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Horton Storm RDX Review (Best Wild Crossbow)

I tried RDX crossbow 6 times during Hunt and it’s a beautiful crossbow. Here is the in-depth Horton Strom RDX review that will help you in decision-making.

It has won awards and compelled me to try it. Boasting the Petersen’s Hunting Editor’s Choice Award, and winner of the Outdoor Life, RDX is mighty!

Sleek, black, and delicate-looking, when compared to bigger crossbows, Horton Storm RDX will give you an adrenaline rush as it surges arrows at a whopping speed of 370FPS.

The Storm RDX is far from being conventional in design, and action. Holding the crossbow is not a very tedious task, and shooting is comfortable; the difficult part is to put this crossbow down after a hunting adventure!

Horton Crossbow manufacturers sold the brand, and now it is owned by TenPoint, which understood the emotional connection of hunters and the name. Hence the name remains the same, and so do the specs!

Horton Storm RDX Review:






Horton Storm RDX

 370 FPS


Here we go…

Meet the Bow:

If I were to introduce the bow to a seasoned hunter, I guess the name would have to be enough. However, the sleek and delicate demeanor of the Horton Strom RDX is deceptive as it has a velocity of 370FPS, with the kinetic energy of 122 ft-lbs. 

The overall weight of this bolt flash is only 8.2lbs! All of you might need a minute to take that in. We have always heard and told people that a heavy crossbow is powerful, so compromising on holding a more massive bow is not unusual.

But, the Horton Storm RDX contradicts all beliefs now! This crossbow is lighter than many competitors, while it delivers a much higher speed!

The length of Storm RDX is 35.25 inches, with an axle to axle width of 15.5 inches uncocked, and 10 inches cocked. It has a draw weight of 165lbs, with a power stroke of 16.5 inches. 

The Horton Storm RDX is not just a hunting companion, but it will also spoil you in the wild as you always hit bull’s eye and begin to believe you are a charismatic conqueror. This fantastic feeling makes Storm RDX a recommended crossbow, and we share a detailed review, so you know what you will be buying!


Assembling the Horton Storm RDX:

Another reason I liked this crossbow was that it didn’t require a lot of screwing and assembling. In three easy steps, your Storm RDX bow will be ready to take down prey!

Firstly, you can mount the scope to the dovetail mount and attach the string stop block and foot stirrup to the riser. There you go! This was all that I had to do, to hold the beautiful and sleek Storm RDX, looking identical to the shooting crossbow in the pictures.

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Holding the Horton Storm RDX:

As you open the package of the Storm RDX, the gorgeous bow deserves a long look over its lean and mean shape.

The reverse-draw technology reduces the expanse, and resultantly the crossbow is extended without a lot of spread around the limbs! 

Horton Storm RDX is reasonably light, and the expanse is less than many other crossbows out there. If you appreciate looks and admire sleek crossbows, you can buy this one without reading further. 

You got the speed, and you got the looks—There is very little that matters for hunters who consider just these factors! However, the crossbow is longer than its counterparts. 

Since my arm-length is 30 inches, I had to move the Storm RDX under my arm to hold it properly. Once I got the hang of this technique, the rest was easy and exhilarating.

Crossbows with a spread-out shape due to the arching limbs are easy to balance as the center of gravity remains the same.

However, the Storm RDX also ensures the right balance as it maintains the center of gravity and is a quiet and comfortable crossbow to manage.

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Any tuning required?

Holding the crossbow is the first step, but of course, you need to aim and shoot too! 

To make your Stirm RDX an accurate killer out there, set the scope straight, and make some fine adjustments so that you become unstoppable! 

The included TenPoint 3X Pro-View X-bow scope is good quality and lends a good sight.

However, the only downside of this scope is that the glass is for slower crossbows! I mean, the other crossbows that are fast can work with this glass, but it is a little out of focus for an X-bow that shoots at 370FPS.

If you are a new hunter, the markings on the scope might confuse you when aiming at a distance of around 50-feet. It will require some outdoor sessions for you to get used to this scope.

Otherwise, you have the option of adding a scope that is adjustable for velocity.

Having said this, the quality of the Horton Storm RDX scope is above average and maybe better than many other sights out there! The non-illuminated scope is still bright and efficient. 

However, there are many hunters like me, who would’ve settled for an illuminated scope! For close-range hunting, your Storm RDX scope is just right! All it takes is for the user to understand the markings. Keep practicing, and you will appreciate the way this scope works.


The shooting experience:

Horton Storm RDX is not just right to look at, but also has an unbeatable success rate. Precision and accuracy are crucial in the wild, and the Storm RDX knows its job well.

I have to admit my first few shots were difficult to focus, but once I understood the scope and adjusted the markings, it was a dream come true! 

For short distances, you will be able to aim and shoot on point. The more extended range might require a little bit of focus and assessment. However, this is the scope calibration and has nothing to do with the crossbow technology!

The scope might be out of tune with an X-bow as fast as the Storm RDX, but you can try our technique: aim for 30 to 40 feet while placing it on the 50-feet measure. This proved a successful strategy for me, but your results might vary.

Still, think you need an illuminated scope? No worries! The sleek and slim design of the X-bow allows a lot of space to fit in a lighted scope to improve your aim.


Storm RDX in the wild:

Horton Storm RDX X-bow is a thin-shaped bow that provides the most significant advantage for a stealthy move.

You can place this sleek crossbow through smaller gaps, and if you use a scope of your choice, there is hardly any chance of you missing the prey!

If you thought the scope was putting you off, here’s something to make you drool over the Storm RDX! This X-bow is silent as night! 

The most important feature of any crossbow is to provide a quiet move without sending an alert signal out in the open. The Storm RDX remains a silent killer due to its reverse limb technology that stretches out the string and shoots without vibrations.

Many users call the Storm RDX a heavy crossbow, but for me, it felt light and easy to hold. Even if you do find this bow heavier than other options, you will find it easy to handle as the center of gravity is excellent. 

The large stock and the holding technique is also an introductory issue, which becomes a habit when you get accustomed to your Storm RDX X crossbow. All in all, my experience with the bow was phenomenal! I felt like my sport had improved manifold, although it was only the crossbow that made the difference!


Price of Storm RDX:

While you will find many reviews about Storm RDX discussing its features and design, you will try to find some de-merits of the crossbow hunting.

On the contrary, I found the X-bow to be an exquisite piece, while the only drawback might be the price. The real storm for any beginner or seasoned hunter is the price tag that catches your attention. 

With many competitors offering decent and fast crossbows for around one-fourth of the RDX price, many serious fans and buyers turn back to look for cheaper options.


Accuracy is key:

With intense kinetic energy of 122 ft-lbs, Horton Storm RDX is amazing at accuracy. We mentioned before that your aim will always get a hit as the bolts to shoot out at a staggering speed with precision and force. 

You can use this crossbow to drop down any big game! For all hunters who pursue adventures to hunt elk, moose, or even a bear, can find a successful hunting partner in the Horton Storm RDX.


Final words:

Horton Storm RDX is an excellent choice for all hunters, especially if bear or moose-hunting is the plan! 

The sleek and gorgeous X-bow has a unique center of gravity, which works well for hunters, and they can utilize the high speed and aiming technology of this bow to bring down prey. 

However, the only downside of this bow is its price, which may be out of reach for several hunters who do not look forward to a substantial one-time investment.

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