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5 ELK Hunting Backpack Reviews (We Picked Best)

For big game hunting, you need a sturdy and reliable backpack, right? 

Hunting backpacks may be a personal choice, but make sure you choose one that carries all your essential gear, without tiring you! 

We tried multiple hunting backpacks over rough terrains, up and down the hills to find the best ELK Hunting backpack—Here are our top 5 picks…

ELK Hunting Backpack Reviews






ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS

Rubber sole


Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack and Meat Hauler

Rubber sole


Tenzing TC SP14 Shooters

Rubber sole


ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Commander

Synthetic sole


Timber Hawk Killshot Backpack

Rubber sole


1: ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS

Hunting for elks or big animals would require heavy gear and space for you to store meat later on.

The ALPS Traverse EPS has expandable 1,200 cubic inner sections, and a unique H-frame to provide support to your shoulders! 

The adjustable torso makes this backpack the best ELK hunting backpack on our list—Easy pick for hunters of all kinds of the physique.

We particularly liked the blaze orange rain cover and the padded shoulder harness. These features ensure that your hunting trip remains pleasurable without worrying about discomfort!

The ALPS Traverse backpack has a clip-style holster compatible waist belt, enhancing ease for all body types. Tripod sleeve, padded spotting scope pocket, and wing pockets allow secure carriage for your weapons and hunting gear. 

We also give this backpack a star for the camo pattern, which puts you in the mood for some outdoor fun!

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2: Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack and Meat Hauler

Whether you carry a bow, a rifle, or a pistol—the Badlands 2200 can be your partner for some serious business hunting.

The zipper closure provides quick access to your gear. Moreover, the fabric lining and a meat shelf in the compartments help keep your meat hygienic. You can keep the spotting scope and tripod in the internal panel, which ensures a composed yet spacious gear storage. 

Apart from the waterproof fabric, and scent suppression features, we ranked this backpack high in our ELK hunting backpacks list due to the thermo-mold suspension, which becomes a part of every contour of the back! 

You can carry loads of meat and gear in this hunting backpack, as every muscle on your back will support the bag. The aluminum internal frame and load lifter straps distribute the weight, so you don’t feel fatigued. 

The supportive Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hauler remains clean and free from blood leaks due to the DWR-treated fabric.

Badlands 2200 hunting backpack also offers an integrated rifle boot, with a built-in hip belt pistol holders. Now you have a perfect fit for all kinds of hunting equipment!

It comes with a warranty, so all your rough rides and tough movement outdoors comes without a damage cost! 

The standout feature of this hunting backpack is that the backpack weighs five pounds, with a remarkable 36.9-liter space! Now, this is a backpack that will let you have fun, while it carries the load!

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3: Tenzing TC SP14 Shooters

We are listing Tenzing #3 on our list of ELK hunting backpacks because it is deceptively sleek while it offers functional space for your weapon and gear and of course, the additional weight of meat on your way back! 

This backpack has five compartments, with 1,600 cubic inches of space. This backpack is designed to carry both rifles, and crossbows also can be used as shooter’s rest for rifles. Now you can plan all kinds of hunting trips without worrying about storage, or carrying the load!

The padded hip panels and the side mesh pockets add volume. Tenzing TC SP14 is not only a supportive bag but also allows secure carriage for bows, arrows, or any sharp equipment in external pockets.

You can access the knife, or arrows without opening the main compartment and shuffling gear. A rain cover and compression straps attached with backpack help you carry your hunting gear and prize without worrying about weight or aching shoulders! 

The back panel and padded backpack ensures comfort and ease for hunters of all heights and built.

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4: ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Commander

As the name suggests, this backpack is for extreme fun and extreme support! 

We tried this hunting backpack with heavyweights, but it did not burden the back muscles and distributed weight comfortably. All thanks to the waist belt and anti-sway straps, walking long distances with added weight was not a problem. 

Another advantage of this backpack is, nothing is overstuffed. You can keep all your gear organized in multiple pockets! 

The ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Commander is fully equipped with a rifle/bow down pocket, fleece-lined spotting scope pocket, removable fanny pack, and an internal divider. 

You will find each of these features very comfortable as the internal divider help us segregate our gear from the meat! A good backpack provides solutions, and the ALPS Commander delivers the best solutions for all your hunting needs.

The chest compression straps help climb, descend, and walk on the field without bending with the burden. The Commander allows you all the fun without any damage as the warranty covers wear and tear if caused to your backpack. The KXO-32 fabric keeps your gear safe and is waterproof for even the heavy pour during an excellent summer hunt.

ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme is #4 on our ELK hunting backpacks list because of its high price—Otherwise, it’s the good value for its price.

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5: Timber Hawk Killshot Backpack

Serious hunters mean serious gear! The Timber Hawk provides all hunters excellent support along with matching storage. Without weighing you down, the Killshot hunting Backpack has a capacity of 56.2 liters.

You can carry a rifle, bow, or a pistol in any way you want. The main compartment has enough space for you to spend a few days and night outdoors—Without overloading the main section, you can use the external pockets to keep things accessible and organized.  

We tried this hunting backpack on tall, stout, as well as short-height people—The best lumbar support and allowance to maintain the center of gravity; these two qualities earn four stars for the pack! 

Padded waist belt with ergonomic tightening adjustment means you can move around with ease and enjoy your hunting without an iota of tiredness! Timber Hawk’s backpack comes with a warranty. We are sure this just pulled up the ranking of this backpack on your list!

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Buying Guide:

The Price bracket

It would be wrong to say that price is not one of the determinants of hunters purchasing a particular hunting backpack. Yes, we all want a super-cool pack with all the comfort and space, but if it doesn’t seem worth the money, it’s out of the list!

Here’s a short and sweet ranking of all the backpacks we shortlisted, this time with the price as a ranking!

Timber Hawk Killshot 

Badlands 2200 

ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme 

Tenzing TC 

ALPS Traverse 

Hunting Accessories are mostly one-time investment for me—Once you have the right backpack, good crossbow, or compound bow, or if you choose a rifle, you are good to go!

All hunting gear like knives, weapons, and ropes for tents are not a continuous expense and would cost very little if you consider the time that you can use them for.


The right backpack for elk hunting

While we are still discussing hunting backpacks, the right purchase for beginners might be a penumbral issue! 

Here’s the deal, if you want a direct and straightforward answer about which pack is best for you, consider finding one with the best features for you! You cannot find a product that has all the features. So instead of searching endlessly, mark the things that you require the most.

• Water-proof leak-proof meat compartment: For our team of hunting gear reviewers, the first essential we got was the scent suppression system of the meat compartment, along with a leak and waterproof fabric seal. Many of these hunters say that on the way back, the only discomfort is to carry an additional load, only to see blood drops at the bottom of the bag or your hunting backpack wreaking of blood.

• Spacious main compartment, with extra pockets to keep weapons and tools: You would like to keep the torch, binoculars, and knives accessible! It is always better to choose a hunting backpack that offers enough external space for your tools.

• Camouflage: The fabric of your backpack is a point of value; however, the print is also an important part! Camouflage is suitable for people who like to remain hidden while hunting. Elks might look as if they don’t know, but the slightest prominence of your gear can shift them, and they don’t always run away; they come charging sometimes!

These pointers are just an outline of the things our reviewers pointed out to help you choose the right backpack, mark your priorities, and just pick the one that is closest to it!


Elk Hunting: Things to pack

You’d be surprised at the kind of things you would need outdoors. From a first aid kit to some cutlery, all goes in this backpack. It is always better to make a list, rather than regretting missing out on an item you under-estimated! Just as we reduced your effort by trying out the various elk hunting backpacks, here’s a list for you to prepare your pack before you set out:

• Lighter

• Hunting knife.

• Cutlery.

• Cooking pot.

• Flask.

• Torch.

• Water purification system.

• Rope

• Pillows, sleeping bag.

• Tent.

• Binoculars.

• Toilet essentials.

• Gps


The right attire for hunting:

Everything from backpack selection, to the hunting weapon, depends on personal choices. However, some things also need to be selected according to the weather, outdoor conditions, and your hunting style. 

The more casual you keep it, the better! However, a full-sleeved shirt, hunting boots, and extra clothing are all we are looking for. 

People often get a little carried away when they are hunting for the first time. Make sure you pack the essentials only and don’t throw in things that will only burden you along the way. Keep it simple, but make sure you have only the things you need.


Final Words:

Big game hunting doesn’t only require heavy weapons and gear but also require days and nights out in the open. Your perfect elk hunting backpack is the one that can accommodate all your essentials while distributing the weight.

Make sure the backpack has a sound support system as the even lesser weight becomes hard to carry if the straps are not padded or if the waist belt is absent!

We tried all the backpacks listed above keeping a hunter’s priorities in mind. However, for all elk hunters, we also added a list of things you should carry! Keep it safe; keep it natural and enjoy the adventure!

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