed can shoot arrows at a blazing fast speed of up to 370FPS, which is among the fastest compound bows available in the market. 

You will enjoy the exhilaration as you draw an arrow, release, and it bolts forward like lightning. The sight and stabilizer support this speed while still allowing new users and intermediate-level archers to learn as they practice with the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro.

Unfortunately, it’s not perfect. A single arrow setting made me realize that the arrow rest could have been better. A whisker biscuit or quality drop-away arrow rest could go well with the bow and will also lift some burden off the grip. 

When shooting a bow, we unconsciously hold the bow with a lot of force to let the shaft sit in its correct position. If the arrow rest does its job well, it will reduce this natural strain and the grip will not feel uncomfortable, but this was not what I felt with the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro’s out of the box arrow rest.

However, this is a small downside and small price to correct an otherwise awesome bow that is packed with fantastic features.

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The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro: Specs at a Glance

The  Diamond Infinite Edge Pro has some excellent qualities that make it one of the best options.

Draw weight

The draw weight of Diamond Archery Infinite Edge is adjustable and can go to up to 70 pounds, which offers excellent force to bring down big game. 

The range from 5 – 70 pounds allows flexibility to all users whether they are new at the sport, pro hunters in their prime or old-timers who still have a trick or two up their sleeve. This feature gives the compound bow a broad appeal as more and more people can use it comfortably. 

You can buy this bow as you learn or as a seasoned archer, and it will still make every hunting trip a awesome experience! The same person, using the same compound bow with the same features will learn very quickly, rapidly adjusting to hone their skills. With the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro close by, you will become a master hunter sooner than you expect, and continue to tighten you game for many years of hunting and archery to come

Dual Cams

The elliptical top and bottom cams are very effective at reducing the effort of drawing arrows and holding the weight of the draw.

The synchronized cams operate at the same pace, resulting in a very smooth draw cycle. You will be surprised at how the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro compound bow drawns and releases the arrow with minimum effort and maximum results.

Back Wall

The Infinite Edge has a very stiff back wall, which provides excellent support to users who need some time to find their anchor point. A right-back wall will help minimize effort.

Draw length

Like the draw weight adjustability, Diamond Infinite Edge Pro also provides draw length adjustments.

From 13 – 31 inches, this compound bow gives enough space for all hunters and archers. Whether you are short or tall, young or old, you can focus on the target rather than shifting positions to aim better. 

The exciting part about this compound bow is that the draw length allows younger learners like children around four feet in height to target easily, just as an adult can shoot! 

When you get the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro, you can find your ideal draw length easily, and it will always give you the best shot.


The first thing many hunters want in a compound bow is power. This often comes from speed and the ability to shoot on target with reduced effort. 

The speed of the Diamond Infinite Edge is crazy, and can go up to 370FPS! This phenomenal speed comes with as little effort as necessary, making this compound bow a hit for  beginners!

Of course, there are faster compound bows out there, but few that come with this many features! If you are looking for extraordinary speed, you should look at some of the high-end compound bows, or even some Excalibur crossbows, but the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is certainly a fantastic pick, and the speed is enough to bring down almost any large animals you might be going after.

Axle-to-Axle Length

If you are target shooting, you might have tried bows larger than the Diamond. 

However, I believe that the axle-to-axle length of this beauty is just right! At 31.5 inches, this compound bow is large enough to deliver raw speed and small enough for users to handle. 

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro can give you the shot stability that you require, while it can also provide agility to move around in the woods.


So here’s another fantastic statistic: 80% let-off, which is more than what many compound bows have to offer. Even when you pull the draw weight to a maximum, the bow will hold and significantly reduce the weight of the draw, allow you the time to focus on aiming and taking down your big game.


The Diamond Infinite Edge weighs only 3.2 pounds, which is less than most bows. You can find even lighter bows, but all the awesome features on this compound bow need  to come with some weight! For a compound bow package with this much on offer, the weight is impressive!

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 Diamond Infinite Edge: Pros

• Adjustable draw weight: This one tops the list! The flexibility of adjusting draw weight to cater for almost any individual’s ability and skill level is a significant advantage for this compound bow. Starting from 5 pounds and going up to 70 pounds, this is a huge range and will meet practically every hunter and archer’s needs.

• Zero adjustments and tuning: When you open this compound bow, there is hardly any adjustment required,  the bow is already tuned, easy to maintain and ready to go. For all the hunters and archers who want a simple weapon, Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is the right choice.

• Design, comfort, and ease: Diamond Infinite Edge Pro is a sleek bow with a simple design. No valves, knobs, or strings to tune make this bow an ideal one for beginners. Usually, users are reluctant to buy a compound bow as they can be complex and difficult to understand. However, when it comes to Diamond Infinite Edge, the simple design is appealing.

• Shifting from recurve to compound: If you have learned archery at the range, you might have used a recurve bow. However, with the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro, it is easy to shift bows. For many hunters and archers: compound bows seem complicated due to their design, but the ready-straight-from-the-box approach to this design is awesome and will help with the transition.

Diamond Infinite Edge: Cons

• Professional tuning: On rare occasions, you may not feel comfortable with the tuning and setup as it comes out of the box. In case your compound bow is not working right, you will have to get it tuned by someone who knows about Bowtech tunings. The lack of strings, knobs, and valves has a downside, and that is that you will not be able to correct the errors yourself.

• Addition of arrow rest: As we mentioned earlier, the arrow rest seems to be the biggest drawback. You will have to get another arrow rest and attach it. Wait! You might need professional help with connecting this arrow rest as well! Check out our list of best arrow rests if you decide you need an upgrade.

• Slightly uncomfortable grip: Apart from the arrow rest, the grip of the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge pro can feel as little uncomfortable, particularly as you approach full draw before the cam systems fully kick in,. With individual preference, there may be some changes to the hold that might maximize the success of your shots. 

All the other accessories that accompany the Diamond Infinite Edge are excellent and have a significant contribution to the shooting style that users develop with years.

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro for Hunting:

An ideal hunting weapon, the Diamond Infinite Edge, will make your shooting adventures simpler, more exciting and more successful.

Bowhunting is not everyone’s game, but many people including me believe that if the compound bow is reliable, it becomes easier to learn and shoot on target too! 

This bow is an excellent choice for hunting as the speed is enough to kill almost any kind of animal. The small frame of this compound bow makes it easy for hunters to peer through small gaps or even maneuver their bow as required. 

The kinetic energy of this compound bow can be adjusted to almost any purpose or skill level. As low as 25ft lbs for little game or as high as 65 ft-lbs if you are going after big game like deer or elk!

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro has adjustable draw weight. Hence the kinetic energy can also be altered according to your requirements.

If you require a bow for the range, the Diamond Infinite Edge will be a great choice as it will prepare you to shoot fast while getting used to the features of a compound bow. 

Recurve bows may look more straightforward, but once you work with a compound bow as sleek and straightforward as the Infinite Edge, you will never want to return to the traditional bows.

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Vs. Other Compound Bows

When there are numerous options in the market, many potential buyers might ask what is special about this bow only. 

There are several options for you if you want to buy a high-end compound bow. However, if you want to get all the features without spending a fortune, the Diamond Infinite Edge is a good pick. 

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Compound:

If compound bows had twins, one could say that Diamond Infinite and Bear Cruzer might be twins due to the similarity in features. 

However, the smarter of the two is Diamond Edge, as it has no complicated feature and is very simple to use. Bear Cruzer is lighter than this bow and even has a slightly higher speed, but the comfort of Diamond Edge comes from the let-off being higher. 

The higher let-off makes the Diamond infinite Edge a better compound bow for new users. Younger archers will get used to this bow as it has uncomplicated features and does not require tuning.

RAPTOR Hunting Compound:

The Hunting Compound has a lot of similarities with the bow under discussion here. 

The speed is 315FPS, and the axle-to-axle length is 30 inches, but the RAPTOR is slightly heavier. When hunters decide to buy a compound bow, the usual choices are RAPTOR, Bear Cruzer and Diamond. 

If you ask me, I might also have a difficult time deciding which one to buy! The features are very similar, yet the look of the compound bows are different. 

This is where Diamond Infinite Edge takes the lead! The simple look makes beginners and new hunters feel confident that this bow will be easier to work with.

Of course, when we compare these compound bows, we think of new users and younger archers. Old and seasoned hunters can work with any kind of bows and might even consider a high-end compound bow with a staggering speed of 400FPS and more.

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SAS Range Compound:

Well, here’s a slightly heavier compound bow option. However, an equal competitor of Diamond Infinite Edge, this compound bow, has a speed of 270FPS. 

It is a good pick for new hunters as they might not require a lot of momentum to hunt small and medium game. However, due to the 4.4-pound weight of this bow, younger archers might not prefer the SAS Range over Diamond Infinite Edge.

Intermediate archers will like the SAS Range more than hunters or beginners.

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Review: Gives You A Real Edge!

A compound bow with a vast range of adjustments, excellent speed, and lightweight for all users. 

The Diamond infinite edge proves that it has the edge over other compound bows due to its simple and easy-to-use design. Whether you want a bow for the shooting range or the real adventure of hunting animals, this compound bow will be your trusted friend for years.

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