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Summit Viper SD Review (20 Pounds Comfortable Tree Stand)

I tried this treestand in my four hunting trips—Here is my in-depth Summit Viper SD Review.

Some brands have the honor of taking over a product and making it so popular that the brand name eventually becomes the product name! 

A perfect tree stand is often called Summit, and this testifies to the success and comfort of the Summit tree stands. 

Comfort, roominess, versatility, and convenience are the main ingredients mixed in excellent proportion to bring out a tree stand that can support your hunting while offering ease and space.

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Summit Viper SD Review:

The design and look:

Perfectly designed for bow and rifle hunting, the Summit Viper SD will support you for hours up in a tree, from where the view will be exact, and hunting is more comfortable. 

The Combing Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity Camo helps conceal hunters as their prey roams over land without fear of a strike. Summit Viper SD is quiet and comfortable to set up so that you don’t need hours to install the stand and enjoy hunting sooner than you planned!

Besides the quiet engineering, the DeadMetal Sound deadening technology ensures a noiseless experience, so that prey cannot get a ‘beware’ signal from any distance! 

The standing platform is filled with a special foam that will dampen all movement sound.

The QuickDraw Cable retention system from Summit will ensure a quiet and stealthy stand installation while reducing time. 

Once the cable for the tree diameter is drawn, all you need to do is insert the cable into the suspension arm bracket and then pull the trigger to lock the cable in place. 

This firm setting of Summit Viper SD is noiseless and provides an excellent grip. You can move on the platform without creating a stir or even fearing a loose cable! 

No nuts and bolts are there to trick you, so the hunting starts on a positive note. The attachment system is secure and will not give you away with any noise!

The camouflage is excellent, provided you complete it with the right attire. If you wear camouflaged clothes on this treestand, you will be invisible and able to shoot freely from a height.

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The advantages:

Let’s begin with the base, the platform of the Summit Viper SD. The aluminum 5-channel platform frame provides perfect support for your hunting ventures. 

This platform boasts the Summit Lokt welding for precision. This unique feature means that only premium quality extruded aluminum is used, and the precision welding only strengthens the rank of this tree stand for strength and toughness. 

The superior quality of the metal ensures that this tree stand is your companion for years upon years.

An engineering wonder of the Summit Viper SD is that all joints are locked in place before welding so that there is almost minimum stress delivered to them! The dead quiet tree stand is strong support.

The RapidClimb Climbing Stirrups are adjustable so that hunter boots of all sizes can be accommodated without a problem. You can adjust the ergonomically shaped stirrups of Summit Viper SD to suit your attire, and it is the added feature that makes many hunters consider the tree stand as a perfect fit!

The four-point safety harness makes every descent and climbs safe, secure, and effortless. Hunters feel comfortable while they climb the stand, and all these minor advantages add to the experience up there. 

If you climb the tree stand with difficulty or stumble upon the stirrups due to a lousy boot fit, you accept that you are not in the winning position psychologically. The Summit Viper SD does not let that happen! 

From the first step on the tree stand, you feel in control. The backrest keeps you comfortable for the long time you sit and wait for the prey to appear. So while you sit and wait, enjoy the view of nature comfortably.

Apart from these features, the Summit Viper SD comes to you with a five-year warranty, which covers all parts and ensures the craftsmanship and technology that will go a long way. 

Another advantage of buying the Summit tree stand is that you will not need to spend more money on the accessories. 

The tree stand comes complete with all straps and associated accessories, so you don’t have to spend more before heading out for some quality time.

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Viper SD, a perfect purchase!

Summit Viper SD weighs only 20 pounds, making it easy to carry to and from your vehicle to the site. 

All in all, the Summit Viper SD is an excellent choice, complete with harness, aluminum frame, adjustable stirrups, and camo backpack straps to carry the stand-you are covered well for the hunting trip!

Newbies and hunters who are not very savvy with equipment set-up can consult the manual and watch the DVD that accompanies the stand set. Once you are all set up, the fun begins!

What we liked:

Summit Engineering and technology are the best, and most hunters are aware of their reputation. However, the best feature apart from the price and weight is the adjustments when it comes to Viper SD. 

Whether you wear more oversized boots or rugged soles, whether you want a higher seat or lower-Viper SD allows you to customize your hunting trip through a comfortable sitting position! 

The full-perimeter frame allows rifle hunting lows or bow hunting highs equally! The solid front bar on the tree stand makes it easier to climb or descend from the tree stand.

Another excellent feature that impressed us was the Deadmetal Sound Deafening technology. Newbies will thank Summit Viper SD for reducing their noise and discomfort and making them a success so early in the sport! 

When you climb the tree stand, you will agree that it was made by people who understand the sport and all small requirements during your stay up there.

A few changes that can perfect the Viper SD:

While Summit Viper SD is a great pick, if one had to point out something to improve, it would require a long and hard look. 

However, if Summit could improve on the stand, it would have to be the paint and premature peeling! Another small change could be that the straps are not as high as one would like. 

While we repeat that these changes are minimal, some hunters might want to hold their purchase since their stature requires higher straps and sturdy stirrups.

User reviews:

Many Summit Viper SD users will agree that one purchase lasts them years, and they become accustomed to the tree stand like a hand-held hunting bow! 

However, customer reviews also praise the sturdy and strong frame and noiseless installation.

Another appreciated feature of the tree stand is that the tree stand was easy for female hunters, who might not enjoy tying straps or buckling tree stands. 

Comfort, quietness, and the lightweight stand frame are some of the Summit Viper SD features.

Last thoughts:

Summit is a force to reckon with when it comes to tree stands and other hunting equipment. Hunters will find the Viper SD, a technological wonder complete with adjustments, locked joints, and a lightweight frame. 

This tree stand comes with an aluminum seat, climber frame. Along with this, there are two coated steel climbing cables, Fall Arrest System, SRS strap, and safety strap. Another added convenience is the adjustable stirrups that welcome all boots!

Summit once again makes sure that you not only enjoy the trip out in the wilderness but feel comfortable while waiting for prey. Moreover, you will find this tree stand to be your companion for many years to come.

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