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How to Tie a Bow fishing Arrow? (Complete guide)

There are several ways to tie on a bow fishing arrow, and here is the most widely recognized technique, keep reading!

 Most slides on the market have two holes for the line to pass through, and a grove between each hole on one side of the slide for securing the line.

  • You have to run the end of the line through one of the holes. Follow the grove and pass through the other hole with the end of the line.
  • Now pull the 6-8 inch tag-end through the slide and move the slide top to the tip of the arrow. Join the tag ending line with the main part of a line that’s entering the slide.
  • Make a large circle. Then, pass the tip of the arrow through this circle and move the slide to the end of the arrow. Pull the loop over the slide and past the arrow nock, causing the circle to frame an overhand knot.
  • Pull the line tight, however, make sure that the knot is at least 2 inches behind the nock of the arrow. This creates better arrow flight and makes it easier to pull in shots.

The Step-by-Step Process to Tie a Bow fishing Arrow

Let us discuss the step-by-step process that you can follow to tie a bow fishing arrow:

Step 1: Check the Safety Slide 

On the off chance that you are utilizing the arrow that works with a safety slide. The greater part of the slides along with two separate holes so the line can easily go through.

Also, there is a groove located between each hole that locks and gets the line in its position. You have to make sure you look at the safety slide and find the reason behind the holes.

Step 2: Move the Lines’ End into One of the Holes 

This step is essential, and you should do it carefully. Start with running the lines’ end into one of the holes. You have to get it done toward the slides’ grooved side.

Now you can go over the groove and travel through the other hole with the lines’ end. Go to the slide and pull a 6 to 8-inch tag through it. After that, you should move the slide to the arrows’ tip.

Step 3: Create a Big-Sized Loop 

At the point when you are finished with the previous step, you have to link the lines’ tag end with the lines’ main segment that is going through the slide. Now, you are ready to create a big loop.

Step 4: Finish It Off 

Pass the arrows’ tip through this loop. Gradually move the slide to the arrows’ outmost position. Pull the circle and do it carefully over the slide. Make sure it is going over the nock of the arrow. Now you can easily make an overhead knot.

Finally, pull the line tightly and don’t do it too much. Simply make sure that the bow fishing arrow knot is at least 2 inches behind the arrows’ nock. This strategy allows a smooth arrow flight, and when you pull in a giant fish, you will not have an issue doing that.

Tip 1: Take the Help of Finger Savers

Indeed, finger savers allow you to shoot easily. These are made of elastic and can save your fingers all the time. Use it on your bowstring so you can get the best outcome.

Another approach you can take is to utilize a glove. Pick which hand you will use to draw the bow and wear it on that particular hand. Also, you can pick a shooting tab if you are not comfortable with the glove. Simply make sure you are taking precautions in advance.

Tip 2: Use a Bow Fishing Laser Sight to Shoot Precisely

Because of the waters’ refraction, you probably won’t shoot properly, and the entire process can get challenging. This confuses your eyes and makes you feel that the fish is nearer, whereas the scenario isn’t what it appears as.

A laser sight for bow fishing will be the ideal fit in this kind of situation. With this gear in your stash, you will get accurate shots, and the best thing is, you can quickly complete the shooting.


Now you know how to tie a bow fishing arrow. If your companions or family members love bow fishing, share this article with them. They are going to love this information and a step-by-step guide to tie a bow fishing arrow.


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