My Gerber StrongArm Review (Sharpest Knife Ever)

I tried Gerber knife on 13 hunting trips and here is my in-depth Gerber strongarm review…

Every adventurer deserves to have a ferocious and sharp knife because after all, the adventure should be fun without extra effort. Besides, the looks of the blade might matter to many of us!

Gerber Strongarm is a fixed-blade knife that can take you to the rough and can tolerate roughness upon itself too. 

Just a few days of handling this knife, or rather, handling the wilderness with this knife, and I became a fan of the Gerber Strongarm! 



Blade Length

Handle Length


Gerber StrongArm



It is sturdy, sharp, and can be used for multiple things that cover all sorts of outdoor adventures. Here are the specifications at a glance:

• Drop Point blade.

• Rubber handle.

• Fixed blade

• Overall length 9.75″.

• 4.875″ blade length.

• 420 HC blade steel.

• 5-inch handle length.

• Made in the USA.

After spending a good time with Gerber Strongarm, I can mark it for all the fantastic qualities that it has. 

However, these details will also help you decide whether this knife is suitable for your outdoor plans. Every hand has a different preference, and this knife has proved to be an efficient essential when away from the comfort of home. 

The multi-purpose Gerber knife has many qualities that we will discuss here to get your perfect hunting knife, hiking, camping, or any other outdoor activity.

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The military survival training outlines inspire the Gerber StrongArm. A balance of performance and economy, make this knife an accessible piece for majority hunters and adventurers. 

Cutting, untying, piercing, and all other knife jobs are possible with this fixed blade knife. All users will find it handy no matter what their sport is. 

Big game or small game, hiking, or hunting– we cannot narrow the kinds of jobs a strongarm knife can perform! Hence, it is a unique and effective essential that is easy to carry and work.

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It is sporadic that you buy economical equipment, and it turns out to have the finesse of the high-end brands. 

Gerber is an inexpensive brand, and therefore, the finish and quality of the blade come as a pleasant surprise to many! The handle has a beautiful feel as you slide your fingers over it. 

It is sturdy and robust, with consistent texture. Another smart feature of Gerber’s strongarm is that the black ceramic blade coating reduces glare, which is a significant tactical advantage. 

When you are out there, trying to attract as little attention as possible, no noise and no light is the best approach!

Sturdy and Reliable:

One of the best things about fixed blade knives is that they are ‘no-drama, just work.’ For a person like me, a strongarm knife works best as you don’t need to open it, work and then flex it again to hide the blade.

Gerber StrongArm is built for the severe conditions of military service. With time, even if the coating wears off, the blade has sufficient corrosion resistance to handle tough situations. 

The 420HC steel blade is suitable for several activities, such as chopping, cutting, and even deboning! The tip of the knife is equally tough as it can take a lot of pressure and still get the job done.


If I were to give the blade and rest of the knife separate marks, the blade would surely win. A glance at the knife blade will not be enough to determine whether it is strong or not. 

By just looking at the Gerber strongarm, the blade shape and steel are not the best features. However, the premium and super steels knives are only as good performers as the StrongArm. 

The 420HC steel blade can cut, chop, slice, debone, and pierce. The best part is that you can sharpen the blade with a sharpening stone and voila! The knife becomes as good as new.

Portable and easy:

Very few knives are easy to carry and simultaneously sharper than the usuals. Gerber StrongArm is a large knife with a durable handle, and while you can fall in love with this knife, carrying it around can be challenging if you don’t do it well. 

The strongArm knife comes with a durable sheath. You can carry this knife horizontal or drop-leg. Vertical carry is also possible with this knife and sheath. Despite the size, you can carry the knife easily. 

However, different poses may remind you that you need to be careful while sitting down. With the knife’s carrying options, you can rest assured that it remains safe to carry and easy to draw out when needed. Overall, a good score for the portability feature.

StrongArm style:

For all the adventurers who prefer looks over features, the StrongArm knife might not be the first choice. 

However, the knife’s raw and thick look may excite hunters who like hard angles and clean lines. An accurate survival weapon, the StrongArm is a simple-looking knife, but delivers everything!


There are hundreds of knife options for all kinds of outdoor adventures. However, when it comes to value, fewer satisfy the customers in terms of features and price. 

Many high-end knives will have premium steel blades, a hard plastic handle with grooves, or even a folding blade that requires an efficient spring system. 

For the price of Gerber StrongArm, it is an exceptional weapon. You get the ability to perform many outdoor chores with ease at a very economical price. 

If we score the knife for its value, it is an excellent purchase and might get the highest score for the amount of work it can do, compared to the cost.

Handle and cut tests:

Again, for the price, the StrongArm knife is not only strong, but the rubberized handle is comfortable to hold. 

This handle is grippy and provides a stronghold, enabling you to perform the task properly. Durability and affordability can be worth a lot more than what you pay for this Gerber model.

If you perform a cut test on the Gerber StrongArm, the success will impress you! From moderate to heavy use, this knife is good for the amount of money you pay. 

It can carry out all sorts of work, and the best part is, you don’t feel guilty about using it roughly!

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What did we like the most?

For me, it was a good feeling to pick up the knife and hold it tightly. The handle is the right shape, and the blade does not seem threatening. 

The weight of this Gerber knife model is also easy to handle. Whether you wear gloves or not, the handle offers enough grip for you to use this knife for rough or easy work alike. 

Yes, there is one slight issue, but that only surfaces when you work roughly with this knife. You will feel a slight vibration when you chop something or use it to cut tight ropes.

All in all, Gerber StrongArm worth buying:

There are so many options available in the market that you may end up finding two or even three identical blades when you set out to buy a knife. 

However, there have to be slight variations that determine the quality of each. For example, you can find Gerber LMF II to be a close copy of the Gerber StrongArm, but there are still many differences. 

The strongArm knife is more compact and easy to carry, as it is lighter and has a more comfortable grip. LMF II has a glass-filled nylon handle, which makes it a more challenging knife to hold. 

The differences between the knives are less visual, but if I had to choose between the two, StrongArm would be my final choice! 

Gerber LMF II is massive and has a tougher grip, and for my kind of outdoor fun, I prefer a sleeker version of the Gerber knives, which StrongArm fulfills well!

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