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Single Pin Bow Sight: Are they really better?

Factors to consider when you go to buy a bow sight

It can be a challenge for many hunters to use a sight that has multiple pins and does not allow enough space for them to focus on the prey. A single-point bow sight is a favorite for all hunters and beginners like me! You get the result in terms of accuracy, yet you don’t get confused by various colors covering a part of the screen! If you are still confused about what to buy, here are some reasons why you should buy a single-point bow sight.

• Never a bad decision!

Imagine that a moose is within the range of your crossbow, and you aim, there are numerous pins on the lens, and you suddenly get confused about which one to use. You take the plunge, but here it goes! The moose ran away because the pin you chose was wrong!

With multiple pins, many hunters get overwhelmed, and when you are required to take steps in seconds, a wrong one can move you out of the game!

• Don’t let the tuning get to you

When you work with a single pin sight, the tuning and the dial to focus on the prey may seem like a tedious job, but in reality, it is a simple way to get the distance sorted. A little practice will make you a pro with quickly setting the dial and shooting for perfection!

You will quickly learn to tune the dial, and it hardly ever happens that the animal does something so drastic in the exact second that you need to change the settings immediately!

• Decluttered view means focus

When half of the lens of your sight is covered with pins, I feel it is difficult to focus on the prey when there is too much happening for you to concentrate. Whenever you try to find the prey, the pins can get you confused! Single pin bow sight is an excellent device for all the ‘minimalistic’ hunters like me! And don’t even worry about the success rate, as once you learn to use sight, you will always get the animal down!

• Can be used for many kinds of sports

The single-pin bow sight is a suitable device for various sports. Not only bow hunting, archers and range shooters can also use the sight that helps improve the success rate of your shots. If you are an archer but plan on hunting someday, the device will go a long way and prove to be a good investment in time. Your skill of using the site will be better by the time you move to the wilderness for some live action.

• Price of single pin bow sight

The prices of bow sights vary according to their specifications. The more features added, the higher the price. However, a single-pin bow sight will be reasonable as the only advanced features will include batteries and laser light. This site does not cost too high, and beginners often buy it for this reason only! However, it is never a bad investment and will help you for many years to come until you become a shooting master!

The advantages of a single pin bow sight

There are numerous advantages of single-pin bow sight, and if you have any doubt about your purchase, you can read ahead to see whether this site is for you or not!

• Simple adjustments, great results

A single-pin bow sight does not have too many tunings or adjustments. The archer or hunter is only required to set the focus of the animal or target in line with the pin on the lens. You can sight in your bow to a short distance, such as 20 yards, and then sight out to 40 yards and mark the gaps in between the two points. Now, as you adjust the pendulum wheel, the sight adjusts in precise increments between the marked 20 yards!

• No distractions

As we mentioned earlier, the single-pin bow sight does not allow any distractions. If you feel overwhelmed by the multiple pins on the lens, the single pin is the best pick as it avoids confusion to allow archers and hunters to focus on the game. 

• Improves accuracy

As they say, the first experience is the everlasting one; if you begin aiming with a single pin bow sight, your aim will improve. Beginners find multiple pins a problem, and there is too much to handle when using one. However, with single-pin sights, the aiming is more accessible, and once you learn to measure, you become a pro!

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