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Trophy Ridge React Pro Review (Second & third Axis Leveling)

I tried it twice on my hunting trips and Here is my in-depth Trophy Ridge React Pro review…

The various features and tools make trophy ridge pro mathematically accurate so that your hunting trips become a pleasant experience every time. This sight comes in multi-pin options, and after using it, you will never rely on another sight! 

Trophy Ridge React Pro Review:

This bow sight is the ultimate mix of hunting passion and technology. With the Micro-adjustment on bow sight, you require the least amount of time for sighting-improving pleasure time in the wild! 

In a market full of options, several features set the Trophy Ridge React Pro apart. The manufacturer of this bow sight is a well-reputed one and the various unique properties of this model make it a wonderful choice. 

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Here are the primary few features of Trophy Ridge React Pro:

  • The Reach Technology predicts the distance between each pin accurately, and the 20-yard pin is the first pin marked, while the lengths of 40, 50, and 60 yards are automatically set on this bow sight.
  • Trophy Ridge React Pro features second and third axis leveling so that you can dial in your bow sight to ensure a tight setting. No-slop windage and elevation brackets ensure that the bow sight remains set.
  • The trophy ridge pro comes with the bubble level and rheostat sight light installed. The bubble level ensures straight arrow flight, and the rheostat light illuminates all the pins evenly.
  • The aluminum housing of the Trophy Ridge Pro is 6061 aircraft-grade, making this equipment longlasting. You might be able to pass it down a generation if you take good care!
  • The fully-protected bow sight is impact-armored fiber optics so that it can endure any rough work in the field.
  • An added protection feature is the no-snag Fiber Routing System. It keeps the bow sight safe and protected.
  • The front fiber optic ring of Trophy Ridge Pro absorbs light so that you can view everything clear and glare-free.
  • Nylon bushings prevent dust and dirt from settling on the bow sight. A simple clean-up routine will make the sight go a long way!
  • Super low-light visibility feature comes from a contrast glow ring.
  • This multi-pin bow sight is an excellent addition for hunters who like precision and need to measure their shot’s distance accurately.

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The react technology of trophy ridge react Pro is effective from 330-250 FPS. This implies that hunters who are hunting big game can rely on this bow sight for an accurate reading. 

Next time you go hunting deer, you can depend on the sight to shoot accurately before the animal gets a chance to leap off into hiding. A considerable advantage of this bow sight is that you do not require tools to adjust the sight or keep the settings on. 

The trophy ridge pro has ensured that all the features help hunters make the most of their experience and carry home the prey they had been targeting!

Apart from being accurate, this lightweight accessory becomes a necessity due to all the reasons mentioned above. However, if you are a newbie and don’t understand the difference between a single-pin or multi-pin bow sight, read on! 

We will explain why the Trophy Ridge React Pro is the right choice for new and regular hunters.

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Multi-pin sight?

A multi-pin bow sight is a small device that is attached to your crossbow and features numerous pins. The pins come out of the side of a circular sight, each of them set to a specific distance. 

The pins help hunters draw their arrow and shoot accurately, keeping the distance into account and ensuring a direct hit. However, when selecting a bow sight between single or multi-pin, there is no hard and fast reputation that one is better than the other.


Multi-pin Vs. Single pin sight

Many hunters like less hassle and rely on a single pin bow sight, while others choose multi-pin like Trophy Ridge React Pro for precision. Most of the hobby equipment is determined by personal preference. 

Bow sights are also a personal choice that varies with individuals. If you draw a comparison between the two, here are some pros and cons of each. These may help you select the right sight for your next hunting adventure.

The first thing anyone will tell you about the single pin is that it does not distract the view. The multiple pins on the sight can be a distraction or may even obstruct concentration. 


After deciding whether you would like a single or multi-pin bow sight, the latter’s choices become lesser. Trophy Ridge React Pro emerges as a strong option for hunters who like precision and want to save time. 

This bow sight features a sturdy and robust housing with fiber optics and pins that light up to give you a clear-cut measurement of the distance. Now when you decide to get a new pin, you will enjoy the Trophy, and it will help you win many trophies in the wilderness!

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