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How to repair a bow (Complete Guide)

Out in the field, the only help you get is from your hunting bow, the kit you carry, and the attire that will keep you warm and protected.

But what if your weapon needs some help? Again, it will have to come from you, my friend! Out in the open, there is a slim chance of finding a repairer or a handyperson who can help you out!

A broken string, a dilapidated bow, or an arrow that does not shoot straight-it is all possible! But a true survivor will always know how to fix any of these situations and still go home with a trophy.

Let’s see how you can improve the game and make it all possible!

A repair kit

For any situation, the preparation begins with packing a kit. You would like to have everything you need out there and still remain travel fast, so here are a few repair kit essentials that will save you time and effort.

One of the most common mishaps in the wilderness is that your bowstring breaks off. Many hunters have frowned when their broadheads cut the string accidentally.

But this is natural as you don’t practice archery or target shooting in the dark, sitting on top of a tree, or within restricted areas.

An extra bowstring and an Allen Wrench can save you the time and the loud blasting noise in your head when your dream crashes!

Here’s a list of a few things that can complete your hunting trip without fail:

• Spare bowstring

Spare peep sight tubing,

• Allen Wrenches,

• Spare release aid,

• Spare screws,

• String wax.

If you are going hunting over the weekend and want to spend some time in the wilderness, a few extra things to add to this list will be:

• Bow square,


• Nock pliers,

• Plenty of arrows and broadheads to save you the breaking or damages.

Another item that we thought is a great tool for many arrow-related emergencies is the Super Glue. Any loose or broken fletchings can be taken care of, and you can also take a few risks knowing you have the repair kit with you!

The kind of bow repairs that may be required

Apart from the bowstring breaking, you may need to retune your compound bow. Another probable ‘mishap’ can be the loose screws. In the worst circumstances, you can see a crack on the riser using a wooden recurve bow.

However, all these accidents can be taken care of with the kit items mentioned above.

The most used tool is the Allen wrench, as it can help with the tuning. Make sure to pack the sizes that suit your bow, arrows, arrow rest, and sight. Serving material to repair your bow’s serving is an excellent cover for many situations.

A 3-foot section can handle many repair needs and pack a butane lighter to melt the serving’s tag ends. A hunting knife is not mentioned in the repair kit items since we believe you will already have it!

Tuning the bow

Many newbies believe that tuning the bow is as tough as shooting in the dark but believe me, and both become easy when you get over the terror! A few tools and some basic knowledge can do the trick.

Often repeated shooting can put your bow out of tune, and you can fix that by using some basic tools from the repair kit.

Bowstring comes off the cable

If a hunter aims and a tree limb gets in the way of the string, or there is a dry-fire, or even if the string and cam get ambushed by a tree limb-the bowstring can come off the cable, and your game is done for the day! Not unless you have a repair kit with the right tools! The first step to fix this is to see if there is any limb damage.

Any visible cracks must be attended with glue or some smoothening wax to keep the crack from interfering with the shots. If the crack is severe and breaks the string tension or shooting strength, there is no other way to have an extra bow!

However, an unstrung string can be pressed back in place, and the hunting resumed. A portable bow press can save time and adventure by taking off the load from the bow and using the pulleys to work efficiently.

Last words

When out hunting, the damages to bow or arrows can be real, and all hunters must be prepared to repair them. The possible problems are breaking strings, cracking limbs, or broken arrows, but a few essential tools can take care of these situations.

Follow the list above and pack your repair kit to remain ready for quick repairs and a fruitful reward!

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