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Our Garmin Oregon 600 Review (What a GPS!)

We tried out Oregon 600 to see what the new gadget can add to our adventure, and we were more than pleased. Here is our in-depth Garmin Oregon 600 Review.

This GPS takes the other touchscreen outdoor gadgets to court as it provides much more than the alternatives you might be looking towards. 

We have tested several touchscreen devices from various manufacturers. Still, Oregon 600 is a GPS that is easy to use and feels more modern than the other devices that look fine but have paused and breaking reception. 

Garmin has improved the software and the hardware to allow more straightforward navigation without complicated features.

Garmin Oregon 600 review:






Garmin Oregon 600

 6.95 oz

 2.5-inch display

Here we go…

Design and Appearance:

Garmin Oregon 600 is light as you hold it and fit your palm comfortably. You don’t have to worry about carrying a big device as you try to move about outdoors. 

This light device looks smart in a smartphone kind of way, as it has a big screen and no buttons on the face of the GPS. 

The weight of the Garmin Oregon 600 is only 6.95 oz, which is less than any other GPS device out there. You can stow away the equipment without worrying about breaks as this small GPS is sturdy and ready to take some rough behavior too!

At the bottom, there is a girth hitch point in case you want to attach a lanyard and wear it around your neck for easy access. 

Convenience and wholesome design is an area where Garmin gets a perfect score from us!


Display Quality:

Garmin is a pioneer in the design and sleek looks, but that’s not all they mastered with the Garmin Oregon 600. 

As you switch on the screen, it is bright and clear enough to help you even with the scorching sun! The durable mineralized glass cover is much more durable than glass covers offered by other manufacturers. 

You will not have to tilt it to get a more unobstructed view as the screen is anti-glare. Another cool feature of the Garmin Oregon 600 is the dual-orientation screen. 

You want a more comprehensive image, hold it horizontally, and it shifts in a second. The 2.5-inch display has a 240×400 pixel resolution. It is high enough to show a clear picture and also maintains brightness according to the light.

We tried this GPS in both light and dark places, and it was pleasantly surprising that the view was clear, and the resolution was sharp. 

Garmin Oregon 600 comes with a unique technology to use the sun and determine the amount of backlight needed. 

The gadget dims down when you are in the sun, but that only enhances the image! Even if you wear sunglasses, the image will not get hazy, and that’s a big plus.

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The downplay features:

Before you think I already love the Garmin Oregon 600 and are only promoting the best features, there’s a slight downside. The sensitivity of this device is sometimes too much to handle. 

A single touch or maybe a wrong stroke of the hand may shut it down. If you have clammy hands, you might experience the screen go off very often as a few drops of water can cause a change of display. 

We experienced a change of mode, brightness, and even shut down the GPS with a bit of moisture and sand!

GPS must be sensitive, but the oversensitivity of Garmin Oregon 600 makes it an ordeal for those dealing with the device in a sandy or wet area. 

Even when you wipe the screen dry, the device takes a few attempts to finally return to the image or screen view that you had initially selected.

Whether you are hiking in the summers or you go on a scavenger hunt in the forest in the fall, the Oregon 600 works in all climatic conditions. 

We wouldn’t operate it much in the rain due to the sensitive screen, but there is no damage or compromise on service regardless of the climate. 

The only temperature restriction can be extremely cold, snowy weather, but that also is for very long periods. Other GPS devices do not ‘freeze up’ in the cold, but Garmin Oregon 600 proved to be sensitive in this regard.

The price of the device is also mentioned in this section as it puts off many potential buyers. Nowadays, when technology is widespread, and devices are not costly, Oregon 600 is priced at above $375. 

This price makes it unaffordable for many adventurers who might not want to invest in a GPS, a peripheral device for hiking, hunting, and even forest exploration.


Speed Review:

Apart from the sensitivity of the Garmin Oregon 600, everything adds to its glamor and popularity as the best GPS. 

The sensitive screen is super speedy, and you will not have to struggle with toggling between menu options or even logging waypoints. 

You can use the GPS quickly as the electronic compass and redraw for maps are equally fast and do not cause any delay!

Remember how some GPS required us to move around or hold it higher? Garmin knew how irritating that could be, so they came up with the electronic compass in Oregon 600 that does not expect us to move around for direction.


As we mentioned earlier, the reception of Garmin Oregon 600 is phenomenal. In caves, on hilltops, or even under dense woods, the signals will be clear, and you will get the way to your destination. 

Garmin also has a map directory offline, which helps in tough situations. However, we didn’t need it as the reception was in place, and the map was visible in all kinds of light! 

The accuracy and excellent reception of Garmin Oregon 600 are commendable and give this device an edge over the others. All other design features can be forgiven, but if the reception is weak, the GPS is useless. 

GLONASS satellite networks and WAAS capabilities are what make the reception accurate and speedy.

If you also want to try this device, mark a waypoint, and navigate back to the spot. The Garmin Oregon 600 can navigate in less than 80 inches of the waypoint. 

Not only this, but you can try the accuracy in fields as well. We fixed and locked a location, and it remained that way throughout the journey. 

If you go far into a cave or the forest gets thick and dark, your GPS might drop a bar on the reception, but that will not disable you from finding your way back! The GPS remains active and can get you back to your starting point!


Easy to Use:

Garmin devices are easy and straightforward, we all might know that, but even so, the Oregon 600 is much simpler than other GPS devices. 

You don’t need to be a tech-savvy millennial to understand the Garmin Oregon 600. If you can operate a smartphone, this GPS is easier to use. You can use a finger to zoom in or out and navigate. 

The other two buttons are for power and menu. This simple GPS will help you conveniently and quickly work out directions without any complications!

If you have used any other device from Garmin, you will find a similarity in the sleek design and minimalistic design. However, the menu and other commands are quite self-explanatory. 

You can use the big or small font, and you can also customize the menu. What we liked about Garmin Oregon 600 was the ability to personalize so that it’s easier to understand.

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Other Features:

Garmin is a smart manufacturer as it considers all aspects of outdoor adventures. The features are flexible and will allow you to operate the GPS enjoyably. These features include

• Barometric Altimeter.

• Wireless Communication.

There are still many features that the Garmin Oregon 600 does not possess, while several GPS have cameras and video recording options. 

However, the efficiency of the GPS is not compromised due to the lack of a camera. In a nutshell, the Oregon 600 provides excellent service and guides all outdoor adventurers through various kinds of terrain.



Garmin Oregon 600 is an excellent GPS device with all the necessary features and exceptional reception. 

Outdoor adventurers can rely on this in-depth review to decide whether they want to but this GPS for their next trip. The sleek design and full features will make the Oregon 600 an adventure companion for many years to come!

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