Privacy Policy

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For protecting your privacy we provide this privacy notice explaining our information process and about choices which you can make in the way of your information is collected. To make this notice visible, we attached it to our home page and on every page where users are landing.

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our users for giving the secure online experience.

This privacy statement covers all personal information i.e identity.

What we collect from you?

We collect on the email, name, website details of our user for sending them the notifications about new helping resources published.

We may log your IP address for finding out from which part of the world you are visiting the website and what activity you did there. We use cookies for finding out how long you spend there and including the user activity.

How we use your Information
1: We use it for making our website more helpful for the targeted audience around the world.
2: To help us create content relevant to your interest.
3: To alert of new content or products published which are going to increase your progress in hunting.
4: To request support requests.

Security of your Information

We intently protect your data from misuse, spam, and loss, Your personal information is not going to be shared with anyone without asking your permission.

We use SSL encryption while collecting on your personal information which can not be decoded and secured with us.

Data Erasing

We do not save your personal information for any spamming if it’s requested by you to delete.

If you want to delete your personal information you can unsubscribe anytime, but that will not give you any updates even important one (for you) from our side.

You have the right to take the decision of deleting information from our databases, but that may at the end ruin your user experience with us over time.

Use of Cookies

Our website does not get the personal information of your computer itself for future tracking or reusability of that information, instead, we only collect the data which have nothing to do with an identity like pageviews, user activity, time spent on our website…

We only use this saved data for improving your user experience here on Bows Hunter for making sure that you are not missing on the important updates or content.

Outside Links

This website contains links to other websites for giving you the resources or missing content. We are not responsible for the content or privacy of other sites. We encourage users to read the privacy statement of their website before proceeding to use them.

We value your complaints or any comments about this privacy notice, you can Contact Us