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PSE Fang Crossbow Review (User-Friendly Bow)

I tried PSE crossbow for 10 weeks on a Hunt, It’s user-friendly and easy to set up. Here is the in-depth PSE Fang Crossbow review that will help you in making the right decision.

Every hunter out there dreams of a crossbow that can always kill the prey and remain new for years to come.

In this quest, we keep reviewing the best crossbow choices so that we purchase the most suitable one. I got the PSE Fang Series crossbow 2018, and as the box arrived, I looked forward to seeing the contents as this model of the Fang Series is large and with new trigger features.

PSE Fang Crossbow Review:






pse fang crossbow

PSE Fang Crossbow

345 FPS

155 lbs

Here we go…

Unboxing the Bow:

pse fang crossbow review

In the package, there is not just the crossbow but all other things that you require for your shooting experience. You will receive 4×32 multi-reticle scope, a5-bolt detachable quiver, and a cocking rope.

With a single order, I got the shooting equipment along with the rope to carry it for distances. The package also contains carbon arrows, so it’s good to go! Last but not least, the rail lubricant and three-field points are also a good inclusion.

The only thing you will miss is the bowstring wax and a high-vision scope.

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The PSE Fang Series Compound Crossbow has the following features:

• Draw weight: 155lbs.

• Stroke: 14.25 inches.

• Crossbow length: 35 inches.

• Weight: 6lbs.

• Speed: 345FPS.

The PSE Fang Series Compound Crossbow has the kinetic energy of between 99 and 105 ft-lbs. The speed of the arrow from this crossbow is not just fast, but it is surprisingly great, considering the size of this crossbow. 

Setting up the crossbow is reasonably easy, although many features make PSE Fang look complicated. I learned that the first step is to put it all together. Once the bow is in shape, you can take out the bolts and start putting them in places. If you try to tighten each part first, it might get confusing.

The design of the PSE Fang is excellent when compared to its price. For an economical crossbow, the Fang 2018 is quite advanced and loaded. 

The upgraded and redesigned cams have enhanced the speed, and the trigger is smoother with the Anti-Dry feature to ensure safety. PSE Fang is just right for a middle-height and average posture person like me. However, all body frames can operate this crossbow, which is easy and does not require extra strength to draw arrows.

The PSE Fang Crossbow has a bullpup configuration where the trigger and pistol grip are placed. This means that as you set the crossbow, much of the weight is supported by the shoulder, and you do not feel the burden of the crossbow. 

Moreover, you can shoot in a more stable posture, which ensures a better aim and less fatigue! The cheek rest on the stock is also a cool feature as it further stabilizes your shots.

Another well-designed feature of PSE Fang is that forward grip is designed to serve as a thumb guard as well. The grip is adjustable as it mounts to an integrated Picatinny rail. All these features at such an affordable price…this crossbow keeps revealing new features which are too good to be true!

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The features I liked:

I liked the dual string stops that come standard. You would only expect this feature in an expensive crossbow and not one that is an economical and no-fuss crossbow. 

PSE Fang Crossbow is narrow, and for a hunter like me, it is a good point. Carrying wide crossbows sometimes do not allow hunters to remain focused on the prey. Shifting feet and trying to maintain balance can be a challenge. A narrow and sleek bow like the PSE Fang 2018 is a good choice for most of us!

This crossbow can shoot fast while you aim correctly, owing to the lines on the scope for distance. All in all, it can be a good bow for the cost. 

If you are a beginner, PSE Fang will suit you just as much as it can serve a seasoned archer. The credit for this diversity in users is owed to the narrow demeanor and lightweight of the crossbow.


Out in the field:

Whether you are a beginner in Archery or a seasoned archer and hunter, there are a few things that are required from a crossbow. The PSE Fang Series 2018 has the features that support new and old hunters alike.

When out in the field, PSE Fang is a good choice as it has the velocity to reduce your stress over pass-through shots and trivialities of the game!

The cheek rest, forward grip and other features ensure that you can spend hours focusing, and shooting accurately. With all the comfort points on this bow, there has to be some good hunting out there!



Again, for the price of the PSE Fang, the accuracy is unbelievable. Your shot will be on target because of the excellent scope but also because of the superb speed and manageability. 

One more thing that has to be mentioned is the quietness. This crossbow is so quiet that you will love shooting from it. The strings stops are effective, but you might want to add some suppressors to speed up your game.


The Optics

When we talk about accuracy, optics, and the quality of scope has to be discussed. Grading the optics from a beginner’s point of view, I can say that they are fine. 

However, you can add a 6x Scope with measuring lines to increase accuracy. On its own, the PSE Fang 2018 optics justify the cost. The thin crosshairs on this scope are too thin for many of us, and might not allow hunting in poor light conditions. However, if you plan to go for long hunting trips, you can upgrade the scopes for your requirements.

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Out of all the crossbows that I have tried and used, there are a few features that have become the decision-making features. The posture and design of the crossbow have to be good and light. 

By a good design, we mean that the crossbow must not be too wide or too long so that crossbow hunters do not have to spend time adjusting the crossbow according to their hunting style and body type.

Similarly, the strings and the arrow have to support the crossbow specifications, such as speed and draw length. Whenever you go to buy a crossbow, make sure you pay attention to the optics as well as the features that ensure an accurate shot. 

An excellent scope will allow you to look through the dark and target your prey. An average scope is also acceptable, but if you plan to hunt for long hours, past sundown-maybe updating the PSE Fang 2018!

One thing that makes the PSE Fang 2018 a great buy is that it is good for beginners. I always like to invest in tools that will last a long time, and this crossbow was one of them. 

This PSE Fang 2018 was a good purchase as it includes everything for you to go out and start shooting. When you decide to buy any crossbow, do look into the features of this one as well. Who knows, you might want to invest in this accurate yet straightforward crossbow, without spending hundreds of dollars.

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