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Our Garmin 64ST Review (Sturdy & High-Quality GPS)

I used Garmin 64st for a long time and seriously, I love it, and here is an in-depth Garmin 64ST review. 

I picked this GPS solely because of the brand. My smartwatch proved to be long-lasting and accurate when it came to steps, heart rate, and floors climbed, so I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed. Well, overall, the GPS didn’t disappoint, but some features can improve!

 Garmin 64ST Review:






 Garmin 64ST

8.1 oz

 2.6-inch display screen

• Sturdy

The GPS is not fragile and can withstand the hardships of the rough outdoors. You will not have to keep it in covers to protect it. A real guide in all areas, Garmin 64ST GPS can take a fall and still do its job.

• High-resolution topographic maps

Whether you are hunting or hiking up a mountain, the Garmin 64ST can provide the topographic map that can show you the way. The high resolution makes it an easy task to relate to the map and navigate. 

• Press buttons

Touch screens may be sleek, but there are some things only an old-fashioned press-button interface can do. For example, you can operate the Garmin 64ST with your gloves on and without any stylus to keep safe! 

• 8-GB storage

Garmin 64ST memory storage is not only an advantage while you are out, but it also helps remember places you have been to. I found this feature helpful as I revisited a few places, and the navigation became more comfortable with stored maps and data. 

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The not-so-likable features:

There had to be a downside of this GPS, and when you are out hiking, you will find some physical work of this gadget slightly hard to handle:

• Small screen

There is no way a hiker can work with both hands while trying to find a location on GPS. The small screen of Garmin 64ST can be a peril sometimes if you are on new terrain, Tilting the head to try and figure out the tiny display—Not an attractive feature for me. 

The 2.6-inch screen of 64ST is sunlight-readable, and the brightness isn’t the best. Along with tilting the head, you will have to strain your eyes to access the vast data stored inside, albeit visible through a small window! 

There may be many hunters and hikers who prefer such screens, but the majority will find the screen display too small for proper reading.

• Big body

A bulky GPS? Not my first choice! A sleek, thin case GPS is more travel fast and more comfortable to operate. The Garmin might like to consider reducing the bulkiness of the upcoming GPS models, unlike Garmin 64ST, as they have the technology and are aware of the value this feature adds to any gadget!


The GPS Features:

The good and the bad have been mentioned. Now I am going to explain each of them so you can decide whether you are ready to pay for this option of GPS or search for some other choices. 

Garmin 64ST has the GLONASS receiver, which helps the gadget work in canyon-like areas with reduced air-wave reception. You can also operate this GPS on northern latitudes, where the GPRS and radio stations are scanty.

We can safely say that the Garmin 64ST is a reliable partner who knows the way in any location! The GLONASS is the Russian constellation type of receiver, which not only helps navigate but can also be used in other circumstances.

We tried this feature of Garmin 64ST in the northern cities of Everett and Lynden, but the manufacturer claims it can take you anywhere.

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Wireless sharing and synchronization:

The Garmin 64ST will remain connected to your phone. You will get smart notifications, enabling you to stay in touch with your phone through the GPS. 

This is neat navigation but can be a hindrance in viewing the screen until you attend the notification, and it disappears. However, the connectivity feature of Garmin 64ST GPS gadget also allows you to transfer data from this device to a computer. 

All you need for this transfer is a USB cable, which connects to the GPS. Not only this, but the Garmin 64ST also connects with close-by Garmin devices. If you and a friend need to exchange geocaches and waypoints, all it takes is the push of a button.

The wireless sharing and connectivity can come in handy for a variety of reasons. For instance, you can receive emails on your GPS instead of your phone.

So Garmin has given an alternative to the notification pop-up-to use your GPS for connecting with others instead of your smartphone.

I liked how my Garmin watch was synchronized with the GPS and gave me the information on covered distance, and heart-rate. Similarly, you can connect your Garmin 64ST with other Garmin compatible devices.


No touchscreen: Good or bad?

While some people will like the Garmin 64ST for being sturdy and easy to operate with gloves, many want a touchscreen. Mostly this feature is a personal choice, but I prefer a GPS that can be operated with gloves by just pressing buttons. 

There is no accidental swipe or selection of waypoints. 

Simultaneously, while entering waypoints and navigating, a touch screen might be much more convenient than scrolling by pressing buttons on the device! 

Touchscreens tend to be a little too sensitive for hiking or hunting trips, yet they can save some time when you are looking for the right direction.

You can select the device that makes you feel more comfortable. All in all, if you are not a technology buff, and you like the traditional hiking and hunting accessories, the GPSMAP 64ST is for you!


The price?

Garmin rules the market when it comes to technology and style. However, the GPSMAP 64ST is not the most forward-looking gadget and may not even look like a new one when you buy it! 

Keeping these factors in mind, I was a little taken aback when I had to pay the same price as I would’ve paid for one of those shiny, 

touchscreen GPS devices.

Keeping the competition aside, the Garmin 64ST device is worth every penny. After all, you cannot expect to pocket the view of the world for a few bucks only!

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Using the Garmin 64ST:

The traditional look of this device is better understood when you are outdoors and operating the 64ST with one hand. The pushbuttons add to the ease of using this device. 

So even if the look is not as sassy and new as the other options, Garmin GPSMAP 64ST remains very easy to use! Yes, this device might not win a GPS beauty pageant, but those who like to go outdoors and have some fun will appreciate every feature of the Garmin GPSMAP 64ST.

I picked this device as Garmin is a trusted manufacturer for me, but even if you are new to this brand, this GPS is an easy one to operate.

You will not have to clean screens, and every time the right instruction is fed, all thanks to the same push buttons! What adds more value to this device is the long-running battery.

You can use rechargeable AA batteries, and the Garmin 64ST will run a long time with this! The simple design and small screen also contribute to battery life, and you can easily rely on the device to run for an extended period as compared to other devices.


Accessibility and Map storage:

Garmin GPSMAP 64ST is an excellent reserve of worldwide base maps with shaded relief. This device comes with the subscription of BirdEye Satellite Imagery for one year. 

You can also access the Garmin Custom Maps, and store maps on to the 8-GB memory or an SD card. Many of us don’t renew the subscription-well; it isn’t something to be proud of, and neither can I recommend it. However, space allows you to store enough of the world that you will require!


The Set-Up process:

I deliberately left this part for the end because it is probably the only de-merit of the Garmin 64ST. While you might not need a long time to adjust settings on other devices, this GPS requires a long time for the initial set-up.

You can set the time and add essential information within seconds, but the advanced settings are slightly complicated. I recommend you get this done from the technician at the outlet you visited, or follow various videos that aficionados posted to reduce your struggle!


Garmin 64ST is an excellent choice for hikers and hunters who like long-lasting and sturdy equipment. The lasting battery and extraordinary memory of this device is a testimony that it will remain active all the time that you hike! 

You can store maps and even connect to the Garmin Custom Maps. When you hold this GPS device in the shop, it might feel old-fashioned, but once you use this GPS, the device proves its features. It may seem expensive, but the Garmin 64ST will be a one-time buy for many of you like it was for me!

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